exploited Illinois and women at the wheel

From My Email Bag. Dear JJ  

By.Karen Foster (Joliet).. Should states make DNA testing mandatory in hospitals when babies are born? I think it should be done because you have a lot of women who are pinning babies on men having full knowledge that the child isn’t legally theirs, but they’re seeking someone to take care of the child. How is it fair that women are permitted to do things like this just for a little child support? It’s sad because these men are being duped into believing that the babies that the women they’re dating or married to gave birth to isn’t even legally theirs and the women have withheld the truth until it’s noticeable that the child looks nothing like the man.

Should legislation consider amending the laws to protect men who are unlawfully forced to pay child support for children that’s not theirs biologically or legally adopted? This is a hot topic because so many men are being hit with the responsibility of caring and supporting for children that aren’t even theirs and the woman has full knowledge of that, which leads to another point should women be prosecuted for falsely filing child support motions when they know the man they’re dating or married to isn’t the father of their child.

Where’s the justice in protecting fathers from paternity fraud because women everyday do this as a means to con men out of money, this should be treated as a felony because how can women be allowed to get away with this and think nothing of the man they’re taking advantage of as a means to get some money. A child is not your meal ticket they’re a living, breathing human being and it’s sad when they’re being used as pawns in a woman’s selfish and self-centered goal of gaining something financially for herself and showing little concern for the well being of the child or children in question.

They want to prosecute the men, but what about the women who commit paternity fraud shouldn’t they be prosecuted for fraudulently filing for child support or demanding it when they know full well the child isn’t their boyfriend or husband’s, but another man’s baby. It’s surprising that state legislators have not considered introducing a bill into law making it a felony for women to falsely file for child support unless the child or children belong to the man they’re naming on the motion to be ordered. It also should be introduced into law where DNA tests are automatically taken at birth to stop women from committing paternity fraud or taking many years to come forth and telling maybe oblivious fathers that there is indeed a child. This kind of law would stop women from doing this to men and to hold them accountable and the men should have the right to sue the woman for any back support they paid for a child that’s not legally and biologically theirs and to be legally held responsible for false paternity without actual proof.

If women are held accountable the fraud they commit against innocent men who are forced to pay support for a child or children that knowingly aren’t theirs and the man had no idea that his wife or girlfriend got pregnant by someone else and plays it off that the child is her husband or boyfriend’s.

Fathers also have a right to know if their child or children are legally theirs, and to know that if a woman uses a baby to seek financial gain falsely should be held liable and to be prosecuted for it. There is a trend of District attorneys offices helping with child and family services yet these mothers are given a free attorney while again the man has to pay for his attorney, The state in most cases issues DNA tests yet when the DNA is challenged privately 80% of the Paternity cases are and have been found to be false, So, is the state working with these women to entrap men into paying for a child that is not theirs, The state gets a certain percentage of child support it collects and the state holds all of the card when it comes to a mans freedom, Years ago there was a thing called the ERA- EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT and not soon after that men became nothing more then sperm donors and walking pay checks to be exploited.


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4 responses to “exploited Illinois and women at the wheel”

  1. Anonymous says :

    The ERA is not about women’s rights. It’s about creating a genderless society that removes “sex” as a legal characteristic. The ramifications negatively impact women, families, society, and the structure of our government. Yet the writer of this story has her mind on an issue that I have been thinking about over the past few years. Very interesting and very controversial.

  2. Jeff says :

    To make a very long story short, I am a victim of paternity fraud where I was duped into marrying a woman with a child that she told me was mine. Men like myself are trapped in a corrupt equity system that hides behind the saying “The best interest of the child”, when they know it is not true, because a child needs a father and when the child and the duped father find out (and they do) whatever kind of relationship they had is destroyed. We have established laws to show children it is OK to lie and fraud in order to seek financial gains. I wish I knew how to stress this point more then anything “Woman that fraud are not good moral people and what kind of moral character do you think they are going to teach the kids they use to exploit in order to get money”. This is the same woman that does not respect or value a “Father/Husband” enough to tell the truth. What kind of message does this teach the children when the fraud mother with full custody teaches her children to be disrespectful to the non-biological and/or biological father? Why would a child respect anyone with authority (teachers, police, adults, etc.), if they have been taught not to respect their father. We have a justice system that places one parent over the other in order for the corrupt people to exploit it. I don’t need to tell you to take a walk in the store or a neighborhood and see how a lot of these children act. We have a society where almost 50% of our children are being raised by one parent and 85% of those children are being raised by their mother. Why would any system favor one parent over the other if they are both competent parents? This is destroying the fabric of our society.

  3. J.P Persinski says :

    very good story.

  4. p lynch says :

    It has come to my attention that a certain person that goes by the name of jolietjake2008 posted a blog about all hospitals should do dna testing on all children to prove paternaty of the father. Well mr godsey would you also tell everyone about how dna proved your the father of a 17 yearold son that you haven”t done anything for.Gave an address of a homeless shelter, haven’t shown up to any of your court dates except the first one and said {i don’t even know this woman}. Well joliet jackass take some advice from the guy who’s been raising your son for almost 17 years {and don’t let your little bro shoot his mouth off on your behalf tony tina what ever} step up and be a father practice what you preach or are you just another piece of shit that hides behind a computer. i’ll meet you anytime any where it’s your choice handcuffs or hand shake you make the call. But continue to hide i’ll find you any way any means any how .
    You would be proud of your son he’s on a fire department he’s about to graduate high school and he dosen’t abuse women like you so what’s it gonna be hand shake or handcuffs buddy you make the call i’ll give 30 days to respond then i go hunting for your ass and i’ll start in dixon you know what i meen. and so do i so this is your last chance to respond the balls in your court warrents already in effect in lasalle co. for none payment of support and i have run out of patience.

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