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Officials hope to add trail to park:money in the wind

Joliet Park District officials want people to have another way to wander through nature at Pilcher Park in the form of a paved trail from Gougar Road into the park’s center, estimated the project could cost approximately $700,000.

Has anyone really stopped and looked at Pilcher Park Lately, theres roads that need fixing and many areas of the park are run down.

“This is really the first step,” said Dominic Egizio, the park district’s executive director, of applying for outside funds. No Mr. Egizio it should be that youu and the other board members get in your cars and drive around the park to see what is more imperative a trail or roads and working buildings.

Pilcher Park encompasses 640 acres north of Cass Avenue and west of Gougar Road and has nearly one dozen trails criss-crossing the property.

The trail proposal would enable park leaders to build a pathway in an area where trails once existed but closed decades ago.

And why did they close, lets see if I can remember that far back, a few women were raped, druggies, and my favorite bad roads.

How log Mr. Egizio will it be before these new trails take a crap and you build a new one, when there is anouther grant available I bet.

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This is to the Wilmington residents

 WILMINGTON — I read this story “CITY SETS A DEADLINE” in the Herald Spew news and I am never ceased to be amazed at the Herald’s inability to get a good story.

Alderman 1st Ward. Marty Orr said the property could be put to use as a recreation center or as a possible public swimming pool.

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t the taxpayers of the city of Wilmington IL know exactly what is going to be put in place of this small trailer park, it is the tax payers that will be footing the bill.

Officials feel that the “prime riverfront property” could be put to better uses that would benefit all. Who is all ?

Is there some Developer behind the scean that is looking to turn this into lets say something Profitable, who all will be profiting?

Trailer park residents pay no real estate taxes. Well who owns the property? Don’t they pay the taxes, the trailer park residents pay about $200 to $250 a month to rent the land where their trailers are parked.

I bet many of these trailer park residents shop in town, so if 10 to 15 families lose their homes then 10 to 15 families will not be shopping at the local businesses…money lost.

So build this recreation center or public swimming pool and again no Property Tax. But there is demolition costs, building cost, over runs, all are still associated with this Project, High insurance costs, Major liability….money lost.

Ok,There have been numerous deaths due to drowning in the area. This is true, but what does that really have to do with the residents of this trailer park….Misdirection to get public sympathy on behalf of the Wilmington IL council.

Alderman Jay Plese suggested the residents give their names to John McIntyre, the city administrator. He asked McIntyre to compile a list of local agencies that could help the residents. My question is at what is the cost to the trailer park residents, is it free?

Alderman 1st Ward. Marty Orr explained that state law requires only 12 months of advance notice be given prior to closing a trailer park. “We added four months, to go to July, to give folks a chance to move in warm weather,” Marty, Marty I am touched on how magnanimous of you and the rest of the Wilmington board are that they be “allowed” extra time to spend the limited resources that kept them in mobile homes in the first place. WOW that should make any person that might be struggling financially in Wilmington IL to feel safer knowing that the Wilmington IL council is looking out for them.  (Bravo, Bravo oncore…lets see the council top this.)

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Joliet task force seeks resident input: what a Joke.

City’s Quality of Life Task Force; After reading that I was laughing so hard I blew coffee threw my nose. I remember back in November 6, 2006 a story that was in the Herald news and Alfredo Melesio this so called liaison to the task force and who I think is parish president of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Melesio is the person that was an activists back in 06 in Joliet and was encouraging new citizens and voters within immigrant communities to exercise their right to vote. Well it seems to me that this maybe an attempt to get Illegal immigrants the ability to have a say in local government.

A story from the Herald News

Residents in the city’s Near West and East sides will be able to air their thoughts about neighborhood problems and how to fix them during two community meetings next week.

Damn talk about throwing the people a bone, I guess the Near West and East side people are stupid? “I don’t think so”  Like we are going to believe that in just 2 meetings that any thing will ever get done.

Isn’t it ironic that the closer it gets to election time the more these politicians try to make them selves look good in the eyes of the voters.

During the last few months, consultants have interviewed more than 100 religious, nonprofit, business, government and education leaders to determine the strengths within Districts 4 and 5 as well as the services that are lacking.

Seems to me that they already made up there mind on what they are going to do and who they are going to listen to, and throwing us this bone is for the big dummies that are willing to believe it is for us..

The first community meeting will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday at Woodland School, 701 Third Ave., and the second meeting will be from 9 a.m. to noon March 3 at Sator Sanchez School, 1101 Harrison Ave.

What I am asking of Will County Watcher readers; do you think this is for the legal voters or the illegal voters. (Weyco Group, Inc.)

They lost touch with the People

Will County officials have made it crystal clear in recent weeks that the county will need at least $1.5 billion in road work over the next 23 years. Some officials believe the total could mushroom to $4 billion over time through inflation.

County Minority Leader

, D-Joliet: Woods said she needs more time to study the issue because she has been off for several weeks following knee replacement surgery. But she does think the gas tax is a good idea, because out-of-towners help foot the bill, and all of the money doesn’t come out of local taxpayers’ pockets.

“It’s not something that I really, really want, but if that’s the only way we can (do the work) then we should go that way.” 

There’s the main reason I never voted for woods when I lived in her District, that women is so out of touch with the people of will county and what the people want, how many events from RT 66 race track, city of Joliet events, and etc will bring in enough people to support this increase in Gas Tax.

Margie Woods and the rest of the board should do a little research before they speak, because what this says to me is that we now are paying the cost for these companies in Elwood to do business on our dime.

If anybody thinks that these companies in Elwood will not be using our roadways that we will be forced to pay 4 billion dollars for we will be sadly mistaken.

Here is an idea: charge these companies Like BNSF, Wal-Mart, and etc. $1.00 for each truck that leaves these facilities and uses our road ways. Certainly that will not break any company financially, it could generate 6 million a year and up.

But that won’t happen we will pay the cost and keep paying the cost in form of higher taxes.

The money “WILL” come out of local taxpayers’ pockets.

Nuclear waste maybe coming to Morris

Argonne National Laboratory could be a candidate for a research facility exploring the recycling of nuclear fuel.

The U.S. Department of Energy will host a community meeting Thursday evening in Joliet to explain the concept and obtain community reaction.

The Darien-area national lab is one of a number of sites in the country the federal government is looking at for its Global Nuclear Energy Partnership program.

The Department of Energy is seeking to expand nuclear energy production but reduce the storage and safety problems caused by spent fuel.

Spent fuel is a byproduct of uranium used to power nuclear reactors. It must be specially stored and can take 10,000 years before it no longer poses a public health risk because of radioactivity.

The government is planning on creating three different types of facilities involved in reusing the fuel.

These would include research laboratories, recycling centers for old fuel and reactors that destroy radioactive elements in spent fuel while producing electricity.

The Argonne lab is intended for research and development.

Another Illinois site the Department of Energy is considering is in Morris IL, where a spent fuel recycling center could be placed. The government is looking at three sites in eight states for the program.

The information session will run from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at the Barber & Oberwortmann Horticultural Center, 227 N. Gougar Road in Joliet. (McIlhenny Company)

Herald News :: Herald News :: Breaking gridlock


Jim Roolf, a Joliet banker and a member of the Illinois Toll Highway Authority Board, urged everyone to raise their level of intensity.

“We are at a very pivotal time in the history of Will County,” he said. “We can either continue to enjoy the success that we’ve had until this point in ramping up Will County. Or we can suffocate on our own success because we’re not thinking 20 years out. That’s critical.” Herald news Story

Source: Herald News :: Herald News :: Breaking gridlock

 Will county is killing the small towns and destroying a way of life that future children will never see, the towns Manhattan, Channahon, Wilmington, and Elwood IL is going to be the hardest hit in this so called expansion.

The small town charm will be gone all in the name of progress. Jerry Weller pushed for the BNSF and the Wal-Mart facilities to come in to Will County, seems to me that no forethought was given to how much traffic and weight these trucks carry on our roads daily, there should be weight scales put up around these facilities on Rt 53 at the town of Elwood, Between I-80 and Arsenal Rd and Etc.

This will stop the Semi traffic that is currently going back roads through these little towns, the weight of these trucks is causing road failure, this would generate funding to reduce the New Gas Tax being proposed.

Why should we as tax payers have to fund the 1.5 billion dollar road project, let the fines that these trucking companies pay fund the road project, If Jerry Weller gets his way on this issue, Manhattan, Channahon, Wilmington, and Elwood IL roads will be worst then ever and the residents of these towns will pay the cost in damage .

I use to be a truck driver and going around scales or traveling late at night when these scales are closed is just how its done. An added plus to this, Drivers with out the correct Endorsements on their CDL’s would be removed from our roadways and the companies hiring drivers that don’t have correct endorsements will be fined substantially.

Best buy rips off customers

With in the last 14 days I purchased a Compaq Pc Vista-SR2150NX from Best buy in Joliet IL near Plainfield IL at 3351 Mall Loop Dr, Phone# (815) 609-0771. fax# (815) 609-2802

The PC  was sold to me as new but when I opened the box, I found that the PC was damaged, the upper left corner was cracked and the front door of the DVD writer would not open. I tried to return this defective product to the store but In doing so I was denied because of the damage that apparently happened at the factory. In the past I worked in a manufacturing plant, I know how they do it, if something is damaged they still put it a box and send it out to the customer and let the customer deal with the problems.

The store manager Tim Told me that the damage was caused by me, I paid $404.00 for this piece of junk and I paid cash for it, Yes I will admit that I got mad at the fact that this company that I have been shopping at for years would not give me back my money, sorry to say but I was justified in my actions. Tim the manager said to me that it had to be returned in New or Like new condition, that leaves that open to the discretion of the store. I was told by the manager that because I was mad that he was going to call the police, so I helped him out and called the police my self, before the police arrived. The manager Tim was basically acting like I was some criminal for me wanting my money back. Tim the manager, a guy that seems to me and many other customers that were standing in line to just be a company flunky that would do anything to anybody just to have the title as manager.    

I don’t know about you the readers but I have to work very hard for my money and this is the first thing that I ever had to return in the last 10 years. I guess this is how these companies do their customers, sell you Junk and then make you keep the junk that was purchased.

When the 2 Officers from the Joliet police department showed up at the Best Buy store I was told this is a civil matter and that I should take this to court, I don’t have millions of dollars to fight this in court so I guess that I am stuck with a PC that was broken when I bought it.

What I find ironic that if you do get a refund from Best Buy, if it is over $250.00 you have to wait 10 days to get a check mailed to you and then wait 3-5 days for the bank to clear this check, so I would have to wait up to 15 days for something I paid cash for in the first place.

I told this manager that I would blog about this, and he told me that he didn’t care and that I should call 1-800- BEST BUY, do you the readers think that it doesn’t matter as the manager Tim thinks! What does this say about the management team at Best Buy “screw us consumers”.

From now on I will drive farther to go to FRY’s Electronics… I will try calling best buy but I don’t see my self getting my money back. Do You?

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