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Blame game.

Will County Executive Larry Walsh fired the director of the Will County Emergency Management Agency on Friday.

“This is the prerogative of the county executive to reorganize the agency,” Moustis said. “He is not looking to bring any people into the agency — he is using existing employees. He doesn’t need the advice and consent of the county board to do that.”

‘So whats going on here makes me think the blame game is going on’

Why isnt moustis or larry walsh worrying about the chemicals spilled daily at the new Elwood intermodial or is it that we as residents living close to Elwood illinois is just pawns to these poilitical fat heads.

Joliet council use your heads for more then a hat rack

Joliet wants to waste money to fight Silver Cross, Joliet should take every one of those dollars set aside for legal battles and invest them in¬†tranforming Joliet, Joliet should look into how to utilize the current Silver Cross land on the city’s East Side.

I say if Silver Cross wants to go then let them go, makes no differance to me and many others in the area.

Joliet must want to waste money for political reasons. Waste not want not…..

Joliet City Manager John Mezera

Joliet City Manager John Mezera Leave JJC alone, why don’t you and the rest of the will county board worry about fixing the roads we already have instead of worring about building new roads.

John your the biggest waste of tax dollars that I can see. It’s time for you to step down and let somebody else run the show, We as tax payers can’t afford you any more……

What is Renee’s real plan

State Rep. Renee Kosel, R-New Lenox, sponsored a bill that recently became a law intending to let the county set posted speed limits. County Engineer Sheldon Latz and others claim the county always had that authority, but could not post signs and enforce the limit without a speed study.  The bill was passed to increase fines and cause undue stress to drivers.