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Route 66 Garbage tour come and see how Joliet looks compared to your town.

Joliet Kicks on Route 66.

On June 2, the city, the City Center Partnership and the Joliet Area Historical Museum will celebrate Joliet’s ties to the Mother Road with a sock hop, ice cream parlor, classic cars, the movie “Grease,” Blues Brothers impersonators and, yes, the hand jive, But what and who is going to have to pay for this Joliet celebration, don’t get me wrong I am all for a party but when Joliet is in such bad condition and the primary road Rt 66 is in such disrepair what will incoming visitors think of Joliet.

Garbage is strewn about the area, Joliet IL looks very unkept “It’s a community effort” but an effort that adds to more damage to already failing roads and adds tons of garbage along the roadways and embarrasses people that try to keep things tidy in their neighborhoods yet The city of Joliet is inviting people to come see our messy home which is Joliet IL

The state’s tourism bureau estimates 300,000 people, many of them from other countries, They are looking for what is quintessentially American and is the message we want to send to foreign visitors “that we live in a dump”

See Joliet

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Herald News hides the news

Written by  from Crest Hill 2007 Nicholas is running for office in CrestHill Email him with your thoughts.

Besides offering limited coverage of what is going on in our local governments, the Herald-News refuses to provide honest, unbiased coverage. In addition, they reward reporters for hiding the news, by promoting them.

In January of 2006, I read a series of articles in a different Illinois newspaper about how schools were issuing more in bonds than had been authorized by the voters. I then contacted the Plainfield School District with regards to their $252 million referendum at that time, the structure of the bonds they were issuing, and if they were considering utilizing the loophole to issue more than what they were asking for in the referendum. I then e-mailed Andrea Hein at the Herald-News with copies of the original articles and the information that I was able to get from the Plainfield School District.
Andrea, thanked me, said she was already working on a similar story, and would get back to me shortly. She never wrote the “similar” story she was working on and never got back to me. I guess she and Herald-News did not think the potential of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent beyond what the public had voted on was not a big deal. It is more important to keep the politicians happy. The Herald-News rewarded her lack of concern for her job by promoting her from covering Lockport & Crest Hill to covering Joliet.


Governor Bad Hair Threatens Local Politicians.


Who: Today it was revealed that if local politicians don’t back the Governor on his grab for your wallet then all help for Will counties wishes to be in control of OUR Airport are off!

What: Your Airport, Jobs, Homes

Where: Will County.

MY TAKE:Rod the mod is threatening our local Elected Officials with loss of control on the Airport Issue. I can’t figure out who has the worst case of Rectocrainial Inversion (see Illustration above for meaning), The Idiot Governor, The Idiot County Executive (Larry, Yes I’ll bend over, Walsh), or the Idiots that voted for both of these fools.

Rod wants to do the same thing all Liberal Ass Holes do and create an US vs THEM dialog between the people of this state and businesses and Corporations that operate here. The concept as he  portrays it is, These fatcats are robbing you of taxes that can be used for your good (as if all money belongs to the government and we just get to use it a little). The fact is that Rod thinks that Businesses and Corporations just plant a money tree and the green stuff just grows. This visualization is common with most Idiots that have never held a job in the private sector, to them if you want to enact another Entitlement Program all you do is go to the Corporate Money Tree Farm and Harvest some Green stuff. For those of you that are severely uninformed here is the reality! Businesses have owners that rely on their business for their income. Most started with little or no backing and put their families economic future at risk to succeed. Corporations have investors (for you union guys, you would be absolutely amazed at how many Corporations your retirement funds are invested in). If at some point a business or corporation sees that their operations are loosing money because of the State or local governments They will fold up the game table and move the game to where the environment is more conducive to profits. This is the reality of doing business, they are called businesses and not charities for this reason alone to make money. Now lets move to the Game Boats, the Gov. tried to raid these businesses once before, they laid off workers, decreased hours and started charging again to foil his plot! The day that these Casinos decide that the money is better somewhere else they will run like Jackie Robinson at the 1936 Olympics. This would be devastating to the city of Joliet at this time, if these boats bug out you can roll up the sidewalks in Joliet and put them away because there wont be anyone here to use them! Our city officials have no overall plan to attract the retail base (sales taxes) needed to support the services they have set their selfs up for with the massive residential build up they have created. The only way to support these services would be an equally massive property tax increases. For every dollar more the state hits these businesses up for I guarantee it will come out of your pocket. That’s right gas, bread, housing everything that you pay for will increase in price, for what? So that this half Witted Idiot can go on the television and tell the sheep how much he is doing for the poor. What the hell good is health care when you are living in a tent down by the river! The intent of these Idiotsis to have all people dependant upon them. Look at every “Community Activist”  they create dependency and not freedom. If tomorrow someone were to prove the reality, that all Americans of African descent were just as free as Americans of European descent what would Jessie Jackson do for a living? He dosen’t want equality he wants dependency, it keeps him in the money! The same is true for Governor Rod dependency = votes plain and clear! How is he to pay for this dependancy (votes)? From your pocket! Bend over here it comes again!

Circuit Clerk Pam McGuire has nerve.

Starting in April, unpaid court debts will be referred to Harris and Harris Ltd., a Chicago-based collection agency, Circuit Clerk Pam McGuire said. The collection agency will tack 30 percent on top of the initial court fee or fine.

Under a new collection system, court fees and fines will be subject to additional costs. 

Lets see when Pam McGuire over spent her budget there was no one hounding her for the $61,000 which is more like $124,000 because now the money that was mishandled has to be replaced.

New legislation  will allow the court system to start adding 5 percent for every 30 days a payment is late. Someone with a court bill over 90 days late that is referred to the collection agency eventually could owe the original fine plus 15 percent added by the courts plus the 30 percent collection fee.

This amounts to what I like to call a “Juice loan” lets see why don’t we as tax payers send Circuit Clerk Pam McGuire a bill for what she mishandled which was our tax dollars and add 5% a month plus 15% for not managing her office and 30% for failing the people of will county. when did Will County get into the lending business.

The federal Truth In Lending Act was originally enacted by Congress in 1968 as a part of the Consumer Protection Act. The law is designed to protect consumers in credit transactions by requiring clear disclosure of key terms of the lending arrangement and all costs. So if this law just went into affect as Pam McGuire says then won’t that mean that any court fine before the date of the New legislation will not be subject to the extreme rates of 45% interest.

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Plainfield Kills business for the sake of clerical error.

My comments of story in

Was this actually a clerical error, or a lateen sample of discrimination on the part of the Plainfield board because it offends someone’s weak sensibility. I can not see what the big deal is about having a tattoo shop in down town Plainfield, Barga the owner of the tattoo shop has followed all the rules yet this person is to be expected to loose his investment and the tattoo shop on top of it all. To often Local city and county boards work around ordnances for the betterment of a community but Tattoos are a hard item to receive sales tax from.

A city ordinance says that Barga can not have his tattoo shop, how long ago was these ordinances written 20 years ago.

I being an artist my self take offence to the Plainfield board discriminatory ordnance, it is censorship at its highest level and they are using the law to enforce it also. I guess what Plainfield wants is more bars and houses, but when a artist wants to present his art to the world it is looked down at by this so called educated establishment the Plainfield board.

The anal retentive views of the board is out dated and archaic and sends a message to anyone that is not dressed in a suit or is under 50 years old, this defines one as second class citizen with no rights, I say to Barga stand up for your rights it is the small business men and women that make America great do not take this lying down and do not go away into obscurity.

“It’s unfortunate that an error was made,” said Mayor Jim Waldorf after the meeting. “(A body art shop) probably doesn’t fit in with the philosophy of downtown.”

I have tattoo’s my self as so does many others in Will County, the traffic Barga’s tattoo shop would generate is no different then a bar generates, bars are open till 1 am in many areas yet Tattoo shops close by 12 PM, but I have never heard of anyone getting into an accident being drunk from getting a tattoo, So should they close the bars also or is it they don’t want Barga’s type in there town Harley riding, beer drinking, America loving citizens that have TATTOO’S in Plainfield. My family and friends live in Plainfield I know who they will be voting for at election time and it won’t be to Re-Elect the current board, we don’t want to be associated with your type.

Email Jolietjake at

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National Republican Senatorial Committee Email

This Came in the email today thought everyone would like to see this.

John Ensign, Chairman

Dear Friend,

Our nation cannot afford to let control of the economic agenda fall into the hands of the liberal majority.

Chuck Schumer, the Democrat’s election committee chairman, has declared “the Reagan philosophy is dead.”

With that philosophy as a guiding principle, the Democrats tax and spend policies will grow our debt, balloon the size of the government, and paralyze small businesses that drive our economy.

Just this week Senate Democrats have proposed a budget that includes a $900 billion tax increase. We simply can’t afford to allow Democrats to continue to control the United States Congress. $900 billion in new taxes will destroy our economy and impact every taxpaying American.

In fact, just weeks into the liberal majority’s reign, their leadership has eliminated secret ballots for employees and passed a bill that would usher in a new era of union intimidation in the workplace. Individual workers’ and employers’ rights have been cast aside to award big labor their number one legislative priority just two months into the Congressional session.

Even worse … Democrats have begun to play dangerous politics with our nation’s homeland security. They recently passed legislation to unionize the Transportation Security Agency adding unnecessary bureaucratic red tape to our nation’s airport safety. Their actions could cripple law enforcement’s ability to react quickly in the case of an emergency all for an Election Day payback to big labor.

It makes you wonder what’s coming next.

Over the next two years, my colleagues and I will work hard to slow the efforts of the liberal Democrats but, in 2008, it is critical that we regain our majority.

Our success will depend upon our building a strong grassroots network behind our candidates. In the coming weeks and months the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) will assist campaigns in identifying volunteers, polling voters, identifying supportive local leaders, beginning opposition research, etc. Necessary components for a winning campaign and a strong grassroots effort.

Remember we need to capture just two Democrat-held Senate seats to regain Majority control.

My team and I have refocused the NRSC’s operations to be more efficient, effective and successful. We are excited about our chances and firmly believe that by rallying Republicans to support our efforts now, we can lay the foundation necessary to win on Election Day.

I look forward to working closely with you in the weeks ahead. Thank you in advance for making a firm commitment to help me in this crucial campaign.

Yours Respectfully,
John Ensign
Senator John Ensign

Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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