As Per The Constitution of the State of Illinois.

Pam McGuire,circuit clerk


(a) Compensation of officers and employees and the office expenses of units of local government shall not be paid from fees collected. Fees may be collected as provided by law and by ordinance and shall be deposited upon receipt with the treasurer of the unit. Fees shall not be based upon funds disbursed or collected, nor upon the levy or extension of taxes.


I would like to know, why is it? can somebody tell me that Pam McGuire is looking to replace money that would involve paying eight circuit clerk employees out of a document storage fund retroactively to August. Isn’t this and correct me if I am wrong, to be paid from fees collected, for some strange reason I think we tax payers are being given the shaft.

So I guess the Illinois Constitution means nothing at all, guess it is another piece of paper to wipe our butts with.



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7 responses to “As Per The Constitution of the State of Illinois.”

  1. Holly Newstall says :

    I am not a lawyer but it sounds about right JJ.

    Maybe there is more then meets the eye on this one, What I can not believe a Herald news Reporter didn’t pick up on that.

  2. Nick Onyszczak says :

    The answer is that when the state constitution was written, fees in government were discouraged. It was felt that everyone should be able to use government services and have access to government without having to pay a fee than not everyone could afford. Since that time, there has been a change in the opinions of many in government that a fee is better than a tax. This is becuase only those who use the service pay the fee.

    There is room for argument as to which line of thinking is better, however the state constitution is currently being violated and that needs to be corrected. Many local governments violate this section of the state constitution.

  3. willcountywatcher says :


    Isn’t the Illinois constitution a legal document and isn’t this document supposed to be held in high regard and considered the law of the land.

    Since Will County Illinois is already polarized by wealthy and poor districts, people in Predominantly low-income areas are going to fall further behind with this type of spending and mismanagement going on in our local government. This inequity will severely impact Will County in the long run, creating an over taxed, over burdened residents. “These words reflect many Will County citizens’ views and the intense feelings of the majority of the people who wrote to us. All are feeling frustrated, angry, at times wanting to express their disgust with local politicians, all their disgust seemingly falls on deaf ears. To often We the people are considered them the tax payers with deep pockets”.

    If we are not combined with a savvy strategy on how to keep these types of misappropriations of funds from occurring, we indeed will be looking at our politicians and judges as complete failures as our infrastructure in Will County IL collapses.

    There is an old saying “You may only go to the well so many times before it comes up dry”

  4. apendergast says :

    Read Cindy Cain’s article today (March 18) in the Herald about how politicians are spending campaign funds. It’s quite good. There needs to be a series of this type of article.

  5. John Foster says :

    I think that an example should be made of Pam McGuire, it is our tax dollars that she was over seeing.

  6. Bob lellard says :

    I think that Pam McGuire should be made to pay back the money, it is our tax dollars that she mismanaged-That would teach her a lesson and send a message to the rest of the politicians that waist or tax dollars….I know that will never happen because the politicians would cry foul.

  7. Phillip Cleary says :

    Bob are you implying personal responsibility for elected officials actions? This bill wouldn’t even make it past the drafting process in the General Assembly so don’t hold your breath. The only ethics bills that make it into law exempt almost all abuses of the politicians they are to regulate. Ethics rules are a joke you basically have to be caught red handed taking the money on tape, for it to even warrant a hearing. These criminals enact laws to cover their ever widening rumps. Look at George Ryan he was given time at a minimum security prison, why the hell didn’t they drop his miserable half moons into the rotunda at Statesville. I will tell you why, he hasn’t done anything more than anyone else has, he was just stupid and greedy and was caught! The rest have done the same on one level or another but they haven’t been pinched. They keep the penalties soft so when they do, they can survive it.
    I remember hearing about how bad his wife had it after the conviction, and how it wasn’t fair that they would loose their retirement. TOO damn bad, I bet she wasn’t sniveling like that when she was sitting on the beach in some resort telling her servant Juan to get her another Margarita, at the expense of the tax payers, these were the benefits of his criminal behavior! These criminals should be made to do hard time with the poor people, that would change their decision making process! Marion, Statesville that makes sense, country club for a court imposed vacation we get taken on a date again bend over!

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