Why the Legal fight? The owners don’t want to sell.

The fight between a New Lenox Township mushroom farmer and the village will continue, despite a judge’s ruling that dismissed the eminent domain lawsuit filed over the farmer’s gravel driveway.

According to Mayor Jim Holland, Frankfort had sought an easement to lay about 10 feet of asphalt on Janina Styzinski’s property and link her gravel driveway with a paved road leading to a subdivision of luxury homes selling for $700,000 near Laraway and Scheer roads.

Commenting on story by Herald News


In December, a judge dismissed the village of Frankfort’s suit, saying that the move would mean a permanent loss of part of  a Janina Styzinski’s property. The yet the village has appealed. A hearing to reopen the case is scheduled for March 22.

The battle has been brewing for at least seven years. But in December, a judge dismissed the suit, saying that the move would mean a permanent loss of part of Styzinski’s property and that the village couldn’t proceed under the guise of wanting a temporary construction permit.

The village has appealed. A hearing to reopen the case is scheduled for March 22.

 “The simplest explanation I can give you is the judge is mistaken in his reading of the facts.”

Source: Herald News :: News :: Legal fight mushrooms


If the decicion had went the way of the village of Frankfort then they would not be crying foul for the Forest Knoll subdivision.

Clearly the message I got was: “you do not own anything” when some municipality stands and removes your right of ownership they not only take your property, they remove your dignity and diminish a persons hard work of maintaining the property all the years the property has been owned, then a message is being sent to all that may opose the Government; “You will do what we say and like it.”

No body told the developer of the Forest Knoll subdivision to build right there, just because this developer is rich and has the village of Frankfort IL backing Him why should Styzinski the owner of the driveway give up his property. Is this progress or Hitlers property grab.

“They have no right to do that,” Styzinski said of the plan to connect her driveway with Elise Boulevard, thus giving her about a 500-foot strip of unusable land where her driveway currently meets Laraway Road. “The driveway has been here for over a hundred years.”

A developer needs (the land), and they are using taxpayer money to take it? That doesn’t make sense.

Styzinski said she can’t lose any portion of her land because that means she can no longer qualify for agricultural status, meaning she can’t grow mushrooms as a business. She also fears that if the 80 or so semi trucks that travel to the farm each year use Elise Boulevard, homeowners would complain.

“I am sure people that live in the area won’t like it,” she said. “They will be hauling dirt, manure, compost and other stuff.”

Most of these people moving in to this New neighborhood are from big cities and what happens they push farmers out, if the farmers give an inch shurly the village of Frankfort will take a mile, and shurly if the developer gets hold of the property he can and will stop Styzinski from using what once was his.  I say to the Styzinski family keep up the fight, because each time property is taken from us, we lose a little more of our “Rights!”



(Legal) Picture was taken and owned by The Herald news Portions of this story is clearly the property of its respected reporter and of the Herald news, comments are that of the Will County Watcer.



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One response to “Why the Legal fight? The owners don’t want to sell.”

  1. Payne says :

    Styzinski needs to keep up the fight I agree, it is clearly her property, I agree with you Jake that nobody told the builder to build there, clearly it is the builder that has no regard for ownership of property unless it pertains to him only.

    I don’t want to bore you with my analogies of property escalations.
    I see the trends and what I see is that developers are trying to get ownership of property down to 1/8 to 1/2 an acre, the days of having 5 acres and up is going Bye-Bye.
    People in general want small properties, the added plus is to city communities in higher tax generations but when we place people in neighborhoods where the residents are to close with out any type of breathing room, you will see higher discontentment of its residents.

    Taking of a persons property reminds me of my grade school days when a bully would take something from you, I know this is a silly analogy but it applies.

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