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Tim Baldermann and Mayor Art Schultz who’s ideas was it?

The groundbreaking for the new Silver Cross Hospital were Mayor Tim Baldermann and his counterpart from Joliet, Art Schultz.

Schultz said, “The feelings between our two communities have always been good. They will continue to stay that way.”

I guess us bloggers have done the work in getting the ideas out of possible uses for the soon to be vacated Silver Cross hospital, its nice to know that Mayor Tim Baldermann and Mayor Art Schultz can stand and take the credit for the thousands of emailers and the many comments that have passed across the net and though our bloggers hands.

Maybe, just maybe these fossils of yester year have gotten a bit smarter in knowing we voters put them them in office and maybe we are the ones that pay the bills…. It was nice to see  Joliet council members Susie Barber, Jan Quillman and Anthony Uremovic there but what gave me pause was the lack of understanding needed by these councilmen and women to understand we as a collective are the tax payers and we  also have good ideas.

Some ideas have included opening a Veterans Administration hospital and relocating some county or city offices there, let us bloggers and citizens “not” do our councilman’s work for them, let them in office do work for us, because why? We are their bosses. Contrary to what the politicians might think the antagonistic behavior is not over, and will not be over till things change, I have received 1,2014 email of people that are pissed about the take our idea like it is their attitude and the candy coater talk in the Herald <spew> News.

The Herald news reporters on many occasions have E-mailed me mad as hell because I the lowly blogger quoted them, Boo Hoo…..I was even offered a chance to see the inner workings of the Herald News, I guess that was a lame attempt to get be in their sights so they could drop a little paper work on me.

Blogs do make a difference and we do put pressure on politicians, I want to thank the politician’s that sit back and do nothing they make blogging so damn easy. Joliet presence sign of better cooperation

I guess they would have to steal an idea to get a clue

Cry Obama Cry

Truth Squad’ using sheriffs, DAs to police bias against candidate
2008 WorldNetDaily

A team of Obama-supporting prosecutors and sheriffs in Missouri is preparing to pursue legal challenges to any presidential ads deemed to be false or misleading.

The effort appeared to be part of a move by the Obama campaign to block advertisements to which it objects. The campaign also sent “threatening” letters to several news agencies in Pennsylvania and Ohio demanding they stop airing ads exposing Obama’s gun stance, according to the National Rifle Association. More from WorldNetDaily

What goes on out side off Illinois is needed know also…..Eralie.

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Good Guys car show

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Marty Ozinga and Jason Wallace run like a little girl

Republican Marty Ozinga and Green Party nominee Jason Wallace were on the side lines saying “boo hoo” these people will pick on me, this is what it says to me in in their refusal to show up at a sponsored Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce at Governors State University, so what if it was a pep rally” for their Democratic opponent, state Sen. Debbie Halvorson of Crete.

I am sorry if you are going to run for office you may have to stand to a little criticism and take a few lumps in the name of politics “Let him that would move the world first move himself.”

Marty Ozinga and Jason Wallace need to stand up like men and show what they are made of. The Dems themselves have done a fair amount of attacking of Ozinga and for the life of me why would Ozinga back away from a fight I can see Jason Wallace backing down and I did like him as a candidate which Wallace lost me a month ago as a voter.

But none the less LOL they let a girl kick their butt……BOOOO- Ozinga and Wallace.

I wonder how the blue collar voters look at someone running from a fight….

Marty Ozinga and Green Party nominee Jason Wallace “Lets get ready to rumble” or Run with your tale between your’s your choice..

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Will County Smoking Law update

A bar patron in Crest Hill has been ticketed with smoking in a public place, a violation of the Smoke-free Illinois Act that became law Jan. 1. The citation is the ninth issued to an individual in Will County since the law took effect.

The department has gotten 201 complaints at 126 Will County businesses since the start of the year. Seven of the businesses have been in Crest Hill. The unidentified patron was ticketed Friday during an unannounced compliance check at Papa Joe’s Route 66 Sport Lounge on North Broadway Street. The bar’s owner was also ticketed, according to the Will County Health Department. The law, which takes aim at secondhand smoke by banning smoking inside public buildings, college dorms and most businesses, has faced steep opposition in Will County. In June a county judge ruled that the smoking ban was constitutional after several Joliet residents challenged their citations in court. One man ultimately pleaded guilty and paid a $235 fine, while the others promised to keep fighting.

Cresthill Mayor Churnovic bad boy shame on you.

Two weeks ago, it was revealed that the committee to reelect Mayor Churnovic had accepted donations from two engineering firms seeking to do business with the City of Crest Hill. It was certainly disappointing to find out that the unethical way of doing business that is so common in Springfield and Chicago as is how things work in Crest Hill. It is not clear if the committee solicited the donations knowing that the firms were looking to get city contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it is not clear how much direct control the Mayor had over the actions of the committee.

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Will County news

JOLIET, IL – The Will County Board  announced a $200 million economic stimulus package called “Build Will” designed to create up to 9000 jobs while beginning immediate construction on vital infrastructure projects. Chairman Jim Moustis (R-Frankfort) said the program would provide an enormous boost to the economy.

Now to me that sounds like short live jobs for many working people and another way to throw the Residents a bone to keep the masses from yelling, true there is a need for jobs and I am all for that, but where is these infrastructure projects to be repaired are they in areas that really need repairs or are they really close to politicians homes?

The ‘Build Will’ program will put thousands of people to work and build miles of vitally needed new roads and other public infrastructure improvements,” or so Moustis says.

The Will County Board says: The “Build Will” program is being funded through the recently state-enacted RTA sales tax increase and bond proceeds garnered from those funds. No county levied tax increases will be needed or requested to complete the projects yet property tax has been raised hasen’t it ?

This Board practices fiscally conservative budgeting policies,” said Finance Committee Chairman John Gerl (R-Joliet). “This economic stimulus program is no exception. We have planned accordingly, and there will be no new taxes.”

How many times have we tax payers heard that bull shit before?

Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Bilotta (R-Lockport) said he has worked with the county’s engineering department to identify priority projects that can be built quickly.

“Many of the projects have already been planned and are ready to go,” said Bilotta. “It is our intent to have workers on the job and bulldozers rolling before the onset of winter. We want people who need construction jobs to have them.”

Again…Who gets, Who needs..????

Among the projects being considered for approval are some that will provide new signalization at intersections, designated turn lanes to improve traffic flow, and other upgrades to existing roadways, all the while taking property and forcing government easements.

“In tough economic times, anything we can do to help provide jobs to financially strapped families is a positive step,” said Moustis. “‘Build Will’ offers a win-win situation for our residents by infusing cash into the economy and improving our quality of life by building new and better infrastructure.”

Not if the companies hire illegals where 80% of money earned is being sent out of the united states by Illegals that currently replace Will county workers.

Aha wasn’t the RTA tax to keep the Domesday closing from happening of the mass transit, now where is this money coming from to repair the infrastructure, I guess when taxes are paid it can be used for other things and not what they was intended for. Don’t you love election time when these do nothing till the last minute politicians,  close to vote time try and get brownie points with the voters of Will County. We can’t expect much from them, I guess we Dumb Will County voters can’t see the wool being pulled over our eyes.


RTA Sales Tax Hike Deal Quantified in Collar Counites (pdf)  


$60.9 Million ?