Centerpoint cries wolf and Will County Residents suffer

Environmental issues  Herald (spew)news Link
The company raised environmental concerns about Lepacek’s property, where he also operates All American Tree Service and stores about 30 vehicles he has collected for future resale.
While Lepacek calls them “vintage” cars, CenterPoint referred to them as “abandoned.” Lepacek’s collection includes a 1955 Studebaker President and a 1972 Chevelle convertible. The vehicles, crowded into a pole building, are in various states of disrepair.

How that makes me laugh Centerpoint is worried about contamination from Oil and leaking fluid from old cars and etc, I almost busted a gut when I Read that in the Hearald (spew) News today, when Centepoint took over the Elwood ammunition plant, the hazards that were already there out numbered the ones at Lepacek’s property.
Silver Azide, Silver Acetylide, Lead Azide and Mercury Fulminate were just some of the chemicals that were found on the old Elwood ammunition plant, nobody worries what is still there or what was just covered over and built over.

How about the people that work there now at the Elwood intermodial what are they being exposed to… I could go on and on about what information is available on the Web (Environmental Protection Agency: Joliet army ammo manufacturing) once the area of the old Elwood ammunition plant was supposedly cleaned up where did they (meaning Centerpoint properties) get rid of the harmful contaminates at.

the Lead Azide Lagoon that was used as a settling basin to store wastewater treatment sludge, Of the thousands of organic compounds that can be found in Elwood ammunition plant samples the ambient air and ground area holds a relatively small number to high enough toxicity and/or are present at a sufficient concentration to give rise to potential human health problems. How about the rest of the chemicals that are still there and the ones now leaking from containers on the property currently?

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One response to “Centerpoint cries wolf and Will County Residents suffer”

  1. James says :

    I guess the Lie is in place when it comes to the Job situation, Quillman put the quil to us all right and guess they are going to make people believe there will be a lot of jobs coming from this project…there will be 900 people working at this facility when it gets done and most of them will be from out of state.

    I work at the other facility in Elwood and we don’t have that many people there, now for the Herald to report that there will be 14,800 jobs that’s an out and out lie, I know one thing, if after this is built and I am late one time to work because of it I will make sure I vote for new blood on the council….Out of state drivers do not count for our economy or is that forgotten from basic math in school, if the money is spent some where else …..Duh…

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