phone polls and politicians

Today I got a weird phone call I know it was related to re-electing Debbie Halvorson, during the phone call I was asked many questions pertaining to Halvorson and just a few questions relating to Ozinga, at no point should I be asked My name or my address but low and behold I was asked both.

I would also suggest to them that conduct these phone polls and politicians do not use people that are hard to understand trying to speak English relating to our elections, To me it sounded like I was speaking with a Hindu. Just on that basis I would not vote for Halvorson, her party can not even hire Americans to man a phone bank, makes me wonder what her stance is on hiring Americans would be. Oh and by the way I am not voting for Ozinga either.

Lets use illegal’s to get American votes. NO Habla my Vote…Or what ever country the polititions hire these people from.

About The Angry Jolietan

Joliet,Will County

One response to “phone polls and politicians”

  1. whitewolf1980 says :

    I am with you JJ I am voting green party this year…..I am tired of these polititions thinking we are dumb or don’t pay attention to what they have and have not done…

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