Jason Wallace 11th Dist?

Jason Wallace is a member of PeaceOverParty.org. it was established Nov. 8, 2007

Jason Wallace, a Green Party candidate from downstate Normal, says he’ll run a “true grassroots” campaign entirely with volunteers, not one focused on raising and spending money and hiring high-priced consultants and pollsters. Herald news

Jason Wallace wants Universal, comprehensive, national single-payer health care His involvements include being a member of the Student Senate, Cine Club, Writing Club, and Project R.I.S.E. He is also a founding member of the English Honor Society, Sigma Kappa Delta and served as the Public Relations Secretary, Vice-President, International Convention Voting Delegate, and Interim President of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of Community Colleges. Finally, he also served as the Student Library Advisory Committee Vice-President. From all of these organizations, Jason became very interested in hearing what was not only best for students but also the citizens in the community. From Jason’s Bio 

JJ’s Comments:From what I have read on the internet I hate to say that Jason does not have what I feel to be the right credentials to be the 11th dist congressmen, Jason has said; The only people he will answer to are the people, because he believes in “a government for the people by the people.” if that is true then great but from his credentials of Phi Sigma Alpha, National Political Science Club, Precinct Committeeman and ISU’s Grievance Committee. So this shows us voters what? Another possible political boys club member or a whiner. It’s a matter of opinion and this is mine.

The Cine Club is a small group of friends who gather to discover a film together. Oh yea lets elect him because he can discuss movies.


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2 responses to “Jason Wallace 11th Dist?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    That guys a joke why in the hell would anyone waste their vote voting for him..

  2. Rura01 says :

    Playing politics with people’s lives is not a joke. Grabbing headlines to get ahead is not a joke. Buying your way into public office is not a joke. Spending other people’s money with/without their permission is not a joke. Feathering your own nest at the expense of others is not a joke.

    And, I can think of many more reasons to vote for a young, intelligent, energetic young man for congress.

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