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I have seen how poorly the city communicates its agendas and minutes to the public. A good explanation of why agendas are not available on-line has yet to be offered. It would take the Clerk no more time to post an agenda on-line as it takes to tack one up in City Hall. Also, much of the City’s business takes place in work sessions that are not broadcast, covered by the media, or have minutes distributed.This has led me to the decision to post following each Council meeting and work session and comment on the happenings of that meeting. These will not be complete minutes of the meetings or even cover the entire meeting. It will address at least what I feel is the most important issue that was raised. It will accurate, but it will not be neutral. These postings will still be my opinions of what is taking place. So the moral of this story is check back frequently.I

Big Box warehouses Lockport Illinois

  The Unbroken Story | The Times Weekly news  John Gabriel/TWRecently I came across this story that I find rather disturbing, it was in relation to Mayor Tim Murphy’s inability to think for himself when it comes to the long term outlook for Lockport Illinois, I have witnessed how Bolingbrook has attracted the Big Box warehouses and wonder how Lockport Illinois will handle the increase on the cities infrastructure and the actual decrease in property values due to the increase in traffic and the Eye sore of these warehouses.

“The Times Weekly ran an article on Feb. 14 that questioned Mayor Tim Murphy’s affinity for big-box terminals that occupy a great deal of land while returning very little of anything to the communities.”

“They do not attract motels or other facilities that produce revenue by quick turnover sales; there is no cause for service stations, dry cleaners or other mom and pop businesses…” [Small businesses produce the bulk of all American jobs.] The opinionated Alderman Collier said, “This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read.”

If I was a resident of Lockport Illinois I know who I would not vote for, I find Lockport to be a charming little town with great historical significance to the area and for the Lockport council to approve these actions, this should be political suicide and the people that live in the area will feel the pain of these actions for years to come.

Approximately 20,000 residents live in Lockport Illinois and many of the people have live there have lived there for years, if any body should have anything to say it should be the residents that pay the taxes. Lockport’s Historic District is part of the 120-mile long Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor.

Borrowing a phrase:  

It is highly likely that Lockport citizens will read John Colliers next campaign literature and the Mayor’s of Lockport, in which they seek re-election, and they will say, “This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read.”

Joliet Housing Authority

400 N Bluff St, Joliet, IL 60435-7221, United States  (Map) Phone: (815) 726-1192    SIC: Administration of Housing Programs Most often the average person is not familiar with the housing authority

Call them and ask them Why? As Americans and Tax payers that when local Will County people are facing foreclosures of their homes and the loss of their jobs, how come only a select few and only them it seems like are Illegal aliens get expedited assistance, while deserving citizens are told “No”

Just recently I was in line at SIC 400 N Bluff St, Joliet, IL with a friend and seen for my self that my friend was not going to get the assistance he and his family needed and was promised, yet I witnessed the indignities he had to suffer while an Illegal got help merely by asking in Spanish. The role of the of Local and US government is not only allowing this but are encouraging it, Our local politicians are subsidizing the growth of illegals,. It’s not just welfare it is the taking of our tax dollars, we might as well burn what is in our pockets it amounts to the same thing.

There are a thousand of governmental and quasi-governmental programs for transferring money from rich (and poor) to Illegal immigrants, yet where does this end and where is the help for the faithful American Citizen taxpayer, the Illegals receive, housing and Training and Technical Assistance grants from the Department of Housing and the Department of Labor, yet Local will county Illinois people are told no and that there in no help available, what is it? Are we not the right color or do we speak the wrong language. Is it reverse discrimination on the Will County Locals? My friend is African American yet he was denied help, Is he penalized for being educated, or that his Job is leaving this country, Is he being held down because he is Gay. Illegals get Free K-12 education, in-state resident status for secondary education, free medical care, medical insurance, section 8 housing with rent control, IRS supplied ITIN’s (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

I ask anyone that would like to comment not only comment here, write your congressmen and women and complain till Hell gets cold and then complain some more.

Will it or won’t it.

New Lenox will begin to see the impact as soon as this spring, when construction begins on one of two mega-malls at the interchange of U.S. 6 near Cedar Road. Cedar Crossings, set to open in spring 2009, will provide a little more than 1.1 million square feet of retail space on 175 acres east of Cedar Road.

Work will be starting soon on Lockport Square at 159th Street and I-355. Lockport Square will be anchored by a Target and Home Depot. The retail complex is within sight of the I-355 exchange.

The project, by Zaremba Group, LLC, is expected to bring about $2.6 million in annual tax revenues to the village, local school districts and other public bodies.

An even bigger mall, tentatively known as The Shops at New Lenox, is planned for 195 acres on the west side of Cedar. Now in preliminary stages of development, this lifestyle center mall proposed by Forest City Development will offer 1.4 million square feet of upscale retail space and could open as soon as 2010.

New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann said the malls are just the beginning. “There are other parcels that ultimately will be developed in the future,” he said. And, the existing Cherry Hill Business Park near the I-355 interchange with Interstate 80, also will get a boost from its proximity to the tollway, he said. Herald news story

LikesWolves comments:

What jobs will this Mall bring to the area, with the decline of the local dollar and Jobs on an all time low, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to bring in manufacturing into the area instead of a mall, Will this mall hire more then 300 people, will this mall bring economic prosperity to the workers…No..It will bring more low paying jobs that pay little of nothing.

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The court if ignorance and the taxing districts

The court stated that undocumented children have the same right as U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to receive a free public education.

Any action by a school district that has the effect of denying access to a free public education to an illegal  student will be deemed unconstitutional.

Who would want a school district to ignore the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court?

I know I would, why should any American born student  be forced to give up what is rightfully his or her entitlement to an education. The illegals get reduced or free lunches and most often do not have to pay fees at all if any, this reduces the amount of money’s available to the school districts for school activities

If you think about it 3 to 4 families living in one home and only one property tax being paid so does that one property tax payment give illegal’s the right to use our schools..Personally I am tired of footing the bill.

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National Enquirer and The Herald News

Story fromHerald (spew) News

Regarding Drew Peterson and his attorney, The Herald News sounds like The National Enquirer. Why publish all of this garbage information that they put out? Let’s take a survey and see how many people agree with me. Bill Kargle

Custer Park

Will County Watcher Comment: I read this comment and found my self thinking the same thing, I received an email by a reporter that will remain nameless…This was just what I was saying to him. I find the herald News a flat news paper that does not tell the whole story; they in fact tell bits and pieces of a story that later we as readers find to be only half of the story. I hope they do in fact find Mrs. Peterson and Find her alive, But if that’s not the case I hope the culprit fries in court.
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Will County IL. board members to vote for raise for Moustis

The next chairman of the Will County Board could get a big fat raise. Why should the chairman get a raise?

It’s amazing Moustis said “If you want to be a volunteer, join the PTA,”  if I was a PTA member I would be offended at his comment.

I guess Moustis has a lot of personal expenditures that the county won’t pay Huh?..don’t we all.

Jim Moustis, R-Frankfort, is the current chairman, his term is about to end. I am glad to see that happen but what I am not happy to see is his legacy of more wasteful spending for minimal amount of work.

Is the job of the county executive really any more taxing on Moustis then lets say the dog catchers job or the sewer workers job or the police officers job or the PTA… I say no, Moustis is ready to shoot us Will county residents in the wallet again and if the Board votes for this it will be political suicide for the yes voters and will be another hit for the ol’tax payers.

What I can not get a grip on me is, our roads are bad, I hear the schools need money every year and we are having to cut good park programs for the children, yet these politicians are going for the big raise in pay,  no Joe blue collar worker  gets  to vote them self a pay raise do they.

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