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Scott Slocum and the Village Board

WJOL morning man Scott Slocum wants back on the village board and to get there has promised not to discuss his campaign on the radio.

“I gave them all my word — there’s no way in the world I would do that,” Slocum said of the guarantee he made to his three opponents in the April 17 election. In exchange, he said, they agreed to waive the Federal Communications Commission-imposed equal time rule.

“I love Channahon,” Slocum said. “I’ve lived here eight-and-a-half years and I’m raising my family here and I want to stay.”

We at the watchers like Scott, anybody can run for office as well as I just might one day. Scott seems to be a caring intelligent person so why not elect him to office.

With Scott being a radio personality I believe he would be for Freedom of Speech, I do not think he would diminish any persons problems that live in Channahon. The Channahon Village Board would definitely benefit from what Scott has to offer. True you can not please everybody all of the time because majority rules.

Our readers might think we are bias, your right. I won’t deny the fact, I will say this when a person stands up to try to make a difference why not stand behind that person so that we can see the difference happen. I do not have the ability to vote for Scott but I would if I could. To often we look over good candidates from the status quo.

I offer to and any other Candidate in Will County that is running for office the right to have their thoughts published here. The Will County Watchers.

It is not who can buy their way into office, it is about who will do a good job while in office.

Jolietjake2008      Email   The Will County Watchers.

what is going on Mcguire spend to much?

McGuire had exceeded her 2006 budget by  $112,000 in salaries and $36,000 in legal services.

That’s deficit spending and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen again, Moustis said; he would ask the state’s attorney’s office for an opinion on how deficit spending can be prevented in the future.

The real question is why would Moustis ask the States attorney’s office, has some misappropriation of funds taken place, if not then why would Moustis have to ask the states attorney’s office anything, does the states attorney have some governmental powers that I and many others are unaware of.

“I just don’t know how people spend money they don’t have,” Moustis said.

Maybe Mr Moustis, you never been broke, down, or just made a mistake, it does happen you know.

Paul Rafac, the county’s finance director, and Bruce Friefeld, the county board’s chief of staff, is to come up with a system to prevent deficit spending in the future.

Deputy Circuit Clerk Chuck Squires said McGuire’s office has returned a surplus to the county eight of the last 10 years. Also, the office asked for $4,367,553 in the 2006 budget, but was only given $4,258,354, a difference of $109,199.


The Will County Watcher blog is “not” accusing McGuire of any wrong doing, just asking questions, We are just commenting on a story from the Herald News written by Cindy Wojdyla Cain.


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Mayoral race Newlenox Illinois

From Will county watcher Email Bag

The town of Newlenox IL would have experienced growth if a monkey was mayor.
Mike Smith has promoted growth at ALL costs. Not managed growth.
Route 30 is a mess and only after an up roar is it being addressed. Mike Smith alone backed the WalMart/Menards development on Route 30.
He talks about a comprehensive plan for the town but know one has seen it. It seems to change at his desires. He hasn’t opened dialogue with the residents.
Mike Smith has too much unchecked power. Look at what he was spending city money on……Elect someone who is concerned about the residents and not personal political gain or profit.

The planning is disgraceful. The few voices on the board the last handful of years as well as the residents have been effectively shut out by Smith, they like to spin and label anyone who is for better development as anti-growth. They’re uneducated playground bullies in old man bodies.
Listen to what the candidates say very carefully and question them on everything, and listen to what they don’t say. Most are very effective at soft talk, portraying themselves as bridge builders. Many of them will cherry pick facts they want you to believe. If you’re told anything, check it out for yourself. It is amazing what some of these folks will deliberately hide from the public.

From Joliet Jake: To: Mayor Mike: the questions and comments across the Internet are flying would you like to answer some of these here Feel free to email us at /Will County Watcher/ Bloggers want to KNOW……Remember they vote.

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Whats up with the Herald news

Email from a reader:
What’s going on with the Herald News, how many times we as the readers on line are stopped from posting comments to the precious newspaper because of the censorship of the newspaper.
I might not agree with what is being said but I believe it is peoples invaluable right to say it.

Is the Herald news afraid of what might be said, or are they afraid precious advertisers might pull out. I tried to comment on an issue about the Bed-and-breakfast proposal brings debate But what I found is, Herald news has this on their blog:

(If you haven’t left a comment here before, you may need to be approved by the site owner before your comment will appear. Until then, it won’t appear on the entry. Thanks for waiting.)

That seems to me to allow the news paper to pick and choose the comments that they will allow, sure I understand that the paper can not allow cussing or sex related issues, it is a G rated paper, and if any of us poor readers of the news paper think that our opinions matter there we are sadly mistaken.

Mainstream media no longer produce news for the mainstream population—nor should we consider the media as plural. Instead it is more accurate to speak of big media in Illinois and around the county as the corporate media and to use the term in the singular tense—as it refers to the singular monolithic top-down power structure of self-interested news giants.
Corporate media serves its own self-interests instead of those of the people, we can no longer call it mainstream or refer to it as plural. Instead we need to say that corporate media is corporate America, and that we the mainstream people need to be looking at alternative independent sources for our news and information. That is why the blog came in to play.



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Section 8, reduced home values, and you…..


JOLIET — More than 300 people in Will County are waiting for federal housing vouchers to help pay their rent, that wait could get longer under a budget resolution before the U.S. Senate.
The housing authority’s mixed-income subdivision proposed near Briggs and Rosalind streets is still being planned even though certain local politicians said last year that it was a dead issue, it is apparent that the politicians do not care if the east side and homes on the north end of Briggs St in Lockport loses value where some homes are upward of $200,000.
It conjures up images of crime-ridden apartment and housing complexes influenced by gangs and drugs. In other words, not something people want in their community.. , why not just close the Evergreen terrace and the Hill area, lets give vouchers so that the residents can move into Plainfield, Shorewood, or maybe right next to these politicians in Joliet and Will county, that is what should happen, that would be poetic justice huh.
I know I have worked hard to rehab many homes on the East side of Joliet and Lockport that were rented Sec 8 in the past, these homes were almost beyond repair, now for politicians and Section 8 housing to come in and force me and many others to take reduced sales prices for our homes should be criminal, if they do complete the project then look for falling home values.
Over the last few years many Chicagoans and surrounding area people have moved to the north end of Briggs St “Lockport area”, but Sec 8 Residents go where ever they are placed.
How long must these people remain on section 8, 10-20-30 years, when are they expected to be self sufficient.
No matter what anyone calls it, if section 8 pays for it, it is still section 8
section 8 rules

Herald News :: News :: Joliet woman was a ‘watchdog’

Loretta Conley was also known as the “Watchdog,” an apt nickname for a woman who attended City Council meetings and held elected officials accountable for their actions. Conley was 77 when she died Nov. 5 of a heart condition. With her passing, Joliet residents have lost a good friend, said Carol Patrizi Engmann of Wisconsin.

“She definitely kept city councilmen on their toes,” Engmann said. “She cared so much about the decisions our politicians made, and saw to it they made wise, moral choices for city residents — or else.”

Source: Herald News :: News :: Joliet woman was a ‘watchdog’

From Joliet Jake: It is about time that the herald news is doing pieces like this, I had not had the privilege of meeting this lady but had heard of her on many occasions.

One person can make a difference as Loretta did, her compassion and her drive is what we all need to aspire to. Loretta never set back and waited for others to step up, she did the job that so many complain about.

She and many others like her have led to blogs like this standing up for what’s right, Loretta had the right way of thinking and a love for Joliet, like I said I did know her personally, she did make a difference, it just a shame that she had to pass on before the story was told. USA, LLC

News – Illinois News


CHICAGO — Gov. Rod Blagojevich wants an audit of no-bid state contracts for drug testing held by a Chicago company that’s under investigation for alleged billing fraud, according to a published report.
Investigators from Cook County and the FBI have searched the offices of K.K. Bio-Science Inc. for evidence of fraud, money laundering and a continuing criminal enterprise, according to a search warrant reported by the Chicago Tribune in Thursday’s editions.
A call to the attorney of the company’s owner, Anita Mahajan, was not immediately returned Thursday.
No criminal charges have been filed.

Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, has connections to Mahajan. A licensed real estate broker, Patti Blagojevich earned $113,700 in commissions last year through deals involving Mahajan and her banker husband, Amrish. Amrish Mahajan has donated $10,000 to the governor’s political campaigns.
The Tribune has reported there is no indication the real estate deals are connected to the fraud investigation. The Blagojevich administration has defended the governor’s wife, saying she has no control over state contracts and has a right to conduct her private real estate business.
Anita Mahajan’s company has held yearly contracts for urinalysis screenings with clients of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for at least the past 15 years.
The company terminated its contract with DCFS on Jan. 9 during a review by the agency’s inspector general.

Former employees have said K.K. Bio-Science closed down Jan. 19.

Source:  News – Illinois News

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