These leeches are not done with us yet.

An ad hoc committee is studying whether Will County should impose fees on developers in order to pay for road projects needed because of growth. That committee might issue a report within a few months, Singer said. How much is Will county paying these people? I will tell you right now….. Hell yea we should impose fees on developers.. case closed I just saved Will County-WHAT? $100,000 dollars your welcome.

I guess Will County will have to go to the developers and say pretty please may we add fees so that the developers may make millions of dollars here in Will County…. Now how stupid are these people and where do they get this kind of BS. State Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi, D-Joliet, and state Rep. Brent Hassert, R-Romeoville, on Saturday offered conditional support for pushing a gas-tax bill. What was the consideration, do they get free gas for life or some damn kick back in the form of some campaign contribution. We all know for a fact if they do get this 4 cent increase these gas stations will gouge us 15 cents or more a gallon at the pump.

Here is a quick figure for you, a person brings home $350. a week rent $525. plus electric, gas, auto insurance, car maintenance, and all the other things that low income earners have to pay for and here is politicians saying it is only 4 cent additional increase. Why don’t these Will County politicians get some cahoonas and tell the people right to their faces that we don’t care if you pay your rent or feed your kids as long as we get our tax dollars. I know why, they know these people would “knock” them on their asses.

A 2005 federal estimate put the population at 643,000, and the county could be home to 1.1 million people by 2030 well these figures are flawed, these figures do not take into account the influx of illegals nor would they because we must be politically correct, they don’t even approach to being true, with the amount of development going on it will be more like 2 million by 2012.

I say this to any politician that is in favor of this Gas tax, if you are going to screw me at least buy me dinner first. Stop all of the conniving and manipulative schemes to try to get your way, we tax payers are tired of it and insulting our intelligence is not a good start.

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7 responses to “These leeches are not done with us yet.”

  1. Joliet westside says :

    Now that’s getting to the point JJ.

    I often wonder what back room things go on and I see what you’re saying, do you remember all the hype about the ethanol plant and how it would be a benefit to all of us.

    I feel sorry for the minimum wagers I was there once, it isn’t pretty and it breaks families up, that’s why I divorced my first wife all over money issues. If they do get this gas tax to go thru I will be moving and taking my retirement funds out of this state, call me a rat abandoning a sinking ship if you want to, but I have to protect my retirement funds, I refuse to be standing at the pharmacy and debating whether to buy food or medicine for my wife…It is at the point that I barely can afford my property taxes and now that I have to pay more of my medical insurance it is the breaking point.

    I also feel sorry for them that must stay here because their jobs are here. I thought I had a grip on my finances, wind damaged roof, broken pipes during the winter, wife in car accident, I am not looking for pity but I can’t stand to be taxed any more.

    PS. My hats off to you JJ you sure got them talking down at city hall. I know this because my neighbor is a local politician, and you got many madd as hell. That’s how I found out about your web page, I enjoyed reading your editorials you got a lot of common sense and alot of hootspa.

  2. Jo-Jo says :

    I got on here before having to go to work, this is one hell of a blog, you had me laughing so hard my side hurts, but in reading the whole story I am indeed pissed at the thought that these politicians have no more concern for us then a piece of gum on their shoe. I read the whole story at the Herald news web site and it further infuriated me to no end. I spend $745 or more a month in fuel, now these assholes want me to pay more, you are right JJ if it passes the gas stations will rape us on gas prices.

    The bull shit dollar raise that I got six month ago is nothing to what I will have to pay out in fuel taxes, did I mention I am a owner/truck driver. I can’t press for more money because as you Probley know there is some damn illegal waiting to do my job at .26 cents a mile and not have a license or the credentials I have.

    Oh by the way I watched your video about Elwood, I have been there and that video is true, I have seen a lot of boxes out there leaking and have refused to pull a few of them that was leaking. I don’t know how any them spotter drivers haven’t been poisoned yet, I guess it is only a matter of time once somebody gets killed maybe Jerry Weller will do something. Well I am off to work have a good one everyone.

  3. Steve says :

    This is just one avenue that they are pushing to get us to pay more taxes, they want a new courthouse, and the sheriff wants a bigger office, also they want more schools.

    The idiotic way that local government is being run, when I got out of high school 3 years ago I wasn’t thinking about paying taxes, I was thinking what party am I going to go to tonight, Now I have a son and I have to wonder what is his life going to be like if we do not effect change now.

    I know when I was going to central high school, I seen things I didn’t like there; they were removing class rooms to make office space for the administration. I read from time to time that they say they need more room, if they wouldn’t have removed class rooms they would not be hurting for room now.

    I have to admit I do not understand all this political stuff but I am willing to get in there and go to these meeting, I want to know why, where, and when? when it comes to them telling me that I have to pay more in taxes and it better be justified.

    My son really matters to me and I have to look out for his future, so if I have to give up 2 or 3 hours a week or a month to go to these meeting I will do it. Some of the friends I went to school with now are getting ready to move because they can’t pay the taxes we now have, I won’t let them push me out. I know my mom has trouble making it, both my older brothers have already moved away, all I know right now is theses politicians need to be put into check. The way I feel if I am paying somebody to do something it better be done.

  4. apendergast says :

    They need an ad-hoc committee because once businesses start having to kick in a fair share for roads, etc., the politicians will get less $$$ by way of kickbacks. The sweetheart deals are making our pols rich. They hire their friends and relatives to do work in the county and then they get a share.

    What? Ask their buddies and relatives to kick in money for the common good? Oh perish the thought. Let the little guys out there kick in their money. It won’t cost THEM more than a cup of coffee a day.

    It reminds me of the following:

    Toothbrush: Damn, I have the worst job in the world!
    Toilet paper: You wanna bet?

    I’m in an arse-kicking mood right now. Let’s go down and dribble Larry Walsh around the court a few times!

  5. willcountywatcher says :


    Ha-ha that is so right.

    you wouldn’t believe all the emails telling me to quit picking on certain people’s candidates or the people in local office.

    Daily I read emails that would make an old navy guy blush; I guess we must be hitting a nerve with these politicians.

    By the way, the joke was funny yet true…

    Joliet Jake

  6. apendergast says :

    What I think we should do, and hey, I’ll start, is find a high resolution photo of Mr. Larry Walsh, and photoshop a pig nose on his face and post copies around the county. And we won’t stop until the “pork” in county government ceases. Come to think of it, a pig snout would also look rather appropriate on Art Schlutz’s puss, too.

  7. The New Joliet Voice says :

    Haahahaah…I would like to see that, I guess that Larry Walsh would like that, I heard he lost his baby picture.

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