City council approves plan to improve Joliet: about time..

The city council has given its endorsement to a Quality of Life Plan aimed at improving conditions on the East and near West sides of the city.Next, the council will consider funding a community development corporation that would support small business ventures.

Councilman Warren Dorris said he expects to come back to the council in December with a proposal to fund the effort to bring economic development, new housing and other improvements to areas of the city covered by city council Districts 4 and 5.

Dorris, who represents District 5, said he believes the Quality of Life Plan is “a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The council approved the plan, which was created after a yearlong study of conditions in the city.

Its about time but why such a wait-We all know its closing in on election time and they are looking for votes by throwing us all a bone ( figuratively speaking).

Take a look at down town Joliet, businesses are closed up and moved out and now they in city council want to put a band-aid on the problem….Its kind of late for that the life blood of Joliet has already leaked out and now Councilman Warren Dorris is try for a long over due transfusion of Joliet’s buisness district.

Councilman Warren Dorris reminds me of Alex ledesma a big waste of mine and your tax dollars.    Link  Council Views    Document view


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4 responses to “City council approves plan to improve Joliet: about time..”

  1. Amy says :

    I read the original story in the Herald (*spew*) news at no point did I see the word jobs or referance to good paying jobs, I think at this point we have enough homes and small crap low paying jobs in the area- We need companies we need them now and we do not need a bunch of backward know it politions trying to put a band-aid on the problem.

    I have children that have been looking for work yet when they have to drive 35 to 60 miles each way a day for min wage and fuel costs being what it is, these type of jobs are counter productive yet these political bumbs like dorris and rest of the Joliet city council need get their head out of their asses and do something drastic to make Joliet come back to life economicly.

  2. Phillip Cleary says :

    I tried to address this issue in April. The city has grown so rapidly that we have outgrown our services and as a result it has hurt those who can afford it the least. There should have been a balanced approach to growing this city. Not a free for all that resulted in thousands of homes and few if any increases in jobs. The jobs that have been created are temporary at best and these were attracted with tax kick backs that will expire just as the warehouses and facilities that fuel these jobs become less profitable to the companies that have landed here. The result will be a rerun of the rust belt times of the steel plants. In the process the only place the city will be able to balance their budget is in increases in property taxes. Making life even harder for those in the middle class who are currently being squeezed by higher energy, food and housing costs.
    The bread and butter of any municipality are sales taxed and to produce sales taxes you need retailers. The city has done nothing to attract these types of businesses. Small mom and pop shops provide approximately 70% of all jobs in the US. In District 5 as an example you are not going to attract these establishments because crime is rampant. Small businesses can’t afford to remain competitive against the big box stores when they are robbed on a daily basis by roving thugs and drug addicts. They can’t afford the security cameras, bullet proof glass, or security guards to prevent loss and deter crime. At the candidates night at Mount Carmel Warren Doris announced that crime on the east side had been eliminated because of his actions, he is either delusional or a liar. I wondered where on the east side he resided then I remembered it was New Lenox. Police resources have been stretched to the limit with the long march out west. The city of Joliet has given up on the center of the city and no one seems to care. This study was fluff it was a waste of money and is being used as a political tool. Common sense would tell you what is needed in the inner city to improve the quality of life but common sense is not common to our elected officials.
    Well at this point I think the Adali Stevenson quote is pertinent “You get the government you deserve” You voted for them Joliet enjoy!

  3. willcountywatcher says :

    Phillip glad to see you still in there fighting. Keep up the good work.

    Your comments were right on the mark.

  4. Idetrorce says :

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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