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Illinois Democrats Refuse to See the Light

With the help of  American Action Network, we here at the Watcher are asking these congressional leaders to respond to our question;

How do you plan to cut spending, reform entitlements and balance the budget without raising taxes??!!!

 Times are tough. Ongoing high unemployment and increasing prices for things like food and gasoline are putting an enormous financial strain on Americans families and business. If we don’t balance our budgets, families lose their cars and homes and small businesses go under, so we work hard every day to make ends meet.

Washington should be no different. Federal spending is out of control, deficits continue to grow and countries like China gain more financial leverage over us by the day, but our representatives seem reluctant to make the hard choices we make every day. It’s time for Washington to work hard to make ends meet.

On Friday, April 15 Congress took the first real step toward fiscal responsibility by passing Rep. Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget plan. This legislation will cut spending, reform entitlements and balance the budget without raising taxes.

Since you voted against this plan, I respectfully ask what you plan to do to cut spending, reform entitlements and balance the budget without raising taxes.

Costello, Jerry F. (D, IL-12) Davis, Danny K. (D, IL-7) Gutierrez, Luis V. (D, IL-4) Jackson, Jesse L. Jr. (D, IL-2) Lipinski, Daniel (D, IL-3) Quigley, Mike (D, IL-5) Rush, Bobby L. (D, IL-1) Schakowsky, Janice D. (D, IL-9)

Those of you looking to remain in office, should consider responding, as you failed to resolve these issues while in office.

Senator Mark Kirk: We Have Been Warned

From The Desk Of Senator Mark Kirk

S&P Issued a Pessimistic Outlook for the Value of U.S. Debt

We Have Been Warned
S&P Today: “if an agreement is not reached and meaningful implementation is not begun by then (2013), this would in our view render the U.S. fiscal profile meaningfully weaker than that of peer ‘AAA’ sovereigns.”

Dear Friends:

S&P just announced a negative outlook for the future of U.S. debt – a warning that if we do not stop spending, a crisis could come.

The rate of U.S. spending and debt is unsustainable — our economy is on a dangerous course.  We are borrowing $4 billion a day and will pay our creditors over $200 billion just in interest payments this year.

In times of crisis, we face a choice: 1) raise taxes and provide government bailouts, or 2) cut spending and enact pro-growth policies.  I strongly support cutting spending.   

The Case of Ireland

If we do not change course, we face the fate of many European debtors.  Take the case of Ireland.  During the economic downturn, Ireland guaranteed the debts of its banks – essentially a bailout.  Ireland increased spending and borrowing while its tax revenues shrunk.  In response, Moody’s cut Ireland’s debt rating.

The price of Ireland’s bad government was paid by the people of Ireland.  In August 2010, Ireland issued 40% fewer mortgages than before. Residential and commercial lending fell so fast that Ireland’s state-run National Asset Management Agency stepped in to find a way lend something to someone.

Lenders charged the Irish taxpayer more and more for the privilege of spending other people’s money.

The Case of Canada

Compare this to Canada.  When faced with the same dilemma, Canada cut spending during its 1990s economic crisis.  After Moody’s downgraded Canada’s foreign debt rating in 1994, the Canadian government cut 20% of federal spending.   Because Canadian leaders waited until after their debt situation reached a crisis, they had to eliminate 40,000 public sector jobs. 

Canada’s tough choices lowered borrowing costs and strengthened the country as the government sought pro-growth solutions.  In fact, Canada came out of the recent financial crisis healthier than most other countries – lenders charged less and less, with new confidence that Canada had its act together.

The Case of the United States

We now face similar choices.  To protect you and your income, I think we should follow Canada’s fiscally responsible path and avoid the drop in incomes suffered by the Irish people.  If the government makes hard choices now, you will be protected from hard choices later.

In Ireland, the government said ‘yes’ to everyone and ‘no’ to its economic future.  In Canada, the government learned that restraint and responsibility led to a very bright future.

With today’s report from S&P, we Americans have been warned.

Thank you for your continued interest in these important issues. As always, please feel free to contact me at (312) 886-3506 or online at if you have any questions or comments, or should issues of concern to you come before the Congress.

It is an honor to serve you in the U.S. Senate.

Very truly yours,

 Mark Kirk

U.S. Senate

If, by following Canada, you mean to gut over-reaching government mandates and job crushing regulations, as well as public employee positions, (Most notably; czars) then by all means, I agree.

Easter sunday in Joliet Illinois

As the Easter parade is about to get started we went around getting some pictures that most event goers won’t be able to get. Here is some of the festivities.

Star wars event at the Joliet Library..

It was a day for the kids of Joliet Illinois..Star wars was from when I was a kid and you will see from the pictures the kids still love it even today.. The Joliet Library hosted this event and the event was a big success..

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What the hell are we doing..??

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Last week, Congress and the administration refused to seriously consider the problem of government spending. Despite the fear-mongering, a government shutdown would not have been as bad as claimed. It is encouraging that some in Washington seem to be insisting on reduced spending, which is definitely a step in the right direction, but only one step. We have miles to go before we can even come close to a solution, and it will involve completely redefining the role of government in our lives and on the world stage.

A compromise was struck at the last minute, but until Democrats agree to rein in entitlement spending, and Republicans back off the blank checks to the military industrial complex, it all amounts to political gamesmanship. Unfortunately, the compromises always seem to be just the opposite. Instead of the left agreeing to cut social spending and the right agreeing to cut military spending, the right agrees to more welfare and the left agrees to more warfare. In spite of all the rhetoric, we will go deeper in debt, the Fed will print more money, and the value of the dollar will continue to plummet. How long will it be before foreigners stop buying our debt, and hyperinflation arrives?

Throughout history, empires have always overextended themselves through conquests and wealth transfers leading to eventual collapse, from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union. We are headed in the same direction and it seems only the chaos of the collapse of the dollar will stop the spending spree. Arguing over funding for Planned Parenthood and NPR, though important, only shows that leadership in Washington either won’t face reality, or don’t understand how serious the problem is. Of course, an actual government collapse would create serious problems for many people who have come to depend on government payments for healthcare, retirement income, their children’s education, and even food and housing. However, these so-called entitlement programs are unconstitutional to begin with and have engendered a culture of dependence on wealth transfer payments that is out of control. It concerns me greatly that instead of dealing seriously with our situation, so many in Washington would rather allow the chaos that will ensue when all of the dependent people are suddenly cut off. Better to look reality squarely in the face and tell people the difficult truth that government is simply not capable of managing people’s lives from cradle to grave as was foolishly promised. We face trillions in deficits with any of the budgets under consideration. Keeping those promises is, sadly, just not one of our options in the long run.

Better to admit the nanny state is coming to an end and we are no longer working on “compromises” but a transition – to a sustainable way of life, one that respects the constitution, the rule of law and property rights.

The People Have Spoken. How Sad!!!

 So as the new mayor takes over, the citizens of Joliet are wondering if he will make the tough decisions. Considering he has been a councilman for a few years, perhaps the biggest question will come in the way of the city manager. What to do with him?

  How does one who’s been on the council for years, expect to garner any further knowledge of the city’s finances from a manager who’s helped put the city into its present condition? It’s like a hangman asking the coroner, “How’d he die?” It’s time to fire this one and try another. Perhaps someone with a few years business experience?

  I mean, as a councilman, what exactly were you doing all those years? Surely you showed up for more than coffee. Did you ever get involved in the voting process? Were those votes like congress, where you had to pass it, to find out what was in it?

 Perhaps you were busy with the people of the district, you know, getting out the vote.

 Somewhere you failed the people of Joliet, and now we are supposed to believe you are going to get things in order?

 And to think, YOU’LL be in charge of your replacement for the council seat you’re vacating?

  OH, PLEASE! PLEASE!, take the advice of your at-large councilwoman comrade, Jan Quillman: “I think it should be someone that would work with the council (read; more of the same), BUT, (Jan continues) I don’t think it should be someone who has already served on the council.” Would that come under the heading of “conflict of interest”, of perhaps, conflicting interests?  Wouldn’t want to upset the status-quo, would we?

 I’m sure you’ll choose someone who is already retired from another job and collecting a pension, over someone who is QUALIFIED.

  Maybe you could dig up one of those dead people who voted for you!

  So far, the best news to come out of this election is that three present councilmen WON’T be back. How these people keep putting back in office the ones who have taken everything they could, without getting anything in return for the people of Joliet, is beyond comprehension.

  The ballpark, which couldn’t pay its bills. The waterpark, which is way out of the way of the average citizen, not to mention, expensive. The only thing that is left in downtown…, oh yeah…, that’s right…, it’s going to be a GOVERNMENT CAMPUS!!!

 This, no doubt, will require more chamber of commerce employees paid for by taxpayers. (Chamber of commerce!! What a laugh!!!) WHAT COMMERCE???? All that is left downtown is, signs that read; for rent, for lease or for sale!!!

  The people have spoken, and the only thing sadder than the outcome, is what’s TO COME.


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