Tim Baldermann and Mayor Art Schultz who’s ideas was it?

The groundbreaking for the new Silver Cross Hospital were Mayor Tim Baldermann and his counterpart from Joliet, Art Schultz.

Schultz said, “The feelings between our two communities have always been good. They will continue to stay that way.”

I guess us bloggers have done the work in getting the ideas out of possible uses for the soon to be vacated Silver Cross hospital, its nice to know that Mayor Tim Baldermann and Mayor Art Schultz can stand and take the credit for the thousands of emailers and the many comments that have passed across the net and though our bloggers hands.

Maybe, just maybe these fossils of yester year have gotten a bit smarter in knowing we voters put them them in office and maybe we are the ones that pay the bills…. It was nice to see  Joliet council members Susie Barber, Jan Quillman and Anthony Uremovic there but what gave me pause was the lack of understanding needed by these councilmen and women to understand we as a collective are the tax payers and we  also have good ideas.

Some ideas have included opening a Veterans Administration hospital and relocating some county or city offices there, let us bloggers and citizens “not” do our councilman’s work for them, let them in office do work for us, because why? We are their bosses. Contrary to what the politicians might think the antagonistic behavior is not over, and will not be over till things change, I have received 1,2014 email of people that are pissed about the take our idea like it is their attitude and the candy coater talk in the Herald <spew> News.

The Herald news reporters on many occasions have E-mailed me mad as hell because I the lowly blogger quoted them, Boo Hoo…..I was even offered a chance to see the inner workings of the Herald News, I guess that was a lame attempt to get be in their sights so they could drop a little paper work on me.

Blogs do make a difference and we do put pressure on politicians, I want to thank the politician’s that sit back and do nothing they make blogging so damn easy. Joliet presence sign of better cooperation

I guess they would have to steal an idea to get a clue


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