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finally something done right.

 Will County Board members chose rural atmosphere over commercial development Thursday, but the move could land the county in court.The board voted unanimously to deny a zoning change for developers who wanted to build a 35,000-square-foot commercial center on the southeast corner of Harlem Avenue and Manhattan-Monee Road in Monee Township.,4_1_JO18_COUNTY_S1.article

Caterpillar INC lost Laptop with Retirees information.

A letter telling retired pepople that were former employees of caterpillar that peronal information had been stolen, the retirees information was in a laptop that was being worked on, while the lap top was in the care of the computer tech, the PC was stolen…I suggest all Caterpillar Employees check back accounts, Social security numbers and etc. the letter was down playing the fact that retirees personal information was on this PC…typcal company move. I think The states attorney needs to look into this, and mesures need to be put into place to protect the retirees.