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City council approves plan to improve Joliet: about time..

The city council has given its endorsement to a Quality of Life Plan aimed at improving conditions on the East and near West sides of the city.Next, the council will consider funding a community development corporation that would support small business ventures.

Councilman Warren Dorris said he expects to come back to the council in December with a proposal to fund the effort to bring economic development, new housing and other improvements to areas of the city covered by city council Districts 4 and 5.

Dorris, who represents District 5, said he believes the Quality of Life Plan is “a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The council approved the plan, which was created after a yearlong study of conditions in the city.

Its about time but why such a wait-We all know its closing in on election time and they are looking for votes by throwing us all a bone ( figuratively speaking).

Take a look at down town Joliet, businesses are closed up and moved out and now they in city council want to put a band-aid on the problem….Its kind of late for that the life blood of Joliet has already leaked out and now Councilman Warren Dorris is try for a long over due transfusion of Joliet’s buisness district.

Councilman Warren Dorris reminds me of Alex ledesma a big waste of mine and your tax dollars.    Link  Council Views    Document view

Fox trial

CHICAGO — The videotaped session didn’t solve the mystery of who killed the girl. Tyler Fox, then 6, was sleeping in the same room as Riley the night she disappeared, but he told the interviewer that he didn’t know what had happened to his sister.  The importance of the interview and Tyler Fox’s behavior during the session were the subject of witness testimony Monday during the Fox family’s civil rights lawsuit in federal court. The trial began Nov. 6 and probably will end sometime next month.On June 6, 2004, Riley Fox disappeared from her Wilmington home. Her body was found later the same day in nearby Forked Creek. The child had been sexually assaulted and drowned.Several months later, Kevin Fox, her father, which was forced into a confession by the police. On the night she disappeared, he’d accidentally hit her in the head with a bathroom door. Fearing she was dead, he bound her with duct tape, tried to make it look as if the child had been sexually assaulted and dumped her in the creek, police said. Fox was arrested, jailed and charged with murder in October 2004.In June 2005, state prosecutors revealed that DNA evidence found on the child’s body did not belong to Kevin Fox and the charges were dropped. Later that year, the family filed a lawsuit in Federal Court accusing several detectives, a county social worker and a polygraph examiner of framing Kevin Fox for the crime.  

Margie Woods way to go.

Margie Woods, D-Joliet, urged the group to consider the big picture. “What we have to do is look at we are going to be getting,” she said. “I do not believe we should be able to hold any company or entity hostage.”

I am glad Margie seen it the way of the people that voted her in to office, now is the time to figure out what is to be done with the now soon to be vacant Silver cross building, suggestion turn it into the new county court house.

Open Meetings Act.

ELWOOD — The attorney general’s office is looking into allegations that the village is in violation of the Open Meetings Act.An attorney representing Ron Plunk Sr. in a civil lawsuit filed earlier this year in U.S. District Court asked the attorney general’s office to look into the matter.

Plunk is the owner of Allied Nursery Inc. He claims he was falsely arrested after a dispute that began in 2005 over a charge that his company was not given an opportunity to bid on a tree program. Allied Landscaping Corp., a company owned by Plunk’s wife Margaret, is also listed as plaintiff on the court documents.

Former Village President Bob Blum, Police Chief Dave Albert, Village Administrator Aimee Ingalls and Police Officer George Donchez Jr. are also named in the lawsuit.

Ian Johnson, the attorney representing Plunk, prompted the investigation after trying to obtain meeting minutes. In a letter dated Oct. 24 sent to village officials from the attorney generals office, “Johnson alleges the Village of Elwood Board is in violation of the Open Meetings Act as it allegedly failed to make and/or keep verbatim records of its closed meetings and failed to conduct statutorily-mandated closed meeting minute reviews.”

The letter goes on to say, “It is further alleged that full-time village staff maintains a village Web site, yet fails to post the minutes of its regular meetings hereon as required by the act.”

Last month during a regular village board meeting, Ingalls was asked if the village was working to update its Web site. She said yes, but a check to the site Tuesday revealed that the only change was an update on new officials. There were no meeting minutes to be found.

“We have furnished the attorney general with all the information they have requested,” said Jan Ruban, acting village president.

The letter requests the board respond in writing a response to the allegations and any documentation addressing its position in the matter.

The lawsuit alleges that Scott Haywood, Elwood’s public works supervisor, lied during a regular trustee meeting when he accused Allied of having done a poor job mowing village property.

“I do not know about that one because I had no reason to go back there (CenterPoint Properties),” Ruban said. “I was not mayor at that time.”

Ruban said the village is working with its attorneys to absolve the matter.

Larry Walsh

What a shame    Is Larry Walsh making fun of the handicap.

Will county thinks they have the right.

The city of Joliet or Will County cannot determine the fate of Silver Cross Hospital’s move out of Joliet. The Illinois Health Facilties Planning Board is the only governing body that can make this determination.Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act 20 ILCS-3960 states, “The purpose of this Act is to establish a procedure to reverse the trends of increasing costs of health care resulting from unnecessary construction or modification of health care facilities.”

I am sure the city of Joliet, Will County and Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center will make very influential presentations to the state planning board.

This five-member board appointed by our current governor will make the right decision.

There are three things that make me question any decision the board would make.

First, the data used by the board in analyzing utilization is from the years 2003-05, and takes into account no expansion factors in the Will County area.

Second, the conflict of interest of a board member as reported by “Chicago Business Magazine” on July 1, 2004.

Third, the allegiance of the board to the governor, by which decision will put the governor in good standing with the voters

Judge white threatened

JOLIET, Ill. The Will County State’s Attorney’s office says a Mokena man accused of sending a threatening e-mail to Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has been charged with misdemeanor harassment through electronic communications.

The office says the charge against 21-year-old Vahn Hickey carries a penalty of as long as six months in jail. Authorities say Hickey was arrested  and was later released later on three thousand dollars bond. They say Hickey apparently wrote the e-mail, using obscene language and making death references, after learning that White’s office was going to suspend his driver’s license in connection with a traffic violation.