Herald News :: News :: Joliet woman was a ‘watchdog’

Loretta Conley was also known as the “Watchdog,” an apt nickname for a woman who attended City Council meetings and held elected officials accountable for their actions. Conley was 77 when she died Nov. 5 of a heart condition. With her passing, Joliet residents have lost a good friend, said Carol Patrizi Engmann of Wisconsin.

“She definitely kept city councilmen on their toes,” Engmann said. “She cared so much about the decisions our politicians made, and saw to it they made wise, moral choices for city residents — or else.”

Source: Herald News :: News :: Joliet woman was a ‘watchdog’

From Joliet Jake: It is about time that the herald news is doing pieces like this, I had not had the privilege of meeting this lady but had heard of her on many occasions.

One person can make a difference as Loretta did, her compassion and her drive is what we all need to aspire to. Loretta never set back and waited for others to step up, she did the job that so many complain about.

She and many others like her have led to blogs like this standing up for what’s right, Loretta had the right way of thinking and a love for Joliet, like I said I did know her personally, she did make a difference, it just a shame that she had to pass on before the story was told.

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One response to “Herald News :: News :: Joliet woman was a ‘watchdog’”

  1. Anonymous says :

    She was a good woman.

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