CDL’s Mexican trucks and USA roads

From email:

Should trucks of Mexican companies be allowed free access to American highways?

OK….forget about Mexican trucks that will be driven by drivers without regulated CDLs and forget about companies that are held accountable only under Mexican law.

The core problem is it’s already dangerous enough with trucks from US companies, that do have drug testing and insurance and are susceptible to US laws that are already dangerous on our over crowded highways. Our US trucks are often overweight, drivers tailgate and yet they are rarely held accountable in an accident. That’s what we US drivers already face with US truck drivers that speak and read English and are accountable in US courts.

It will only get worse with Mexican companies taking over our US highways. If you truly believe that more trucks driven by Mexicans that have a questionnable background, minimal English ability for signs and communication ability, with neither “Commercial Drivers Licenses” nor drug tests, and have trucks and equipment that are most certainly in worse mechanical condition.


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One response to “CDL’s Mexican trucks and USA roads”

  1. Karen says :

    look at whats happening around Joliet from all the increased road traffic, there has been so many truck accidents over the last 3 years in and around joliet, The best I can suggest is to write, FAX, and email your congressmen and congresswomen. Also contact President Bush’s office. The only way to slow down this process of taking away jobs from the American public and giving them to others is to take up petitions, write letters, etc. (BE AN ACTIVIST). If you are part of a union or other special interest group, rally your members together and see what actions you can take as a group to slow down or maybe even halt situations like this. You can also write letters to the newspaper and contact people in the media.

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