Abortion Rights?

Do women have right to choose abortion or not:

Dear JJ,

  I would like to ask you how you feel on the subject, abortion. This subject seems to brought up quite often during election time. JJ you and many others here seem to be quite opinionated so I thought you might like take a crack at this subject.

Deanna H. Email from reader

Anwser to Question:

Deanna H.

  I being a male and speaking on the abortion issue will not really hold very much validity. I will try to make an attempt.

first off: it is not my body to begin with nor is it my decision when a women is pregnant to keep or abort a child.

What is my decision, lets say a women that I am in love with decides to abort and not keep the child, but in her decision to abort she wants me to pay for the abortion. In conscience I would never pay for any abortion, to me that would be like hiring a hit man to take out a baby and I would rather spend time in jail.

To me there is no such thing as a illegitimate child born in or out of wedlock, there is only illegitimate parents. But it is not my decision to abort it, it is hers and hers alone. Some will say that men have a choice if or not an abortion is to take place,  it is her body that has to carry a child and ultimately her decision. It takes 2 to lay down and make a child, it takes a parent to stand up and say I will raise that child, it takes a parent to instill in that child manners, and hopefully a conscience and an inner well being. Who am I to tell a women what she can and can’t do with her body, there is a thing called the Era this was meant to guarantee women their rights, so no matter how I view abortion the law gives women the right in Roe Vs. Wade. “It is the law” I do not anilize the law nor will I try too…that is for courts to decide and people have to live with their own decisions in life. There is no simple answer in this matter, there is to many variables.



Anyone that would like to comment feel free to do so….I don’t have the answers all I can say on this subject is how I feel.


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5 responses to “Abortion Rights?”

  1. delia jones says :

    Bravo JJ. Arguing about abortion is like arguing about what religion is the “right” one. No one is going to agree.

    No woman, and I mean no woman, looks at abortion as an easy form of birth control or an simple way to rid herself of an unwanted burden. Nevertheless, in a society where a woman is STILL a second class citizen, abortion is a necessary evil. Women who have kids before they finish high school have almost no chance of getting out of poverty. And don’t kid yourselves that forcing women to have kids will create happy little families. We have record numbers of single moms out there, with few men stepping up to the plate to support the life they help create.

    Don’t kid yourself that if abortions were outlawed women wouldn’t find a way to get one–and it would be the backroom variety or other risky methods. Perhaps some people think a woman who seeks an abortion DESERVES to be maimed.

    The problem, as I see it, is a society that looks the other way when a boy goes “beaver hunting” but labels girls who have sex as whores. You can’t have it both ways. Let’s treat each other with respect.We have these big macho men who teach their sons to “spread their seed” and then cry foul when a girl gets pregnant. That needs to STOP.

    If our government decides to end abortion, then the guys who go around screwing anything with a hole need to pay the price. They must be forced to work and pay child support. There can be none of this “state skipping” and “jobs with pay under the table” that fathers get away with now. Child support laws must be written in iron and a man who ducks his responsibility should be thrown in jail after missing 3 payments, and then the burden to support the child will rest on taxpayers shoulders.

    Women must not be forced to pay the full price for a new life when it takes two to create that life. Let’s end the double standard that places blame on the female gender alone.

    Exit soapbox.

  2. willcountywatcher says :


    My intention was not to argue the point of abortion but to express my feelings on the subject, I know there is no win or lose to that argument nor would I say I understand what it would be like to carry a child, I will say delia I agree to many of your points, very well stated.

  3. delia jones says :

    JJ–you misunderstood, I was sincerely applauding your stand. It’s a noble one.

  4. Will county watcher says :

    Sorry about that some times the written word doesn’t express the verbal well enough….lol

  5. Phillip Cleary says :

    I personally consider abortion murder. The above argument from Delia puts the onus of abortion on the males of our population and doesn’t address the issue that it takes two to tango. The real problem is not whether a woman should be in control of her reproductive system (the real challenge here would be to keep off your back and your knees together) it is disintegration of the family unit, (the reason young people are procreating instead of becoming educated), and personal responsibility, something the government is doing it’s best to subvert.
    Infanticide is a more apt definition of abortion. The left has been so insidious about the concept of re-naming issues that they have managed to distort the description of a child. The term fetus is intentionally used to make the debate, and choice of abortion less personal. The less personal the child becomes the easier it is to kill it.
    One thing that fascinates me is that the left will not accept abortion as murder, but if a pregnant woman is murdered, there is an extra charge of murder tacked on for the dead “Fetus” which, again in any other conversation concerning its termination is not murder.
    The law that allows an extra charge of murder tacked to the original murder charge is a just law. Abortion is not! Abortion was legalized under Roe vs Wade where a liberal supreme court decreed law. This is one of the worst abuses of our system. Supreme Court Justices are appointed to a life time position, as we all know, and therefore not accountable to the people. The Judicial branch has no right to produce laws, this is the job of congress. They should produce a ruling as to constitutionality and send it back to Congress for corrections if needed. I think if the people of the US want abortion to be legalized, let us vote on it, put it into a binding referendum lets see what the majority thinks. This would never happen as the majority see it for what it is, killing the most innocent in our society to accommodate decaying moral behavior.
    We know how to keep from getting pregnant, don’t have sex. To blame this solely on men smacks of idiocy on the part of the writer. One thing I do agree with is child support, if you create a child you are financially responsible, again on this point the writer has missed the most important detail of financial obligation it belongs to both parents. As for the burden of financial responsibility why should I pay for anyones child but my own. I act in a responsible manner and teach my children the same, the idea that unsupported children should be paid for by the government is sheer stupidity, what would stop a woman from going out and repeating the process! Once again all involved in reproduction have responsibility and all involved should have the authority to prevent infanticide!

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