INCUMBANT! or not is the question..lets think about it.

Important comment becomes Story 

Ordinance tickets are suppose to be a method to modify behavior that while not criminal can prevent others from the exorcizing their freedoms. Now they have become an additional tax. I personally don’t care what other communities (in the original story Jan Quillman brought up the fact that we aren’t in line with the surrounding communities in the cost of these tickets) charge for these infractions. If Mrs. Quillman wants to generate more funds for her pet projects (funding the Rialto and all those useless flower boxes around the city) then she needs to get up in front of the tax payers and justify a tax increase to do so. Mrs. Quillman isn’t in a hurry to do this because of the upcoming election cycle it’s hard to bring voters in to vote for you right after you have raided their bank accounts, especially in this economy!
This is no more than a tax increase, plain and simple. The city has had more than enough money over the past decade to improve the infrastructure and dress the city up. Frankly they have pissed away the windfall they have had from the boats on stupidity like a water park that is a monument to nepotism, special interest and corrupt hiring and management. The people of Joliet have been funding this and other useless endeavors while our streets crumble and crime is rampant in the streets. We grew in an unmanaged fashion to the point that police services have been stretched beyond the desirable limits hence the inability to have an officer respond to a crime in a time frame that gives the citizen a modicum of safety!
This city government is truly inept and things are about to get worse. The city manager has already told the people (not directly but through the city council meetings) that the city needs more money to operate so our taxes will continue to rise. If you think that the assessment increases are bad wait until the individual taxing bodies start on their increases, The increase at the city won’t happen until after the City Council elections (I wonder why the do that) but you will also see increases from the School Districts, Municipalities, County, Fire protection districts and Libraries’. In short any entity that is a taxing body will increase their share of the pie. They are intentionally waiting until after the assessment so that the increase can be larger and the bite bigger.
Remember at election time bring your latest tax statement to the booth for you as mental reinforcement NOT to vote the INCUMBANT!


About Phillip Cleary

Married Father of 4 and Grand father of 2. Active in local politics, Veteran, American Legion Commander, Student. Candidate for various local offices.

2 responses to “INCUMBANT! or not is the question..lets think about it.”

  1. Dale. (R) Joliet East Side says :

    it is time to expand our horizons and elect all a new.

  2. Jam'in says :

    I don,t live in your area but I think it is time for new vote on government…

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