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Free money and cars for Plainfield IL.

PLAINFIELD — The village is preparing to build a new storage lot for impounded vehicles, with the bill for the project footed by the people whose vehicles will be stored there.


In the past I have driven a tow truck and have dealt with city impound lots, now that the City of Plainfield is getting their own impound there will be an incentive for the Plainfield police to pull people over unsuspecting drivers. Can we say Governmental Blackmail. 

Vehicles being seized, daily storage frees, towing charges, a $500 administrative fee onto the penalties leveled against drivers charged with traffic violations, yet there will be them that defends this kind of thevery and them that knows this is wrong..

Political satire

The intellectual sees the degradation of concepts of good government, to coin a phrase; its all about the money honey and you and ain’t got enough of that stuff to win. We have became a model for “backward society” the Concepts of Liberalism is slowly sinking in to Will County politics, rather than flowing from intrinsic ways of thinking the new onset of micro-ethics that seem to protrude from every political parties direction is the killing of Will County politics.
The Centrist.  


“Let’s not pretend anything sinister occurred.” LOL

Forest preserve picks presidential candidate — again

“I think she makes a valid point,” Singer said. “And I think it’s something we can improve on. Referring to Lisa Madigan”

It said that the vote for forest preserve district president was done by secret ballot when it actually was the vote to choose a candidate, he said.

If there was nothing wrong with the vote then why did Singer make such a statement, if nothing is wrong then nothing would need to be improved, So On March 13, the full board voted 15-7 for Singer, yet the board again voted for Singer……Huh. Sounds like somebody stepped in shit and is afraid to wipe the crap off their shoe, so they voted the same way again….

my comments are based on a story from the Herald (spew) News

Jason Wallace 11th Dist?

Jason Wallace is a member of it was established Nov. 8, 2007

Jason Wallace, a Green Party candidate from downstate Normal, says he’ll run a “true grassroots” campaign entirely with volunteers, not one focused on raising and spending money and hiring high-priced consultants and pollsters. Herald news

Jason Wallace wants Universal, comprehensive, national single-payer health care His involvements include being a member of the Student Senate, Cine Club, Writing Club, and Project R.I.S.E. He is also a founding member of the English Honor Society, Sigma Kappa Delta and served as the Public Relations Secretary, Vice-President, International Convention Voting Delegate, and Interim President of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of Community Colleges. Finally, he also served as the Student Library Advisory Committee Vice-President. From all of these organizations, Jason became very interested in hearing what was not only best for students but also the citizens in the community. From Jason’s Bio 

JJ’s Comments:From what I have read on the internet I hate to say that Jason does not have what I feel to be the right credentials to be the 11th dist congressmen, Jason has said; The only people he will answer to are the people, because he believes in “a government for the people by the people.” if that is true then great but from his credentials of Phi Sigma Alpha, National Political Science Club, Precinct Committeeman and ISU’s Grievance Committee. So this shows us voters what? Another possible political boys club member or a whiner. It’s a matter of opinion and this is mine.

The Cine Club is a small group of friends who gather to discover a film together. Oh yea lets elect him because he can discuss movies.

New Lenox hates animals…or so it seems.

As a dog owner I find the new ordinances in New Lenox IL unsettling at the least, if my dog barks it is for a reason. Not long ago in reality New Lenox IL was a farm community but now New Lenox considers it a nuisance to breed or raise wild or exotic animals, including, but not limited to horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits and cattle.
What about the little old lady and man that needs to have a dog for companionship and protection, this law penalizes them for having a dog, what about that lying neighbor that just hates your dog and chooses to lie and say your dog was barking when it wasn’t..
A recently amended animal control ordinance specifically states that animals cannot bark, howl or make other noise in an uninterrupted manner for more than 10 minutes, or five times in one hour. 
So if my dog farts I guess I have to worry, probably not but you get what I mean, the laws get dumber by the day, if these people that move here from Chicago and other surrounding areas want the city life then move the hell back there and leave us country folk alone.

I wonder how many dog owners in New Lenox will vote again for the current board members.




I would rather hear a dog bark or a Rooster crow then to hear these people drive by and listen to that thumping music at 2 in the morning….Damn people grow up.

Decisions must be in public eye.

From Email:

Note I am Republican (jolietJake) yet I posted this so all sides can be heard.

Will County taxpayers and voters should be aware of recent action taken by the office of the Illinois attorney general against Republican members of the Will County Forest Preserve Board. These members were charged with violating the Illinois Open Meetings Act after they held a secret ballot at a caucus meeting for the purpose of selecting a president of the Will County Forest Preserve District. The choice was made at this Republicans-only meeting rather than at the regular Will County Forest Preserve Board meeting where citizens and Democratic forest preserve members could voice their opinions. Not surprisingly, the person chosen was one of the Republican board members.

This is another example of the arrogance of Republican members of the Will County Forest Preserve, who also serve as county board members. The 20-7 majority they hold is largely a result of strategically gerrymandered board districts that have prevented true competition in the past. They seem to feel this majority puts them above the law — that they can secretly make governmental decisions without input from citizens or minority Democrat board members. The result is that many issues coming before the forest preserve board at its regular public meetings have already been decided earlier in secret meetings of the majority Republican members and that any opinions voiced by citizens at the regular meetings have no impact on the already-decided outcome.

As candidates for the Will County Board and Will County Forest Preserve Board, we solemnly pledge to demand open public meetings as required by law and to ensure that decisions are made only after public discussion and citizen input occurs, not in secret meetings beforehand by the majority party members. This will fulfill the ideal of truly democratic government and will prevent further embarrassment for the citizens of Will County.

Jacqueline Traynere

Karen Karstad-Gonzalez

Martha Nicosia

candidates for Will County Board, 4th District

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