The Walsh and who they fooling.

“To be appointed to the IWIB is quite an honor – and I look forward to collaborating with other board members in Illinois’ statewide effort to insure a well-trained workforce is ready and working,” said County Executive Walsh. ”We know that a skilled workforce also helps to promote economic development – and that is very important to all of us in Illinois.”

Herald “spew” News Aug 6th 2008

Illinois Workforce Investment Board Act. (20 ILCS 3975/6)

(from Ch. 48, par. 2106)
Sec. 6. Programs and services, conflict of interest. In order to assure objective management and oversight, the Board shall not operate programs or provide services directly to eligible participants, but shall exist solely to plan, coordinate and monitor the provisions of such programs and services.
A member of the Board may not (1) vote on a matter under consideration by the Board that (a) regards the provision of services by the member or by an entity that the member represents or (b) would provide direct financial benefit to the member or the immediate family of the member or (2) engage in any other activity determined by the Governor to constitute a conflict of interest as specified in the State plan established under the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998.

Trading a vote for a job or a project isn’t exactly new, but when you’re under the microscope, everything looks bigger …Lets think back to 2003 “The legislative aide to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich suggested in a 2003 e-mail he could win a senator’s vote if the administration hired the lawmaker’s secretary.The e-mail from Joseph Handley was obtained by The Associated Press. It seeks confirmation from Blagojevich patronage staffers that they planned to hire Rhonda Wood. She was at the time secretary to Senator Larry Walsh.

Handley wrote: “If this can be confirmed, it helps me with Walsh on important vote.” […] Walsh is now Will County executive. He says he tried to help Wood but there was no discussion of votes on legislation. Or so Walsh says?




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2 responses to “The Walsh and who they fooling.”

  1. Ted says :

    How many jobs can this Walsh fellow do effectively, I think he is a waste of tax dollars and skin also…..

  2. Anonymous says :

    Amen to that, I think that walsh is a waste of tax dollars like most of Joliet city council.

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