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New Lenox better ReThink the situation.

If you think Rt 30 is bad to drive on now wait till I-355 ext becomes a reality.

New Lenox is about to become a driving nightmare if the city of New Lenox Illinois puts a Wal-Mart where Wal-Mart is looking to place their store, “NOW” that would cause the roads to have to be expanded and future tax increases to New Lenox residents, this would cause undue stress of business and property owners along Rt 30 and loss of parking for businesses also.

This would then have the snowball effect of causing businesses to close or relocate maybe along Rt 6 and cause loss of tax dollars to New Lenox and give tax dollars to Joliet, Lockport or Mokena if the businesses choose to relocate in these towns.

I know quite a few business owners in New Lenox; well to put it bluntly they would relocate out of New Lenox pending the decision of New Lenox and Wal-Mart, some already have plans to relocate.

It is common sense if the city costs the businesses money they will move and they will take their tax dollars with them, what about the jobs that will be lost and the pay checks of their employees. Where is the tax dollars gone then?

If Mayor Mike and the rest of the city council goes thru with their plans it would cause great damage to the small town charm of New Lenox while costing many in New Lenox in property values and higher taxes, I know I would not want to live that close to a Wal-Mart store how about you?

To many of us work out of town, I have to drive thru New Lenox to go home, I spend 1 hour in the evening driving home an 30 min going to work, If this plan goes thru I may spend even longer during my daily drive, this then reduces the time I have with my family and it could severely affects home life.

Time to ReThink.

What are you thinking New Lenox Illinois.

Story in the Herald news

NEW LENOX — The village board Tuesday learned more details about a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter and Menards development along U.S. 30. Some trustees expressed concern about the size of the development, while others welcomed it with open arms.

I view it like this, the super Wal-Mart should be placed on the South end of Gougar Rd this would cause least traffic congestion and due to the new warehouses that are just off Gougar Rd. this would allow for expansion of Gougar and of Laraway Rd, the roadways to and from the Super Wal-Mart could be brought up to weight limits then could handle the over weight traffic of big trucks.

Due to the Wal-Mart warehouse being in Elwood Illinois the truck traffic could be kept to a minimum in downtown New Lenox while the funds generated by the Wal-Mart could go to fixing Rt 53 from Elwood to Laraway Rd and ease the crunch on Elwood, Joliet and New Lenox in the form of tax savings and use of our roadways this also could help repair our failing roadways.

Wal-mart stores spurs other stores to pop up around them and this would also be a great expansion area and give a great buffer zone for which way it can expand and give more control to the city over expansion with out harming property values.

Trustee David Smith stated he feels the project would be “detrimental to the neighborhood” and would encourage drivers to use residential streets to bypass a congested U.S. 30.

New Lenox is a cute little town with a big charm, why tear that apart and make people not want to visit, it is apparent that it is time for New Lenox to grow but exercise some control.

There would be more value to this big box items then meets the eye like Target stores, computer warehouses like Tiger direct if these stores also come in the area they could have products shipped in thru the BNSF rail yard, the products could be brought directly to the new big box stores and not increase any traffic in down town, Then more jobs could be created and then it will benefit all not just some.

The development is projected to create between 450 and 550 full- and part-time jobs in the two anchor stores alone, village and development officials said.

It is slated to produce $1.5 million in sales tax to the village as well as property tax collections as follows: $380,000 a year to the New Lenox grade schools, $200,000 to the high school district, $39,000 to the fire department, $35,000 to the park district and $26,000 to the library.

What New Lenox and the surrounding towns need to do is “think outside the box” what brings prosperity while causing a traffic jam may cause residents to move away, I don’t think that should be the end result.

I say this to the Mayor and trustees of New Lenox use your heads and just quit looking at the quick buck.

Is Joliet City Council all talk and no action.

Back in the 70’s I lived in what is known now as The Evergreen apt and back then it was a great place to live, as a kid I had a lot of fun there, but now it is a cesspool.

Today any time of the day or night you can purchase crack, weed, meph, get robbed and get sex all in one house of debauchery.

John Mezera and the Joliet City council needs to get tough on the Evergreen terrace and its owners.

What message will it send to them that obey the law if the city council goes soft and gives up on the attempt to shut down the Evergreen apts.

The message will be clear: soft on crime and never finish what they start.

Ahh!! sounds about right don’t it..

The property that this place sits on could be utilized better as a home for battered women, a city civics center or any thing that would send a positive message to people of Joliet and to Will County.

Just think what these movie companies that have come to Joliet over the past few years have said about Joliet and think what new visitors to Joliet think on what they see when they have to go past the Evergreen apts leaving the the casino.

What is this place really costing the people of Joliet, describing it as Sec 8 housing further diminishes its image and lowers the surrounding property values and all the while there are them that would also have us believe that this place is ok as it is, It is time to clean house and it is time for the city to push the broom.

I say to the city council Get Er’ DID and stop just talking about it.

Manager sells drugs
Joliet officials have objected to a request by Evergreen Terrace’
Evergreen report Hud .pdf
Will county Report
Neighborhood watch group (McIlhenny Company)

Guess who? Art Schultz Jr fixing tickets.

Art Schultz Jr. will be indicted today on felony charges related to an alleged traffic ticket fixing scheme, Schultz Jr. is a son of the Joliet Illinois mayor and a commissioner on the Joliet Park Board.

Wasn’t Art Schultz Jr the court security services coordinator and worked for County Sheriff Paul Kaupas. “Says a lot about Sheriff Paul Kaupas and who is working in his office”

Guess we see what is going on in Will County Ill and it is starting to look all bad from my point of view, how many people were involved actually.

“Yea” we see it in the Herald news now, we are talking about it at the local coffee shop, but I bet all of a sudden we will stop hearing about it and it will go away or he will get a slap on the wrist.

The book should be thrown at Jr and the tickets that were fixed should be reinstated.

All the people involved should be named or would the bleeding hearts in Joliet say that is to harsh or maybe there is more to this then meets the eye or others that don’t want to be named.

Western Union

Will county to pay thru the nose.

Reporter Cindy Wojdyla Cain had this to say in grey
JolietJakes Veiws in Yellow

There is a movement afoot to allow all Illinois counties the option of levying up to $2 in taxes on each pack of cigarettes sold in their borders.

Notice the choice of words: BORDERS don’t this make you feel like your in some foreign country.

Currently, only Cook County has that power.

A proposed measure, Senate Bill 716, will be heard by a House revenue committee Tuesday, said Bill Mahar, Will County’s Springfield lobbyist.

So let me get this strait, Bill Mahar is a lobbyist that supports Higher taxes?

He said he has not seen the exact language of the bill yet. DuPage County is pushing the legislation to help shore up its looming budget deficits, he said.

Why is it that DuPage is having such a budget crunch? could it be mismanagement of city funds or is it over spending.

Will County Board member Ron Svara, R-Homer Glen, voted in favor of such an option at the Metro Counties organization meeting in February. It was passed unanimously by all the counties in attendance, Svara said.

From all the stories I have been reading about Will County and what I have heard from the politions we are supposed to be doing so well, which is it?

Svara, who chairs the county’s legislative and budget committees, said he would favor such a tax if it were an option. The Chicago collar counties are all trying to operate under a real estate property tax cap, which makes budgeting difficult.

“We’re at a point where we’re looking for new revenues and this one seems to be universally accepted — except by smokers,” Svara said.

County Board Chairman Jim Moustis, R-Frankfort Township, said the board hasn’t taken an official position on the bill yet.

“Even though we haven’t talked about it, I do think it is one of the taxes that would be accepted by the public,” Moustis said. “I think it’s better than a gas tax or a sales tax.”

HUH??? This guy Moustis has no concideration for the people of Will County, because if you do the math we are paying 49% to 53% of our incomes just to live in Will County as it is. Whats next? seems to me as Will county grows by more and more homes we fall into a deeper deficit…This is mismanagement and talking like this is not going to fix the problem, this is just bullshit we are being fed.
Will County property taxes for 2005 totaled $1,178,715,454, an increase of 10.5 % when compared to last year. Between 2003 and 2004, the increase was 11.2%.

so what’s next, after cigarette taxes, property will have to go up no matter what because of mismanagement and misspending, what if we ran our homes like this, we would be bankrupt in no time!!

Sounds like a quick fix till property taxes can be raised again.

Svara said DuPage County officials estimated the tax would add more than $20 million to their revenues. If that’s the case, then Will County would get roughly two-thirds as much because of its smaller population, Svara said
Mahar said he didn’t think the Legislature would meet enough in this month’s veto session to pass such a bill. But it could be debated more in the spring session.
The tax would be permissive.

“If this passes in Springfield, counties can adopt it if they wish, and it’s not mandatory,” Svara explained.

Counties could levy an amount less than $2 if they chose, Mahar added.
“Even 50 cents or $1 would be a considerable revenue stream for Will County,” Moustis said.

Svara said a cigarette tax could improve the county’s budget health, but it also could have even more important benefits.

I know what Svara means: It means it is going to be stuck in peoples asses and there is nothing we can say or do about it

“Maybe it will keep some kids from smoking.”

As far as kids smoking, who stopped me when I started smoking at 10 years old. I snuck off to do it.

All the warnings in the world did not stop me from smoking, even on video games and Music the warnings make kids want to do it even more, so whats the next tax to come, Music, video games the air we breath or a tire tax for our cars, whens it going to stop.

Concerned Voter

link to:copy of Voot’s web site

Why is it that on the Will County clerks web site is promoting Sheriff Kaupas, I raise this question due to it seems that Will County clerks office is now allowing the web site to show favoritism which as county clerk Nancy Shultz Voots should not have the luxury of showing.

The County Clerk should be neutral in elections, to me it seems that this office was bought and paid for by tax payers and not by Sheriff Kaupas.

In placing an ad on the County Clecks web site it tells the voters that the clerks office is bias.

Will voters get a fair shake in the election process…..I think not!!!