Walsh-Friends and Family Program

Will County

Land Use


Reports directly to

Larry Walsh

19901 Brown Road

Mr. Walsh is the man in charge when it comes to protecting and enhancing the public health, safety and welfare by effective land use planning,
regulation, and enforcement.”

But the law does not apply if you are on the:

“Walsh – Friends and Family Program”

Mr. Walsh lives in the country. Houses are not packed together and everyone knows everyone’s business. Although Mr. Walsh is responsible for Land Use, Zoning and Code Enforcement; when it comes to his friend and next-door-neighbor, he not only looks the other way but sends him business. Honesty and Integrity in Government? – not if your on the “Walsh – Friends and Family Program”.


About Phillip Cleary

Married Father of 4 and Grand father of 2. Active in local politics, Veteran, American Legion Commander, Student. Candidate for various local offices.

3 responses to “Walsh-Friends and Family Program”

  1. Phillip Cleary says :

    And now it begins!

  2. willcountywatcher says :

    I know thats a fact, I wonder how high the judge would have put the jail above me being that I have no political connections. I guess thats Joliet politics for you.

    I think he should get jail time period.

  3. Anonymous says :

    I think walsh should be put in jail, I did not get a second chance when I got busted drinking and driving, lost my DL for 4 years and that was the first offence.

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