Best buy rips off customers

With in the last 14 days I purchased a Compaq Pc Vista-SR2150NX from Best buy in Joliet IL near Plainfield IL at 3351 Mall Loop Dr, Phone# (815) 609-0771. fax# (815) 609-2802

The PC  was sold to me as new but when I opened the box, I found that the PC was damaged, the upper left corner was cracked and the front door of the DVD writer would not open. I tried to return this defective product to the store but In doing so I was denied because of the damage that apparently happened at the factory. In the past I worked in a manufacturing plant, I know how they do it, if something is damaged they still put it a box and send it out to the customer and let the customer deal with the problems.

The store manager Tim Told me that the damage was caused by me, I paid $404.00 for this piece of junk and I paid cash for it, Yes I will admit that I got mad at the fact that this company that I have been shopping at for years would not give me back my money, sorry to say but I was justified in my actions. Tim the manager said to me that it had to be returned in New or Like new condition, that leaves that open to the discretion of the store. I was told by the manager that because I was mad that he was going to call the police, so I helped him out and called the police my self, before the police arrived. The manager Tim was basically acting like I was some criminal for me wanting my money back. Tim the manager, a guy that seems to me and many other customers that were standing in line to just be a company flunky that would do anything to anybody just to have the title as manager.    

I don’t know about you the readers but I have to work very hard for my money and this is the first thing that I ever had to return in the last 10 years. I guess this is how these companies do their customers, sell you Junk and then make you keep the junk that was purchased.

When the 2 Officers from the Joliet police department showed up at the Best Buy store I was told this is a civil matter and that I should take this to court, I don’t have millions of dollars to fight this in court so I guess that I am stuck with a PC that was broken when I bought it.

What I find ironic that if you do get a refund from Best Buy, if it is over $250.00 you have to wait 10 days to get a check mailed to you and then wait 3-5 days for the bank to clear this check, so I would have to wait up to 15 days for something I paid cash for in the first place.

I told this manager that I would blog about this, and he told me that he didn’t care and that I should call 1-800- BEST BUY, do you the readers think that it doesn’t matter as the manager Tim thinks! What does this say about the management team at Best Buy “screw us consumers”.

From now on I will drive farther to go to FRY’s Electronics… I will try calling best buy but I don’t see my self getting my money back. Do You?

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8 responses to “Best buy rips off customers”

  1. The Geek says :

    I know I stopped shopping at (best)worst buy last year when I bought a TV that was broken in the box, I took it back the same day and some little snot nose told me I had broke it, the then manager told me the same thing that he would call the cops, I tried to get satisfaction but all I got was a broken TV and had to eat the cost.

    I am real sorry JJ that you got ripped off,That PC that you bought is a piece off junk, it is a memory hog, and the OS takes up almost half of a 150 gig hard drive, Plus, many printers and externals will not work with this program Vista…

  2. Jamie says :

    I am willing to picket them.

    I bet it would get the newspapers out on this.This happens to often and is costing americans millions of dollars in lost money.

  3. Stacy says :

    The games that these companies they play is just bullshit, you deserve your money back..period.

    I will not buy anything from them from now on, I wish you luck on getting your money back.

  4. Trula K. says :

    Best Buy Geek Squad takes advantage of elderly people, I bought my first computer Dec 06 and when I had a problem just last week that manager that was on duty told me that I broke my computer and I would have to pay $275 to have it repaired, I just check email from close friends 2 times a week, and look for things to read like the news.

    can someone tell me what is a power suplie and what is a light skribe. this is what I was told I needed to replace for $275 I paid $800 now I have to pay more, I was told my warrinty doen’t cover this,is this to much money for what they say I need for This computer is this to much, I was given a computer from my grandson so that I can be back out here emailing.

  5. Anonymous says :

    I was originally hired in October 2003 and later ended my employment in April 2006 working as a Geek Squad part-time employee than the Geek Squad Senior and later as just a full-time Geek Squad employee. During my employment practices of the Geek Squad grew far more deceptive even enough to the point where I was embarrassed to be an employee and didn’t want to put that employment on my resume.

    As a Geek Squad employee you are expected to meet certain budgets regardless of hours worked and complete x number of units in a day or risk immediate termination. In order to meet the budgets I constantly found that my coworkers, my senior(s), my managers and I regret to admit myself were deceiving customers. Often times I would review tickets and find that units were being checked in that suffered only from minor Windows problems that might take less than 30 minutes to complete however on the ticket they were charged for an OS repair, malware removal and tune-up which at the time cost $118. The units often only had one tracking cookie or some temp files and there was no sign of a malware problem and no need for a tune-up

  6. Mike K. says :

    That video is just they way it is.

    I used to work at best buy and was fired for giving a refund.

  7. Anonymous says :

    Sounds strange that BB wouldn’t at least exchange the unit. But, having dealt with customer service myself, I’m willing to bet this manager had reason to believe you weren’t being totally honest with him. Did you try to return the unit within hours of purchasing it? Like right when you noticed the damage? Were you rude to the manager? Complaining about the store? Speaking loudly, or instigating behavior with other customers? Unfortunately they have to deal with people complaining for hours on end. Whether for legitimate reasons or not. And for what? $10.00 an hour. Purchasing something at a store does not give you any right to berate their employees or cause a scene. Seriously, I’m not saying you did anything wrong, I wasn’t there. But you need to look at it from their point of view too. Purchasing something from a store does not give a person the right to harass the employees, verbally or even remotely threatening physical contact. The store owns the property and has the right to call the police and request you be removed from the premises if you are creating a scene. If you really feel you got ripped off, there are plenty of actions you can try to get remediation. Call the BB line. Try a newspaper or magazine action line. Better business, etc. All of them are going to ask for the complete details, and help you get this resolved if they feel your complaint is valid. Good luck.

  8. JolietJake2008 says :

    February 21, 2007

    I returned the PC the next day I bought it 1 hour before closing time, I was standing in line for 45 min then this sales associate asked me what I needed, the sales associate then told me that there was damage to the PC, I told her I new that and then she said the dreaded statement, “if” you get your money back it will be in the form of a check. That right there told me that I would not be getting my money back.

    Oh the Best Buy employee tried hard to get me take an exchange but I already took a Pc home that was no good why chance it again.

    I called the corporate and they just went with what the manager said. So I am out $404.00 and I have something I can’t use.

    Nice to know that BEST BUY is the worst buy…..

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