They lost touch with the People

Will County officials have made it crystal clear in recent weeks that the county will need at least $1.5 billion in road work over the next 23 years. Some officials believe the total could mushroom to $4 billion over time through inflation.

County Minority Leader

, D-Joliet: Woods said she needs more time to study the issue because she has been off for several weeks following knee replacement surgery. But she does think the gas tax is a good idea, because out-of-towners help foot the bill, and all of the money doesn’t come out of local taxpayers’ pockets.

“It’s not something that I really, really want, but if that’s the only way we can (do the work) then we should go that way.” 

There’s the main reason I never voted for woods when I lived in her District, that women is so out of touch with the people of will county and what the people want, how many events from RT 66 race track, city of Joliet events, and etc will bring in enough people to support this increase in Gas Tax.

Margie Woods and the rest of the board should do a little research before they speak, because what this says to me is that we now are paying the cost for these companies in Elwood to do business on our dime.

If anybody thinks that these companies in Elwood will not be using our roadways that we will be forced to pay 4 billion dollars for we will be sadly mistaken.

Here is an idea: charge these companies Like BNSF, Wal-Mart, and etc. $1.00 for each truck that leaves these facilities and uses our road ways. Certainly that will not break any company financially, it could generate 6 million a year and up.

But that won’t happen we will pay the cost and keep paying the cost in form of higher taxes.

The money “WILL” come out of local taxpayers’ pockets.

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One response to “They lost touch with the People”

  1. ME says :

    Must make a point. There are a lot of truck stops and gas stations along I-80, I-55, I-57 that out of county residents use when they travel. That could be worth alot dollars.

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