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How stupid is are the Politicians you decide?

 Recently I heard about Joliet and will county wanting people that do what I call junking to obtain a permit to recycle used steel and other materials. How stupid is this, how dumb can the board and council members be that are going along with this ludicrous idea.

I occasionally do scrapping myself to make some extra money yet I will soon find my self having to pay for an F%$#@ permit if the board passes this. I guess the money hungry state needs to get every last dime out of my already going broke pockets. I have spoken with many of the people in the will county area and this will hurt them just as well as make more trash pile up in the area(s), due to permit fees.

I know there will be more road side dumping if this permit goes into effect; it is just a new tax on old junk!

With the high price of fuel today these people that recover old junk and turn it into cash is doing the Will county and other communities a big favor, if the junkers stop doing the recovery of old junk then the job will now fall back on the state for the most part, or is it that’s what the county and the state wants to happen.

The junkers separate aluminum, steel, and etc, do you think the state would do this to get higher dollar amounts for the recyclables, I personally don’t think so, the job would be given to someone that that would make millions on the recycling, why not let the junkers make a buck and the county and state keep there nose where it belongs, up there own asses and stop sniffing at our butts for a buck.


Dan Kennison yes or NOW..

Dan Kennison is soon to be running against Larry M. Walsh, I would like to know if Mr. Kennison will be playing golf a lot, (see Outing for Dan Kennison )  Now I will say this, I believe that Dan maybe a better change for Will County Executive  as long as we voters know that Dan is capable of calling the shots and also listens to the voters on issues that matter. Remember people are watching so lets get the job done and no excuses like Larry M. Walsh about his drinking problem…Could it be that’s why Joliet is in the shape it is in because of a drunk behind the wheel all this time.

County Executive Charged With DUI

 Will County Executive Larry M. Walsh was arrested for allegedly driving drunk in Jackson Township near Joliet. I found this at * I had to laugh at that blow hard.*

A 26-year-old secret could free inmate

For nearly 26 years, the affidavit was sealed in an envelope and stored in a locked box, tucked away with the lawyer’s passport and will. Sometimes he stashed the box in his bedroom closet, other times under his bed.

It stayed there — year after year, decade after decade.

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Oh that Judge White….get real.

On a typical Monday morning, 800 to 1,000 people form a line outside the Will County Courthouse.

 Joliet and Will county has a 95% conviction rate.

The amount of foot traffic the courthouse encounters is an increasing source of irritation for 12th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Stephen White (Oh boo Hoo).

White said it’s the Will County Board’s responsibility to provide adequate space, and the duty is not being fulfilled.

To make matters even more critical, White noted, the courthouse should add eight to 12 judges based on estimates that the 2010 U.S. Census will place Will County’s population at 700,000. The court currently has 30 judges.

“We will have no courtrooms for these judges. Where do you put them?” he said.

“I’m not pleased with the pace the county board is taking with this,” he said. “How long does it take to build a building? We should be started now, and as I sit here today, there are no plans and no construction. They (county board members) have to see the need.”

Board member John Anderson said the overcrowding makes for a dangerous situation.

To expand this building is futile due to the lack of parking, yet the brain children of the Local and county boards do not seem to have the intelligence to use the so to be vacant Silver cross hospital as a new court house, I as screw the attorneys and make them move to the now center of town being Walnut St… which the Silver Cross hospital is located.