The “Bilingual or bust”

“This I found in the Herald spew news”

The “Bilingual or bust” article in The Herald News is a farce. No one in the area is capable of teaching the subject? What a joke. There are plenty of capable teachers in our own country without traveling out of it to hire. Another problem. This is America. Teach English. And if you’re going to teach Spanish to English, you should be required to teach English to Spanish.

Jane Lawson  

I have to agree with Jane on this, I just would like to know why we pander to Mexicans and not any other nationalities


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6 responses to “The “Bilingual or bust””

  1. Anonymous says :

    Well this cost Joliet millions of dollars

  2. Phillip Cleary says :

    I really need to chime in on this! First, every ethnic group that has ever come to America has been villainized! The Germans were Huns, the Irish were Mics’ (among other monikers I won’t repeat) the Lithuanians, Lugans, we had Polacks, Dagos, Frogs, Bo hunks,etc.One thing that all the ethnicities had in common was that it was considered a great accomplishment to gain proficiency in the English language and become an American in a free society!
    I can’t stand the concept of hyphenated Americans’ you either come here to become one of us or you come here to use our system. I am not a Bohemian, German, Swiss, Irish American, I am an American! I am an American Veteran! I love my country for all its’ Greatness, it has done wrong as a whole in the past, it will do wrong again in the future but it is mine and I love it! I feel it is my duty as an American to help guide it through its’ ignorance.
    That being said I think it is a grave injustice to teach children in any other language but English. If you want to advance in this country you MUST have proficiency in the native language and that is English. To do other wise is to set your children up for failure!
    I have many subordinates where I work and have just finished their annual review one of the things that I stress is language skills. One of my best workers is Mexican (we are a publicly traded Corp. and to employ Illegal Aliens would be corporate irresponsibility so we do not) he is a great worker, has a great work ethic but if he is to move forward (to management) he must gain proficiency in our language. This is one of the areas of improvement I have marked for him. During our interview today he indicated he has no desire to move to that level. That is unfortunate because it would not only benefit him and his family but our company as well. We can’t have multiple languages and continue to lead in the world market it just isn’t feasible from a logistical and economic stand point and in the long run those who don’t progress will be left behind! I guarantee that, and it is too bad, there are a lot of talented individuals out there who won’t change their way and help our country and their selfs move forward. What a pity!

  3. JR Stalls says :

    “The American people believe English should be the official language of the government. As well as I do… We should replace bilingual education with immersion in English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a Mexican ghetto,” Citizenship requires passing a test on American history in English.

    The Illegal alien population has in some places grown six or seven times larger over the last four decades, the downward pull has become a vortex, a great big sucking sound of dollars leaving our school systems, It is ridiculous to think we all come out ahead when the Illegal groups totally decimate or Hospitals and our public aid system while employers rip-off the system also by hiring these same illegals.

    We’ve already got the consequences of globalization where manufacturing work industry has mostly been sent abroad.

  4. To Know says :

    Five managers of area Car Care Inc. are accused of knowingly employing illegal immigrants and providing stolen identities for them.

  5. To Know says :

    Our schools have not employ bilingual teachers for French, German, Italian or any other group. Everything is now bilingual between spanish and english. Again no such considerations given to those from other countries. This is just one of the reasons some feel invaded.

  6. Phillip Cleary says :

    Understand this, Illegal is just that and it is the obligation of our government to deal with criminals, no matter what the violation, by the rule of our laws in a timely fashion (due process). This becomes a political issue where local, county, state and federally elected officials refuse to address the situation due to the backlash that it would create. In short they are afraid of ordering the prosecution of these criminals because it will become a threat to their jobs. I think if there wasn’t a sense of career in serving as an elected official, (the concept of term limits comes to mind, whatever happened to that) that this fear would not be present. At some point this will come to a head and some official will dare to deal with it. As law abiding citizens if and when this happens we must support these people absolutely. If it takes demonstrations in the street, like those who want to grant immunity to these criminals do, then we must demonstrate! The problem with Americans is that we don’t want to make ourselves uncomfortable, we don’t want to get up from the couch and do anything, we’re lazy. We want government to do this for us. Well government isn’t going to do it because there is no pay off involved to do the right thing. Its’ time to wake up and realize that the squeaky wheel gets the oil and the pro-immunity group is very squeaky, so we need to drown them out! If businesses are found to employ Illegals then their assets should be seized and the officers of that company need to be tried for human trafficing and other violations of our laws. Until there is a consistant and severe penalty attached to this behavior it will continue.

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