We asked political hopeful Lorna Paisley.

On Apr 5, 2007, at 1:54 PM, joliet jake wrote:

In regard to your inquiry I feel that I am equally concerned about all precincts in my district. Some do have more problems than others. I have been to the New Lenox area several times, including twice this week.  I have emailed problems people have passed on to me to city hall at least twice. I have been dealing with the city liaison for several years because I work with the St Johns/ St Peters Neighborhood group.  And at this point my problem solving abilities are limited, but sometimes I can get things done.

Among other things I pledge to work on the problems of the people, something that doesn’t happen much in my neighborhood and was the big motivator for my run for this office.  When I don’t like the way things are I try to change them and not practice the behavior I don’t like. One of my philosophies of life: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Borrowed of course. 

I am willing to meet with New Lenox residents if someone Here in New Lenox wants to invite me to a coffee or neighborhood meeting we can find a convenient place near there or in downtown Joliet.  I have some time this coming week, after the 8th of April, if anyone is interested.  April 11, the evening is out and all day Thursday is out.

Anything I said here you can use in correspondence. 


Lorna Paisley lpaisley@sbcglobal.net

I would like to thank Lorna Paisley for resonding to my email and going on record, I would also like to point out Lorna is considered the under dog in this run for office. I offer to any other candidate the ability to post uncensored their comments for all to read here on the Will county watcher. Due to the Hearald news not posting comments about candidates I felt it would help candidates get the word out. If there is a candidate that you would like to hear from email Jolietjake


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10 responses to “We asked political hopeful Lorna Paisley.”

  1. Ola york says :

    I will vote for her, it would be my pleasure.

  2. Winston Leg Thigh says :

    Wowee, a bunch of cliches. How endearing… How about this one: Ask not what your county can do for you, ask what you can do for your county.

  3. willcountywatcher says :

    Hey winston who do you plan on voting for, or is that to personal.

  4. Winston Leg Thigh says :

    Actually, I’m not planning on voting for anyone. In my opinion, anyone who runs for office is after the almighty dollar and power. It doesn’t make even a little bit of difference who gets in. Different bird, same song.

    Voting for any one of these characters gives them carte blanche to pick my pocket. Now, I understand that’s a bad attitude, but I’ve been around probably a lot longer than you, and a guy becomes mighty cynical after a while. Apathy is the result.

    However, Jake, if you decide to run for office, I might change my mind. I just might. I believe YOU might resist the lure of money and power.

  5. dan says :

    I’ll be voting for Lorna Paisley.

    I haven’t seen or heard much from the incumbent.

    I hope the folks in New Lenox take advantage of her offer to go and meet with them prior to (and AFTER) the election.

    Ms. Paisley’s background is of working through community organizations, not through the parties.

    Will that instantly make her successful? I doubt it, but if you want change, I suppose you have to go looking for candidates in different places.

    Based on the choices, she has put together the best organized campaign. The paperwork was filled out correctly, all the proper information appears on her fliers, and she even used union printers.

    At least that indicates she is paying attention and gives a crap. Score one for her.

    I like the line, “politicians are like diapers. If you don’t change them regularly, they start to stink”.

    Last election for city council, the turnout was embarrassing. Regardless of who you vote for, vote. And bring a friend (a friend who is legally registered to vote- this isn’t Chicago after all… haaa…).


  6. willcountywatcher says :

    I heard something from a local politician once, which at the time I thought it was funny but now reflecting on what he told me, seems to be true for all politicians.

    The comment was; I will not steal no more then my predecessor before me, because if I did the public would frown on that.
    At the time I laughed like hell, but now older I hope a little wiser, I see there was a lot of truth in that statement. I appreciate the vote of confidence in my possible political ability, but there is one annoying thing about me that people hate and I been told strait to my face this; I am blatantly blunt and I do not care if I hurt anyone’s feelings and that I agree with, also when an issue does arise that needs my attention I go at it like a boxer and I will stay in there swinging till one of us falls or gives in. Personally I hate to give in.

    A few years ago I was asked to run for city council in Joliet and I think I should have run, I discussed it with my boss at work due to it may having caused a conflict of my job, I was told if I could not keep committing 100% of my time to work during an 8 hour period that I would be fired, so that would have meant city meetings or my $60,000 a year job, the job won out apparently.

    I would agree- LoL you probably have been around a lot longer than me, what’s Abraham Lincoln’s signature look like on your birth certificate.

    I know what you saying about being mighty cynical after a while. Living in this state gets to you after a while and as a tax payer you become blind to what’s going on around you because of the News and the Newspapers inability to get the story strait or only showing one side of the issue.

    I was told by my neighbor that happens to be a politician that people in Joliet and Will County are to TIME short to pay attention anymore.

    I will say Winston I will be running during the next election, I will piss people off guaranteed, and if I was them as a voter, I would rather be pissed off then pissed on, that’s what the current Joliet and Will county boards have been doing to all of us pissing on everyone. I look at it this way: at my job I am a union rep, I never have to defend a person that is doing a good job I always have to defend them that are lazy and perform poorly. What cracks me up is political supporters do the same thing supporting lazy ineffective political members yet they yell to the high heavens that their candidate is so good. When I do run I will try to be as affective as I can, I also know there will be opposition against me that will be sitting right next to me.

    I know that I could resist the money and power, as a union rep that happens all the time extra hours showing up on my check that I didn’t work for which I make sure that it is corrected, gifts being offered that I happily refuse to take, threats from management that I allow certain actions to happen without union intervention…I love a good fight, I give them hell. There are 600 men and women that elected me now twice as their rep and I intend do my job no matter who I piss off. I refuse to wear suits because I hate what suits represent to us working class people and I would be the only one if elected sitting on the board wearing my AC/DC shirt with a tie…..lol or maybe a nice dress shirt.

    Sorry I got a little long winded here but all Joking aside I think I would like to run for office and if the residents see fit to vote for me, in the name of the voter I would give the county hell. I would also make sure the voters have the answers that they need to questions they may ask, because I know I have a lot of questions. I don’t intend to be a political puppet for anyone because I am not for sale.

    I do know this; the city or county board meetings would be number 1 in TV rating because I would make the other members mad as hell or have a stroke.

  7. willcountywatcher says :

    I agree and I also wonder why Lorna Paisley answered my email, can it be that she is honest and cares about new lenox, personally I think so, I don’t live in New lenox but she made an effort to reach out and that I like. I asked many other political members to allow us to post their comments, many refused and many said they have their own blogs, I know why they have their own blogs so they can control how their image and comments are portrayed so you again only see one side of the story.

    I also agree that everyone should vote. I am not supporting Lorna Paisley but I do think she would do a good job. She doesn’t seem to want to make politics her life she seems to want to make a difference and that I can respect.

  8. Cheryl petterson says :

    There is a need of a person like Lorna Paisley, I will be voting for her it is time in New Lenox to have more women in charge, things will get done, women are not as timid as they once was and better managment of city buisness can result. this is only my personal feeling but things change when women step up to lead.

  9. Winston Leg Thigh says :

    Jake–Seems to me that you really really want to run for office. And I think you need to do it. Here’s the thing though, once you get on the platform, don’t suddenly “pucker up.” Keep those lips a’flappin’ and don’t allow anyone to flatter you into conformity. You’ll do okay then. As I said, I’d very seriously consider voting for you. And make no mistake–I’d know it was you.

  10. Winston Leg Thigh says :

    P.S.: Folks, I have nothing against Ms. Paisley, except the platitudes.

    “One of my philosophies of life: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    “I pledge to work on the problems of the people, something that doesn’t happen much in my neighborhood and was the big motivator for my run for this office.”

    Quoting the scriptures is fine, Ms. Paisley, IF you’re a preacher.

    And making a pledge is fine, too. But you aren’t pledging anything specific here. What exactly are you going to tackle? If you live in the town, you know the problems. Spell it out. Don’t waste blog time on platitudes.

    You’ve insulted your readers with meaningless cliches that sound like promises and sincerity, but aren’t. In my book, that’s political double-speak. If you want my ear, talk to me as if I’m an intelligent human being. Insult me, and you’ll never get the vote.

    Well uh, OK, Ms. Paisley. Quoting the bible

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