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Allegation: Parsec Inc. polluting Now in Elwood Illinois

U.S. Container Ports and Air Pollution: A Perfect Storm

Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal (DIFT) DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL

 The nitrogen oxides and particulate matter  has increased in the Elwood Illinois area by as much as 80% and overall emissions by 90 percent.

The above are links to PDF files and show the carelessness of Parsec Inc and the BNSF when it comes to spills of chemicals and emissions

Will county’s nicotine natzi’s

 Joliet police and the Will County Health Department have conducted unannounced checks on the Smoke-Free Illinois Act, citing two Joliet bars and five bar patrons for violating the new law.
Three patrons at Paulie’s Pub and two patrons at Woody’s were cited. The five ticketed smokers could be fined between $100 and $250. They have been given March 24th court dates.

The bars face first-offense fines of at least $250. Court dates for the two bars are pending. The citations were announced on Tuesday after they were issued on Friday. Authorities say they received public complaints about the two bars before the checks.

$189,000 per year for the post.

Nothing in Will county changes unless we as tax payers make it change and paying Thomas Thanas $189,000 a year is just another example of the Will County residents being ass backwards. 

What is so important that this man must earn such an amount of money?

How come the average school teacher does not make that amount of money, do we value the position of City manager higher then a Teacher? How many meetings does this man attend for the money our tax dollars are paying to him? What is the average dollars paid to this man to attend each meeting?


I ask the people this in Will County: I bet you would like to earn this $189,000 for what maybe 50 meetings a year. I guess I am in the wrong job…Maybe I should run for office and work less for more money, Money that is tax money.