Proposed law Will County State’s Attorney Glasgow

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow pushed for the measure that would allow a judge at a pretrial hearing in a murder case to determine whether so-called hearsay evidence – testimony or documents that quote someone secondhand who is not in court – may be admitted at trial.

More of your rights to be taken away…..Hitler received in now Non-custodial interviews are allowed, Why should you have the right to face your accuser, so now circumstantial evidence, or out right lies can just put you away in prison..with no real justice, I guess its just another day to the Constitutional rights killers in Political office of Joliet Illinois. So I wonder how many cases will warrant the need of the ACLU or other pro rights groups.

Shouldn’t we be the Defender of the People’s and the protection of our individual, natural, non- transferable, un-surrendered, “inalienable rights”. Conservatives view the Constitution as dead, as simply a piece of paper. Progressives view the Constitution in its proper context: the people of the United States. That is, after all, the first phrase in the Constitution: “we, the people.” That is the proper context in which it should be read, not in some neo-New Critical, quasi-structuralist, text-in-and-of-itself manner. Language, like America, is always alive, and can only be understood within context. The Constitution is for the people.

It is we the people not State’s Attorney James Glasgow almighty, so where does Glasgow get the last word and we the voters and tax payers of his salary gets no say in this. HUH?



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4 responses to “Proposed law Will County State’s Attorney Glasgow”

  1. UCLA law advisory says :

    Hearsay testimony is secondhand evidence; it is not what the witness knows personally, but what someone else told him or her. So if James Glasgow gets his way how would we Define credibility of a witness. Explain disqualification and impeachment of a witness. Identify the difference between depositions and affidavits.

    The attendance of witnesses should be obtained by serving them a subpoena. This method of calling witnesses applies to civilians appearing before any judicial body appointed to inquire into the truth of a matter of general interest. The evidence of defense witnesses may be impeached (its truth questioned), or the truthfulness of the prosecution witnesses may be upheld, but, not if James Glasgow gets his way .

  2. William says :

    Note on Constitutional Considerations: Under the Confrontation Clauses of the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (applied to states through the 14th Amendment) criminal defendants have a right to cross-examine witnesses against them. This right may be compromised when a hearsay statement is admitted into evidence without the declarant being available for cross-examination. the federal Confrontation Clause prohibits admission of the hearsay evidence unless the defendant had a prior opportunity to cross-examine the declarant. See Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 (2004).

  3. willcountywatcher says :

    I am not a lawyer but I know when my rights are in danger of being stripped away.

  4. F Mock says :

    Social scientists have just begun to examine the issues surrounding the use of hearsay evidence. Although past research has highlighted factors that contribute to the unreliability of eyewitness testimony, little attention has been paid to the factors associated with the unreliability of hearsay testimony. We also know little about how jurors evaluate hearsay evidence. we do not know whether jurors can differentiate between reliable and unreliable hearsay evidence. Research that determines answers to questions such as these will provide the courts with relevant psychological evidence that could inform their admissibility decisions regarding hearsay evidence.

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