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Glasgow what did you DOOOO?

From email…to Me

Rocquin Van Guilder, of Lowell, Indiana, the former property manager for Hanson Professional Services based in Springfield, Illinois, has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow.

Van Guilder and his son Lee were found not guilty on charges of misdemeanor criminal trespassing and criminal damage to property last February. A four-day trial was held before Will County Associate Judge Marilee Viola.

Alleging malicious prosecution, Van Guilder is asking for an amount in excess of $200,000 in compensatory damages and $1,000 in punitive damages.

The complaint was filed April 1 in the Northern District Court in Chicago.

The Van Guilders were charged after an incident that occurred Dec. 1, 2006 when a subcontractor for the State of Illinois and hired by Hanson, drove heavy equipment across the farm field belonging to Mark Baugh, a rural Will Township resident.

Van Guilder claims that Glasgow publicly stated that there was insufficient evidence against him, until after meeting with representatives of the Will County Board, Will Township, and the organization STAND (Shut This Airport Nightmare Down), which caused Glasgow to have a “change of heart.”

Van Guilder claims that Glasgow initiated the charges against Van Guilder and his son, Lee, for political motives and for public relations purposes so as to bolster his standing with his constituents.

Van Guilder claims that Glasgow proceeded with criminal charges against him knowing there was no probable cause and that they were false.

The complaint alleges that Glasgow’s actions caused Van Guilder to suffer monetary loss and expenses, humiliation, damage to his reputation, pain, suffering, fear and anxiety.


Enough talk about high gas prices, DO SOMETHING!!!

Here I go talking about the high cost of gas, is it enough said, NO! There’s not enough being done. Big deal?, In southern Illinois there’s an oil stockpile which most if all is being sold off to foreign countries. The oil will go on the free market so China, India and Japan can buy it, its our oil. -what the hell is going on? Is this what makes America great? Help for them and none for us. Should we beg the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to bring down oil prices when we can produce our own oil and have our own oil wells? I have seen them my self and wonder why the gas is so high?F$@$K Opec and other countries they are not our problem yet these bleeding heart libs that want us to go broke and be on welfare so that they can feel better about them selves, every time a family has to pay outlandish gas prices this reduces the amount of care that can be given to our American children, It’s an election year and what I see is $6.00 a gallon and children going hungry, we are on our way to a depression and if these damn politicians don’t get off of there asses and do something America will come to a stand still, it is the domino effect, when the last piece falls then what?.

Rebates on property taxes are a quick fix and not a solution, tax abatements are all well and good, but yet this is a quick fix again we need to stop being the world caretaker and worry about our own butts for once.

We need to stop taking lip service from the politicians and stop this bullshit now.
“We are being murdered by these gas prices, and yet the politicians will walk past a drowning man and women for political correctness” I have children to feed, they don’t care if I go under yet they bail the banks out so that investors don’t lose what they got.

I guess we are the pee on me society.


Drew Peterson


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“Will County” the bloggers are talking, you listening?

Subject: New Will County Courthouse.


There is a high demand for smart buildings in Government, can these features be available to Will Counties infrastructure. The Total life-cycle costs for smart buildings are generally lower of costs for conventional buildings which seem to be what Joliet and Will County is looking to do, what is the large energy and churn cost savings to Will County tax payers? Will this new courthouse be going green also?


What about Building costs waste management, water conservation, recycling, and site transportation to and from the courthouse are a few of the many other considerations that I view as pertinent. How can Will County residents effectively evaluate its options and focus if they really don’t understand what the greatest impact is on Will County government? With detailed information about the costs and benefits of this potential Will county investment, Will County and Joliet should effectively evaluate which initiatives will ultimately provide the greatest results over the short and long term and the key word is Long term. Based on past performance business goals of Will County Government this makes Will County residents change there values and, therefore, most often get tired of the counties willingly wastefulness of our tax dollars.

To minimize the cost impact of providing smart-building capabilities in our county courthouse,  from the beginning—Can Will County simply get it right the first time?

Starting early affords greater opportunities to integrate and consolidate different building system functions into fewer independent systems, which can reduce overall complexity and cause affordability.

One thing that local government has forgotten we the tax payers are Will counties landlords and not the other way around. “The Court House will be the first thing you see as you enter downtown Joliet” What kind of eyesore are they wanting to build now? Or will it be as eye-intrusive as the current court house?

“I would like to think of these courthouses as 100-year buildings, so this [new complex] is it going to ensure that Joliet is a judicial center for years to come,” Or will we be tearing the new proposed building down in less then 50 years like the current one? Has Will County done a really good job of blending the designs of the proposed new courthouse with the other buildings around it? Will it it be determined after renovations/rebuild there still will be a shortage of space in 1 0r 10 years? You see this is questions that Voters are asking of a blog that Will County government has referred to illiterate and uninformed, and that its readers are trailer trash, apparently we are asking. As of yet no answers are forth coming from Will County Government. Not every one wants to comment on this blog but every one that reads this blog votes, so Will County politicians make a decision on where the courthouse will go and what Will County will spend on a new court house, because we voters do have long memories and personally I like to get rid of things that do not work…Makes for a cleaner neighborhood.

Walsh-Friends and Family Program

Will County

Land Use


Reports directly to

Larry Walsh

19901 Brown Road

Mr. Walsh is the man in charge when it comes to protecting and enhancing the public health, safety and welfare by effective land use planning,
regulation, and enforcement.”

But the law does not apply if you are on the:

“Walsh – Friends and Family Program”

Mr. Walsh lives in the country. Houses are not packed together and everyone knows everyone’s business. Although Mr. Walsh is responsible for Land Use, Zoning and Code Enforcement; when it comes to his friend and next-door-neighbor, he not only looks the other way but sends him business. Honesty and Integrity in Government? – not if your on the “Walsh – Friends and Family Program”.

Will County Poverty Rises

The state of Illinois has 102 counties in it, many of which have relatively small populations, But not everyone in Will County has the opportunity to put food on their table, a roof over their head and give their kids a chance at a bright future, that opportunity does not exist for thousands of people in Will county living in extreme poverty nor in many of the other 101 counties in Illinois.

There is a coalition seeking to build consensus around a $25 billion capital program that would provide funding for road and bridge improvements and school construction and create an estimated 700,000 jobs statewide. Divide the estimated jobs among the 102 counties and that is not a whole lot of jobs being available to the Illinois residents, I know like many others in Illinois do when it comes to where these jobs will become available, it will be because of political pandering where the jobs fall into place and not where the jobs are needed the most.


Most likely the jobs will be Temporary in nature and have no long lasting effects for local Will county economy, Or Illinois for that matter.

The rate that temporary workers earn is composed of many elements. A company does not assume the costs or the responsibilities of providing and coordinating the benefits program for temporary employees. All companies has to do is pay the employment agency for the services used. The temporary agency, in turn, will pay the temporary workers’ wages and benefits, and in most cases minimum wage.

True it is convenient not to have to deal with paperwork for temporary employees, sure this elevates the employer from certain legalities of not directly hiring the employee but in the case of the earnings of that same employee it reduces the amount, the ability to spend earned dollars in the town where the work is originating, thus TAX dollars are lost and the cost of local amenities goes up….bottom line the cost is, money, money made by the temp company is most often not spent locally. So Really who is this benefiting in the long run, it will not be the workers, NO, so is Will County residents Temerary so why just put a band aid on the Will County Jobless problem.

I would like to see the local politicians answer where’s The JOBS?


Illinois taxes Just the links




·                 Aircraft Use Tax

·                 Automobile Renting Occupation & Use Taxes

·                 Bingo Tax & License Fees

·                 Business Income Tax

·                 Charitable Games Tax & License Fees

·                 Chicago Home Rule Municipal Soft Drink Retailers’ Occupation Tax

·                 Cigarette & Cigarette Use Taxes

·                 Circuit Breaker & Pharmaceutical Assistance

·                 Coin-Operated Amusement Device Tax

·                 County Motor Fuel Tax

·                 Dry Cleaning License Tax & Fee

·                 Electricity Distribution & Invested Capital Taxes

·                 Electricity Excise Tax

·                 Energy Assistance & Renewable Energy Charges

·                 Environmental Impact Fee & Underground Storage

·                 Estate/Inheritance Tax (Attorney General)

·                 Gas Tax

·                 Gas Use Tax

·                 Hotel Operators’ Occupation Taxes

·                 Individual Income Tax

·                 Insurance Taxes (IFDPR)

·                 Liquor Gallonage Tax

·                 Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit (MPC)

·                 Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) Food & Beverage Tax

·                 Motor Fuel Taxes

·                 Oil & Gas Production Assessment

·                 Personal Property Replacement Tax

·                 Property Tax Information

·                 Pull Tabs & Jar Games Tax & License Fees

·                 Qualified Solid Waste Energy Facility Payments

·                 Racing Privilege Tax

·                 Real Estate Transfer Tax

·                 Riverboat Gambling Taxes and License Fees

·                 Sales & Use Taxes

·                 Sales of Aircraft & Watercraft by Lessors

·                 Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

·                 Telecommunications Tax

·                 Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fees

·                 Tire User Fee

·                 Tobacco Products Tax

·                 Unemployment Insurance Tax (IDES)

·                 Vehicle Use Tax

·                 Watercraft Use Tax

·                 Withholding (Payroll) Tax