Way to treat people Will County

Story from email:by Robert Markum

Marcin Matuzik wasn’t wearing a jacket Thursday as he stood in line in front of the Will County Courthouse.

The Naperville man had on only a thin white shirt to protect him from the chilly temperatures and intermittent rain.

“This is just ridiculous,” he said. “I’m used to the Cook County courts, you just walk in and you don’t have to wait in line.”

With Will County having a 95% conviction rate over cook county and estimates on the web of 100,000 people going thru The Will County court house a year there is going to be even longer lines. the lines show that our court system is going to get the money out of you any way they can and forcing mothers with little children to suffer in the cold is just one more example of caring on the part of the courts in Joliet and Will County.

It is just a ploy or maneuver to get the people sympathetic toward the court system so that when the the attempt is made by local politicians to build a new court house there will be no discontentment among tax payers.

Many of the court cases that are being presented to Will County Courts could have simply been solved by a warning ticket and not by lengthy court dates.

It all boils down to a money grab and the residents of Will County are the pockets that are dipped into.


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