ICE arrests 23 illegal aliens employed by Joliet area staffing company

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Twenty-three illegal alien workers were arrested in the Joliet area Wednesday morning by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents as part of an ongoing criminal worksite enforcement investigation. The illegal workers, 16 men and seven women, were employed by ANNA II Inc., a staffing company located at 801 Golf Lane in Bensenville, Ill., that provides day laborers to various warehouses throughout the Chicagoland area. ICE made the arrests at the Rock Run Business Park in Joliet after three vans picked up the workers in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood and transported them to that location. The driver of a fourth van was taken into custody in Des Plaines. ICE agents also executed a criminal search warrant this morning at ANNA II’s Bensenville location. This remains an ongoing investigation.


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One response to “ICE arrests 23 illegal aliens employed by Joliet area staffing company”

  1. Vic says :

    Investigate what? This case is closed and so should the companies that employ them, Then throw their ass in jail.
    Investigate, bull crap, get permission is more like it. No courage in this country, thats how we get stuck with this crap. Well, the good news is these newest of immigrants are giving our medical community plenty of work, between gunshots and disease.
    We’ll be a “global community before you know it” that is, begging for food and pissing in the desert.

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