Will County Poverty Rises

The state of Illinois has 102 counties in it, many of which have relatively small populations, But not everyone in Will County has the opportunity to put food on their table, a roof over their head and give their kids a chance at a bright future, that opportunity does not exist for thousands of people in Will county living in extreme poverty nor in many of the other 101 counties in Illinois.

There is a coalition seeking to build consensus around a $25 billion capital program that would provide funding for road and bridge improvements and school construction and create an estimated 700,000 jobs statewide. Divide the estimated jobs among the 102 counties and that is not a whole lot of jobs being available to the Illinois residents, I know like many others in Illinois do when it comes to where these jobs will become available, it will be because of political pandering where the jobs fall into place and not where the jobs are needed the most.


Most likely the jobs will be Temporary in nature and have no long lasting effects for local Will county economy, Or Illinois for that matter.

The rate that temporary workers earn is composed of many elements. A company does not assume the costs or the responsibilities of providing and coordinating the benefits program for temporary employees. All companies has to do is pay the employment agency for the services used. The temporary agency, in turn, will pay the temporary workers’ wages and benefits, and in most cases minimum wage.

True it is convenient not to have to deal with paperwork for temporary employees, sure this elevates the employer from certain legalities of not directly hiring the employee but in the case of the earnings of that same employee it reduces the amount, the ability to spend earned dollars in the town where the work is originating, thus TAX dollars are lost and the cost of local amenities goes up….bottom line the cost is, money, money made by the temp company is most often not spent locally. So Really who is this benefiting in the long run, it will not be the workers, NO, so is Will County residents Temerary so why just put a band aid on the Will County Jobless problem.

I would like to see the local politicians answer where’s The JOBS?



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2 responses to “Will County Poverty Rises”

  1. Anonymous says :

    These polititions need to get off there lazy ass and do something or so they will be looking for a job.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Since when did it become the politician’s job to create jobs?
    What exactly is wrong with the current setup that is working against area businesses?
    I don’t see any impediments in the Will County area to job growth, so what are the politicians to do?

    Many areas in Will County are thriving, as are the more northern and eastern suburbs… Weber road is being highly developed near my home– Target, Kohl’s, Banks, Menards, Wal-Mart that’s lots of new jobs in our area. If an area is suffering from increasing poverty while others thrive, look to the residents. Head over the east side of Joliet and get to know the folks over there. You’ll realize quick why poverty is growing.

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