Are we informed Plainfield- I say "Not"

PLAINFIELD — Voters who want a last look at the candidates for fire, school, park and village boards before Tuesday’s election can listen to their final pitches in the comfort of their homes.

The Plainfield Television Group, a public-access television organization, has posted recorded statements from each of 15 people running for local office, but what is apparent is that the candidates are not wanting to answer questions, just like the candidates running for the board in Will county. It is awful hard to ask any type of recorded video questions relating to our communities.

In today’s society we demand a more hands on approach then years gone by when it comes to the people that represent us voters, any candidate can post signs, or do a radio spot where they are asked pre judged questions so that the candidate looks intelligent to the public. Now in the age of streaming media, IM’s and a multitude of other methods to get the news out this is not being done, The Plainfield Television Group and politicians are not allowing people to ask the questions that the voters are wanting to ask. It’s just another way of telling the people to shut up and vote, How can any informed voter say they are in fact informed when all you get is pre-rehearsed video and lip service that you as a voter can not respond back to and be heard, But at least  you get a last look before you get screwed.


Plainfield Television Group said:

The goal of the program is not to be confrontational, but informational and

 Why would any voter think that being a politition is not confrontational and to conduct interviews in this manner is not informational, true it only covers the surface.”Welcome back to the 50’s any one got a beta tape I might want to record this while I am playing with silly putty and drinking a caffeine free soda”. to see the candy coated views.



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5 responses to “Are we informed Plainfield- I say "Not"”

  1. Julie says :

    Your absolutely correct. Reid Paxson and Bill Alstrom wanted a debate at candidates night but were told there was to be nothing confrontational. They suggested that it was not about being confrontational but merely getting a better understanding of where candidates stand on issues.

    It seemed to me that current trustees would be hard pressed to defend themselves concerning the explosive growth they have approved over the years. Don’t forget, everyone in Plainfield has an issue with traffic. The more homes they approve the harder it is on the schools, fire districts, and leads to heavier traffic.

    It’s not a suprise to me that there was to be no debate. How could you possibly defend a 45 million dollar debt and a rubber stamp on every singe huge housing developement?

  2. willcountywatcher says :

    Julie I have to agree, I can not see voting for a person when I know nothing of them, debate is the way to get a better understanding of who will break under pressure and who will rise above.

    Where does this come from the Non-confrontational debates I see this a lot lately.

  3. Jim says :


    You are right on the money, and I’m not talking about the $45M debt that the current and past Trustees and Mayors have approved. They should be ashamed of themselves. The only candidates that will discuss this mess are Alstrom & Paxson.

    We are now studying a river walk and Lord only knows how much that will cost. Give us a break and straighten out our debt before we take on any more.

    I am voting with my wallet this time! Alstrom and Paxson.

  4. Aloysius Pendergast says :

    I don’t live in Plainfield, but I used to, and I didn’t like the sneaky approach used to get people elected and edicts passed. A video interview? Ah, come on. If people can’t ask questions, then it’s a waste of time.

  5. Joel says :

    “If people can’t ask questions, then it’s a waste of time”. It was a waste of time just anouther method to to take the voters mind off the real issues and keep us residents from asking direct questions.

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