Larry Walsh-Family and Friends Part 2

This Small Time Back Woods Crook is poison for the County of Will!I
just hope he ends up in Statesville like us average people would!

Matt Ryan might not have taken money from the Smith Family (can you say bull shit) but Larry Walsh has benefited enormously from them!


Smith, Francis J
Occupation: Vice President
Employer: Homestar Bank

1230 N Westshore Blvd
Manteno, IL 60950


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, James P
Occupation: President
Employer: Smith Dawson & Andrews

3339 Stephenson Place NW
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3104 Rodman Street NW
Washington, DC 20003


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3421 Morrison Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh






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About Phillip Cleary

Married Father of 4 and Grand father of 2. Active in local politics, Veteran, American Legion Commander, Student. Candidate for various local offices.

21 responses to “Larry Walsh-Family and Friends Part 2”

  1. spare me says :

    Re the Larry Walsh thing, here is what I think happened. Steve Webber asks the FBI to come talk with him. While the FBI is in Webber’s office listening to whatever nonsense Webber has to say, the reporter is outside. The FBI leaves agent leaves feeling rather agitated that Webber has used him as a political pawn. The reporter outside is then given enough info by Webber to where she can write a story, unaware that she has been single handedly duped and used by Webber. This is a nonstory, nonissue, cooked up by Wbber to deflect attention from the fact that he has what practically amounts to a ghost payroller in his office named Jack Riley.

  2. Phillip Cleary says :

    Larry Walsh Bought by Lobbyists!

    From Cornerstone web site

    Cornerstone Government Affairs puts decades of collective management, legislative, strategic consulting, campaign consulting and government experience to work for our clients.

    Cornerstone Government Affairs provides its clients discreet, hands-on public affairs, lobbying, strategic consulting, and marketing services. Utilizing a broad array of policy expertise and federal government experience, we partner with our clients to implement customized, goal-oriented campaigns through a proactive, creative and comprehensive approach.

    Our experience gets results for our clients.

  3. Phillip Cleary says :

    Larry Walsh Bought by more Lobbyists!

    From Smith Dawson & Andrews web site


    Your legislative objectives may appear straightforward, but achieving them in a timely and cost-effective manner may require navigating a number of different political rapids. What SDA provides is years of experience with the federal bureaucracy, in-depth knowledge of regulatory and legislative process, and constant vigilance to the always shifting political situation as it impacts our clients’ objectives.

    SDA works with each client to develop a focused legislative strategy, and then manages the day-to-day government affairs agenda. We are the link between the client and the government, always taking advantage of new targets of opportunity as they emerge. To these ends we:

    Lobby Congress, Executive Branch agencies and state and local governments

    Monitor legislation

    Identify federal appropriations for client projects

    Develop legislation to move our client’s agenda forward

    Schedule meetings and presentations with Members of Congress and Administration Officials

    Arrange testimony before congressional committees

    Provide grants assistance with federal agencies

    Work to build support for our client’s projects in their home state

    Keep our clients fully informed, and consult with them about future moves

  4. Jack Riley says :

    Hey Spare me – this is Jack Riley – Why don’t you repeat your smack to my face or are you just a Democrat flunky who wants to hide behind a pseudonym.

    The facts are County Tax-payers pay Larry Walsh and all his family members who work for the county over $1,000,000 per year. Next Walsh hires a political lobbyist Matt Ryan as his chief of staff (has no experience) for $104,000 per year and then he needs to hire a lobbyist in Washington for $120,000 per year to get earmarks and grants.

    But here is the “piece de resistance” Walsh has to hire his own grant writer – So Walsh rams through the County Board a contact for Lois Mayer as his grant writer for $70,000 per year telling the County Board Lois Mayer will be a full time contact employee (that’s 40 hours per week) but she also has another full time paid job as Administrator of the Immanuel EV Lutheran Preschool.

    Do you know what Lois Mayer’s nick name is at the County? “The ghost of the Emco building” because she is never in her office or at work. How much money does Walsh and his friends expect taxpayers to give them? So don’t give me your smack – I am not a ghost pay roller – just ask the Deputy in the County Building.

    I am tired of being the second floor’s punching bag. I will put my credentials up against Matt Ryan any day. I have a BS in Economics specializing in Econometrics and a Masters in Business Administration in Accounting and Finance. I was an Executive for a Fortune 10 Company running business all over the United States including starting a new business in the People’s Republic of China. Now I work as a Financial Analyst for County Auditor Steve Weber (note the correct spelling it’s WEBER). I work for my money and it is MR. WEBER to you.

  5. Phillip Cleary says :

    Steve is one of the best Public Servants this county has ever had! With out him these crooks (read, elected Democrats) would have pissed away much more of your tax dollars than you could even imagine! He’s made a lot of enemies by exposing graft and corruption and professionalized the office!
    Isn’t this what we want as tax payers!

  6. Phillip Cleary says :

    If I were Larry I’d invest in Vaseline! It’s got to hurt taking it that many times! Maybe that’s why he drinks so much!

  7. FerrisBueller says :

    I think the truth is starting to come out… this was a political stunt by Weber.

  8. Vivian says :

    Good! And when they’re done with the County, I hope they go over to City Hall and do some real investigating but I think they’d need more agents to dig through all that dirt.

  9. Stacy says :

    Looks like another one on Dan Kennison’s dirty campaign tactics. Too bad Mr. Kennison cannot talk about the issues that face Will County. Maybe that is because he does not know anything about being County Executive, since he has never been elected to a public office!!!! All we ever hear from this man is negative attacks against Larry Walsh. Shame on Steve Weber, this was not a very smart move. Steve Weber stated that he is the “Watchdog” for Will County, well how come I never hear anything about this man until a couple months before the election???

  10. spare me says :

    Jack, if you are really that brave, why don’t you answer this question: Please identify how much Lois Mayer and the Smith firm have brought into the county by way of grants, both in terms of the number of grants and the dollar value, and then identify how much you brought in (on the approx. $250,000 you have been paid). To make it fair, I will give you a hint: the answer to the latter part of the question is ZEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOO.

  11. lagnaf says :

    Phil, I don’t know what you have been smoking but your statement that “Steve is one of the best public servants this county has ever had” is an absolute joke.

    The “watchdog” is more of a “lapdog” who carries a highly paid grant writer (or whatever they currently call Jack Riley these days) who’s job responsibilities or acomplishments are a mystery. If Steve really wanted to save the taxpayers money, he would jettison Riley.

    Phil, you and Steve are as partisan as they come as evidenced by your comments above and Steve’s actions against officeholders with a “D” next to their name. It’s a shame that a few folks let their emotions run wild during the election season to the detriment of Will County.

  12. spare me says :

    Phil, you have been drinking tainted kool-aide. If Weber really wanted to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollars, he would turn in his county car. Really, what does the auditor need a county vehicle for? It is an unnecessary perk, and I am sure he uses it to drive to his clients’ offices when he spends the bulk of his spring preparing tax returns.

  13. Phillip Cleary says :

    Talk about lap dogs, Professional posters for the Democrat party spreading dis-information on our blog! I love it!
    The issue isn’t whether these lobbyists are doing their jobs it’s whether Larry” I’ll take another round” Walsh has been bought! If you look at his Campaign finance filings you would not only see these contributions from lobbyists but many more! Larry is so dirty that he would need an acid bath just to remove the outer layer of corrupted filth from his persona.
    Talk about smoking something or tainted Kool-Aid stay on topic and focus that drug addled half of a pea brain of yours!
    As for Steve, “Spare Me” is the one that strayed from topic and brought him into the conversation. If we want to start taking away county vehicles are we ready to pay the mileage on personal vehicles need to perform the county’s’ business. Then there is the accounting and oversight that come along with that, oh yea Democrat thought process, Bigger Government is better! Foolish Morons! Come out of the coma you’re in and live in the real world!

  14. spare me says :

    You think it is cheaper to buy a whole car rather than pay for mileage? Are you nuts? Besides, how much driving do you think he has to do for the county anyway? VERY little. Try harder.

  15. Phillip Cleary says :

    Once again off topic! It’s hard to defend a suds sucking graft ridden old sot like Larry isn’t it!

    Well since you haven’t done your homework I’ll shoot you a crib sheet, this is an excerpt from the Washington Times;

    ” Will County auditor Steve Weber confirmed that his office had been asked by the FBI to assist in an investigation, but he did not elaborate on the specifics. ”

    It is incumbent upon Steve to comply with a federal investigation when asked so I guess he was doing his job! I would assume you would like him to do that. Also if you want to know I have great respect for Stewart Warren unlike most print reporters she actually gives you the information without injecting partisan skew on her reports. I know I’ll take pipe from Jake on this but its how I feel!

    Now drop the joint “spare me” clear your 3 brain cells and read before you blather!

  16. Glenn Bigsby says :

    In 2006, Obama requested that Will County receive $1.3 million to support its Flood Studies for Unincorporated Will County.

    In 2006, Obama requested $800,000 for the Will County Sheriff’s Office Wireless Communications Technology Upgrades.

    In 2006, Obama requested $1,953,331 for Will County’s Ridgewood Water and Sewage Project.

    In 2005, Obama requested $2 million for the Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, to establish a Center for Academic and Community Learning, which is designed to address the significant educational needs of the less advantaged in the Will County region by providing academic assistance not only for students on campus but also for residents of the surrounding communities.

  17. FerrisBueller says :

    Phil, you are clearly not a careful reader. The Weber/Jack Riley points are spot on. And, it appears as though you are incapable of responding to the substantive points others make (hmm… I think I saw some of that last night…).

    By the way, any claim that Weber “has” to cooperate with a “federal investigation” is ridiculous. As far as I can tell, there is no real investigation. Weber called the FBI and asked them to come meet with him–that is it. Some “investigation” that he “has to cooperate with.” Sarah Palin has nothing on your command of the facts and debating skills.

  18. FerrisBueller says :

    And now this little gem from the Capitol Fax:

    DC paper drastically flubs story; GOP candidate lies about involvement in probe

    Friday, Oct 3, 2008

    * Remember this story from yesterday?…

    FBI agents met with Will County Auditor Stephen Weber for two hours Wednesday morning regarding an investigation the auditor initiated into a countywide office, the Tribune has learned. […]

    Sources say the investigation centers on Will County Executive Larry Walsh’s office.

    * Well, the Washington Times has twisted that all around in today’s edition…

    The FBI on Wednesday raided the county offices of a former Illinois state senator who is a poker-playing buddy of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

    * Um, nope…

    At 9:45 a.m., Chicago agent Joseph Basile and another man walked into the offices of Will County Auditor Steve Weber. They walked back out again just after 11 a.m.

    That was it. They talked to Weber for a bit over an hour and left. There was no “raid” of Walsh’s office. The Washington Times completely flubbed its story.

    * Yesterday, I wondered whether this FBI visit might be all about politics. Today we find out that the visit was, indeed, motivated by Walsh’s Republican opponent…

    The Republican challenger to Will County Executive Larry Walsh sparked what has turned into an FBI examination of Walsh’s connections to a county contractor.

    * And it apparently has something to do with campaign contributions to a county vendor…

    Dan Kennison, Walsh’s opponent in the November election, said Thursday that he began asking questions about $6,500 given to Walsh’s campaign by individuals who turned out to have family connections to Smith Dawson and Andrews, the lobbying firm hired by the county.

    “I gave that information to Mr. Weber,” Kennison said. Kennison said he also has spoken with the FBI, but would not provide details.

    * But that’s not what the Republican Kennison told the the Kankakee Daily Journal…

    Kennison denied any involvement with what happened at the auditor’s office.

    “I had nothing to do with this investigation. What I know about this is what I’ve read,” he said, but he added that he thought an investigation should be conducted.

    What Kennison “read” in at least one paper was his quote about how he started the whole thing.

    Looks like a setup to me.

    * Walsh’s response to the campaign contribution stuff…

    “I have known the Smiths, and Francis and Jim Smith have been very good friends of mine since I started as a state senator representing Kankakee County,” Walsh said. “If I’m guilty of taking a donation from a family friend, then God help us.”

  19. FerrisBueller says :

    Come to think of it, Phil, I don’t blame you for not trying to defend Weber on the Jack Riley/free car thing. After all, what can you say? It’s pretty indefensible.

  20. willcountywatcher says :


    I love people like you, you have no clue, yet your paid for your opinions to be posted on blogs as damage control, God help us voters if just one believes you.

    * Walsh’s response to the campaign contribution stuff…

    “I have known the Smiths, and Francis and Jim Smith have been very good friends of mine since I started as a state senator representing Kankakee County,” Walsh said. “If I’m guilty of taking a donation from a family friend, then God help us.”

  21. Phillip Cleary says :

    Larry Walsh has steered over $270,000 of tax payer money to these “Friends” of his.

    A crook is a crook and friends of crooks are not much better.

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