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where is the change democrats

OK so What! Democrats won the Nov. 7 election by promising “change.” If that’s the case, voters have been hoodwinked again! Where is this “change that we have been hearing about” that we have been promised?

Democrats are badly divided on the Iraq war. Some Congressmen wants to “redeploy our troops to Okinawa,” the anti-war wing wants our entire troops home immediately and moderates want a slower redeployment of our troops.

No change is discernible so far.

Democrats have dragged their feet on giving our intelligence experts reasonable leeway in monitoring communications between foreign and U.S. terrorist suspects. They are still dragging their feet, so where’s the change? The immigration issue will not receive further attention, but this was an issue to help get the party in power.

Fixing Social Security and Medicare are two huge problems which President Bush has urged Congress to fix but the Democrats say “No way!”

Democrats say they support greater cooperation between the parties but there is very little evidence of such a change.

The best Democrats can come up with for change is increasing taxes which would hurt the economy further. Fortunately, Bush can veto any tax increase legislation but will he. Democrats hold a very slim margin of power, 51 percent in the Senate and 53.5 percent in the House.

Controversial issues in the Senate require 60 votes for passage, which means “deadlock” this will be the name of the game for the next two years.

Our economy is not in the best shape as it was in past years, unemployment at 5.4 percent, take home pay has increased a dollar but what good does it do when you can’t even save any money, gasoline at about $2.45 per gallon, Taxes up, and Let’s hope the Democrats don’t screw it up further.

Drick up for Trial in March.

A trial date of March 12th has been set for former Joliet Fire Chief Joseph Drick and his wife Cheri Drick. The two are accused of stealing about 200 thousand dollars from the bank accounts of the late Gladys Farrington. The Dricks had struck up a friendship with the elderly woman after offering her a ride on a winter morning. The couple alledgedly used Farrington’s money for various personnal expenses. Farrington died in the summer of 2005.

The Dricks allegedly began using the money in February 2003, shortly after Cheri Drick obtained power of attorney over Gladys Farrington’s financial affairs, prosecutors said. Seven days after gaining power of attorney, a $57,000 account was closed, then states attorney Jeff Tomczak said. The money was then deposited into an account for Drick Educational Services, which is a company that Joseph Drick ran.


A word better left unspoken The N-word.

This is about a story I read today in the herald news about Jesse Jackson Jr and I find my self wondering what about the words I and many people are still called today like: Cracker, Honky, Spik, Wet back, and many others, who champions the fight to get these derogatory words removed from the publics mouths.
When I was younger I remember books removed from the schools library like: To Kill a Mockingbird, Scarlet Pimpernel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,  And Then There Were None and many others, why were these books removed from the library because of the Nigger word?

Think about the term Cracker: Usage of the term “cracker” generally differs from “hick” and “hillbilly” because crackers reject or resist assimilation into the dominant culture, while hicks and hillbillies theoretically are isolated from the dominant culture. In this way, the cracker is similar to the redneck. In the black community, “cracker” is a disparaging term for whites, now is mainly use to call a person stupid because of the referance to Hillbilly.

How about these terms: Spic, also spelled spik, spick, or spig, is an ethnic slur used in the United States and United Kingdom for a person from Latin America or of Latino/Hispanic descent, sometimes including Spanish and Brazilian persons.
Why is it that a man like Jesse Jackson Jr wants to keep a fight going that started over a hundred years ago? Can it be that Hunger, world famine or world issues don’t matter. are we that petty as a society that we worry about a word a single word.
What’s next we call our momma’s and say there picking on me….LOL
Its guys like Jesse Jackson Jr and The Neo-Nazi’s wannabes causing a fight because it is what sells papers and keeps up an argument, it is an argument that really has no merit. I currently am fighting my own prejudices and admitingly I have use the N-word a time or 2 and many others.

God don’t make strait trees and I am not perfect, but till all derogatory statements cease and people become enlightened it is going to keep happening.
I remember back a few years ago when local gangs The Latin Kings and The ViceLords went to war over something that someone said, it was only words and a couple of kids died.

It is the stupid things we as humans fight over, But the N-Word is just that just a word like any other word, so let us all cry together and be babies about it; somebody called me a NAME.