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Joliet Police Farce!!!!!

Today I helped my sister and brother-in-law install the cabinets in their house. It wasn’t a hard decision for them I had my own custom shop for fifteen years, I know how to do it right!

So I drive back to Joliet and decide I want to vegetate in front of the tube and relax for the rest of the night and have a few beers (yes I’m just an average guy wanting an average night, few great expectations, few fulfilled). So on the way I stop at Stang-Kelly’s for a 12 pack of the new Bud Ale (they didn’t have it)! Oh well Bud light it is! On the way back to my house in St.Pat’s, I took Washington St. (west) back to Seeser on which I live (great short cut). At Blackman I have to stop, there are 3 young assholes walking in the middle of the street and like a good citizen I wouldn’t run them down like the idiots deserve (I taught my 4 children not to play in the street before they could walk). At any rate here am I in my little convertible sports car stopped in the middle of the street while they walked around me! As they passed one of them said to me “Get the fuck out of the street white bitch”

 I get out of the car and ask the young man what he said and he tells me “Fuck you I’ll punch you in your head Bitch”. I reply “Do you have money to bail” he told me “I know where you live, I know your car and your people and your house; I’m going to get you Bitch”! Being the person I am, I call “911” and try to defuse the situation, there are several cars that stop that know the individual and they tell him and his friends to flee while I dial my Phone!

Here is where it gets interesting! I talk to the “911” operator and ask for a squad car immediately because my security and my family’s security has been threatened, her advice “get into your car and wait for the Police”. I told her that I have a convertible so getting into my car is not an option! Her response is “a patrol car is on the way”! I gave her direction of the people and details of them and their attire. I also asked that a squad meet me at my home and gave her the necessary information. I followed one of them to his house (6 Seeser St. he had separated from the others and walked away) and went home and waited for the squad (I was following the law; police take action when citizens ask for it. Citizens don’t deal out street justice)!

Guess what an hour and a half later no response, no squad! I called the non-emergency number which was answered by “operator # 808. I asked for the “Watch Commander” (Lt.Tracton, there was no spelling given by the operator so it may be incorrect). I wasn’t allowed to talk to him. As a matter of fact she said an officer stopped by (it didn’t happen because I waited on my porch for him) this is why I made the second call an hour and a half later. She also told me that there would be extra patrols added to my area for the next 30 days, by my request!

So I tell my wife and 12 year old daughter to go up stairs and go to sleep and I will watch out for the house etc.(I received no help from the JPD what so ever on this). At 12:45 I hear 2 bangs and grab my 12 GA shot gun and run out to my porch and see 2 male Americans of African descent, wearing the same clothes I reported, running south to Allen St. then west. I get a bead on one but didn’t shoot because my neighbor’s cars and houses are viable frag’s and didn’t want to endanger these people or their assets.

Both of my cars had the drivers side windows smashed out with a rock (we found it on the street). These cars are my hobby, the 91 Mercury Capri XR2 (1 of 3500 made) and the 94 Mercury Capri XR2 (1 of 366 made) have non-replaceable parts, there are none available from Mercury period! I belong to a club that preserves these and restores them and the price of spare parts are astronomical, especially glass, it has to be purchased on e-bay or from Australia where the car was made!

Once again I called “911”! I told them what happened. It took 5 min. for a squad to show up!!!!!!

The officer is very nice (I’m familiar with this officer and he is a great asset to the force! Young and not negatively influenced by the incompetence of his leadership)!

It seems that the “Watch Commander” (Lt.Tracton) didn’t alert the oncoming shift of the “911” call or the threat to myself or my family posed and as I see it  the City of Joliet Failed me. I feel my life and the lives of my family members are now in danger!  I will do whatever it takes to survive and will not be forced out of my house!

My family will leave Joliet tomorrow and go back to New Lenox with family members where they are safe! Tomorrow I go hunting! This city isn’t safe for decent people and I am going to change that!

I demand that Lt, Tracton be relieved of his duties and his job! I also demand the resignetion of the Cheif of Police and the Assistant cheif of Police for gross Negligence  for their incompetance in promoting this Idiot! His incompetence is sickening. His irresponsibility and ineptitude is without precedence in the entire state of Illinois! With leadership like this the people of Joliet are left to the drug addled idiots that roam our streets. I won’t put up with this, and you shouldn’t either! Call the Joliet Non Emergency number @ 815-726-2491or the City Council Member # 815.724.3718 or the City Manager # 815.724.3720 or the Deputy City Manager#  815.724.3730 if you have had problems with response times for your calls. Remember we can’t protect our selves in this city or this state without our Police forces, the law is against decent people!. To not have representation from these people is in fact the same as absolute anarchy!

Don’t give me the reason to create Anarchy! I will!

And I will Win!

Phillip Otto Cleary                                                                      Candidate for Joliet City Council

Unruly should stay say over taxes?

Excerpt from Herald(spew) news:: Novak was hosting an informational session Aug. 19 on assessments in Channahon and faced a large, unruly crowd that showed little courtesy to its guest. No one will deny that higher property taxes are placing tremendous financial burdens on many people in Channahon and elsewhere in the area. But unleashing anger on the messenger in such a threatening and, frankly, scary way resolves nothing and gives the impression that Channahon is controlled by irrational thinking and mob rule, not by reasonable people.

Why shouldn’t people be mad? why shouldn’t people get upset when it comes to the government reaching into our pockets and sucking out what we have worked so hard for. Sometimes rational thinking people do hit the braking point and are pushed to far. But I am concerned how Rhonda Novak, the Will County supervisor of assessments and the Will county police might escalate this issue of taxes and the use of Will county police to suppress the people the tax payers in this volatile issue. Agree or not there is a similarity to the boston tea party.

Excerpt from Herald(spew) news: Novack is Downplaying the event, “There were a lot of people who were unhappy about their assessments. In this economy, I’m sure the last thing people want to hear is that their tax bills will go up.” America

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Obama and Union Illegals

story by Cindy Walker Joliet,IL Copyright © 2008, PRNewswire

Comments based on story Obama to wear Union Made suit

UNITE, the union born in the apparel and textile industry, launched a campaign to organize 17,000 workers at Cintas’s 340 facilities across the country. When a union organizer called on Santa Ana Ventura, who hangs shirts on hangers at a suburban Cintas laundry, she and her husband decided it was a “good thing” to join the union. Ventura, a 49-year old illegal had worked at Cintas since 1997, and she had often spoken out against what she saw as management’s lack of respect for workers. Now here comes Obama wanting a suit made by the same illegals in of all things a union made suit constructed by union illegal labor, Huh?? Yes that’s what I said. “Barack Obama was determined to have a union-made suit on his back when he addresses the country tonight,” said UNITE HERE General President Bruce Raynor. “Our members and working people all across the country will put him on our backs and carry him to the White House. It won‘t be legal Americans it will be a bunch of illegals, UNITE HERE is a labor union representing 465,000 members in the apparel, textile, hotel, food service, gaming, and laundry industries. often unlawful—campaigns to decertify unions (mainly Teamster locals representing drivers who are also salesmen), eliminating all but 700 unionists from the company. Farmer, the second largest individual contributor to the national Republican Party for each of the last two election cycles, has given the GOP almost $2.8 million since 1988—largely to counteract union influence in the Democratic Party, he told the Columbus Dispatch. Si I say if Obama is Elected we all better start looking for work due to his back door dealings.
Barack Obama called on California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger not to veto a bill that would make illegal immigrants who graduate high school eligible for college aid.

Constitutional convention in Illinois?

For the past four decades, Illinois has enjoyed one of the most forward-thinking and citizen-friendly state constitutions in America. Every 20 years, voters are asked whether a constitutional convention is needed to rewrite that document. The question will once again be on the ballot in November 2008.
A broad-based, bipartisan coalition of the most respected consumer, education, good government, business and labor organizations in the state has, along with foremost legal experts, formed the Alliance to Protect the Illinois Constitution to ask voters to reject a costly and unnecessary 2010 constitutional convention. Voters voted “no” on the same question 1988 by a 3-to-1 margin, and they should do so again in 2008. From email 

Section 8, reduced home values, and you…..Replayed

JOLIET — More than 300 people in Will County are waiting for federal housing vouchers to help pay their rent, that wait could get longer under a budget resolution before the U.S. Senate.
The housing authority’s mixed-income subdivision proposed near Briggs and Rosalind streets is still being planned even though certain local politicians said last year that it was a dead issue, it is apparent that the politicians do not care if the east side and homes on the north end of Briggs St in Lockport loses value where some homes are upward of $200,000.
It conjures up images of crime-ridden apartment and housing complexes influenced by gangs and drugs. In other words, not something people want in their community.. , why not just close the Evergreen terrace and the Hill area, lets give vouchers so that the residents can move into Plainfield, Shorewood, or maybe right next to these politicians in Joliet and Will county, that is what should happen, that would be poetic justice huh.
I know I have worked hard to rehab many homes on the East side of Joliet and Lockport that were rented Sec 8 in the past, these homes were almost beyond repair, now for politicians and Section 8 housing to come in and force me and many others to take reduced sales prices for our homes should be criminal, if they do complete the project then look for falling home values.
Over the last few years many Chicagoans and surrounding area people have moved to the north end of Briggs St “Lockport area”, but Sec 8 Residents go where ever they are placed.
How long must these people remain on section 8, 10-20-30 years, when are they expected to be self sufficient.
No matter what anyone calls it, if section 8 pays for it, it is still section 8.

Here we go again, I say you comment, you comment and I respond. to email

It is the thought among politicians and elections officials that ascertain voters are far more likely to make “mistakes” than others, If they are Older voters, people from the south, blacks, american born Mexicans, Yet when it comes to elections none can actually say they are bipartisan, Why is that?. Are you Nancy Schultz Voots? “Bipartisan“ Sure with lack of education voter suppression happens, voters tend to make more mistakes and that is a fact of life that can be changed, in the past local politicians have been noted saying-It takes a Will County Hillbilly 5 minutes to make up their mind if they want to make a turn right or left, yet throw them a piece of Hillbilly heroin and they would elect anybody.

As of late even gratuitous attention is being paid to increasing number of election anomalies that are being discovered every day just by opening ones eyes (Google helps also if you want to know where I look), I have no doubt that past elections are and have been sloppy, mismanaged, and unacceptable messes, not just in Will County Illinois but all over America, locally over the past few weeks and after interviewing 100 elderly Will County residents thru emails and in person “which this is not the basis of a real scientific study“, I find my hypotenuse is; what scares the elderly in local elections is the technology that is now involved in voting and the lack of real help to the technologically illiterate voter. Now this is ignored in most cases by bloggers, TV, the newspapers and etc which ceaselessly point else where in times of election issues, the greatest corruption Americans are witnessing today is the corruption of the political process, it is not a common goal we all as voters should strive for, the vote should not be a seemingly non-corrective guideline for Republicans and Democrats alike to say “ I want and it’s for me” the push of un-centric or non common ground ideas of yesteryear is not what we as a County or a Nation needs right now, on local and federal elections we voters should not find our selves confused.
It is true that I as does so many other Internet blogs point to our views and we highlight them, at least we point an arrow at our problems in our towns and in government instead of pointing in another direction, we (bloggers) are not controlled by any political mastermind or governmental power, it is true and I know from experience how political powers would like to shut me and many other bloggers down so the voice can not be heard.
Currently I would like to see voters with a more concrete understanding of what they are really voting for and not based on color or the flatulence of ones self indigent needs that’s held like a dollar bill above your head. Look at the Will County board and Joliet city council as an example and what decisions have been made and who does these decisions benefit the many or the few?
I know this issue gets lost in every election, the fact that less than half of registered voters bother to vote should send up flags to Local, State and Federal government, yet, this doesn‘t? This causes glee from the politicians that are less informative about past job performance or indiscretions, to the people of these communities, That should tell us something about the “leadership factor” or mindset of Republicans and Democrats that have presented them selves in Will County Illinois and in the united states, I suppose it is, However, the mindset of the political establishment that allows past deeds to go unpunished is on the verge of being archaic, this is not that of only Will County Illinois, yet most often it is that of what a good majority of voters nation wide seem to come together and do, vote uninformed. I guess it is to much trouble to read??
How many times after past elections do we say; I’m ashamed, I actually voted for this man or woman once. But yet It’s amazing that there are still people naive enough to defend what they voted for in the past as to say to everyone I am never wrong so that they may think of the politician as him or hers personal politician. Frankly, that offends virtually every sensibility that I have. This should be a striking metaphor to those in power (or related to those in power) ignorance and stupidity is a bitter, stinging contempt to the rest of us when it comes to voting the best person to political position.
Should we say or do anything when it comes to our candidates just get them elected.
We as American citizens, I for one won’t sit idly by while we are bullied by publicly funded political pandering groups and gross negligence on politicians part, I enjoy exercising the right to observe a public function, and report of my observations or what I think about what is in the news.
what we say or think we say can change everything…..Or better yet….Just Vote.