Will County For sale

I often wonder why people stay here. Do they just not know what else is out there? Or do they just think that the standard of living is measured by how many fast food restaurants, malls and warehouses that are coming close to their homes? Do you the reader think that Joliet and Will County, IL is being developed to fast?

Opportunities for redevelopment of multi-family residential is being explored but at what cost to the residents of Will county, IL.

Is Joliet and Will County Illinois to become a look alike of Chicago, are we to be with nothing but small areas of trees, I have grown up in Joliet and lately I feel that the residents are just being abused by the inept uncaring political grab bag that is Joliet city council and Will county board.

I don’t know how you readers feel, all I know, the more I look around the more I see areas that were pristine and a pleasure to drive to is now barren and desolate, no thought is given by developers, city council or the board on what the future will be for this area we live in, mostly the thought of today is what will it bring and place in the tax coffers and what little pet projects of the local politicians can do to try to make them selves look good in the eyes of the voters.

Joliet and Will County are encouraging the development of large commercial this does not emphasize community character and quality, what it provides is areas of congestion and pollution, no real thought is being given to green areas so that Will county residents may have a place to go. The local consensus of Will County residents is discontentment with our politicians and how they give no thought to the people that elected them.

I had been looking toward the day that it warmed up so that I may spend the day fishing, I ventured out to my old fishing hole today due to it being warm enough to do so and the place that I had fished for the last 20 years now no longer exist and there is a warehouse covering it, a little part of me today died, I looked around not one tree stood all there was being concrete and pavement.

Is this really progress? Is this soon to be the future of Will County?

They can try to candy coat the South Side Comprehensive Plan in saying that it will complement our lives, reality says we will be stepping over each other trying to find a little space for our selves and paying a premium to do so.

Will County

is currently ranked as the fourth largest county in Illinois. This is due largely to the dramatic 40.6 percent population increase that has occurred over the past decade. Demographically, Will County is composed of 81.8 percent Caucasians, 10.5 African Americans, 8.7 percent Hispanics and 1.8 percent Asian/Pacific Islanders. This composition is quickly changing. Hispanics are Will County’s largest growing group, and have increased by 88 percent since 1990, more than twice the statewide increase of 41.1 percent.

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