Walsh bad boy soon to be Joliet resident

  • Today I witnessed residents around Joliet removing Walsh campain signs: Jolietjake2008
  • Walsh said the following statements over the last few years: “While I am not disputing the veracity of the reported comments, I don’t believe they accurately reflect the position of the County Executive’s office” 
  • “I don’t think we should try to mislead citizens in that area that we can prevent IDOT from certain activities. Dec. 19, 2006

That guy   from Illinois wrote:

  1. O’ here we go again. Another election year.

I agree with many of the comments and concerns of the bloggers on both sides of the aisle regarding this Larry Walsh issue. But this is happening everywhere. The newspaper selects the questions they want to ask, politicians claim “no comment” or “I don’t know much about this or that but an investigation is underway”, running politicians start slinging mud because they cant hack it in the real world and need to take on ego trip. And when they get elected its business as usual just with different faces. Now, everyone one of the bloggers here have great ambitions, passions etc… of what we expect from our leaders.

FOLKS WAKE UP ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Man is pre-destined left to his own devices he will mess everything up. And politicians for whatever reason ultimately live by this ideology. Nothing seems to be working, but they have plenty of tax dollars to maneuver with to start this or that bogus program for illegal aliens, non-working BY CHOICE people, and pet projects with more pork built into them by the time the budget is applied to the things we need most ITS GONE. Take for example during the Clinton years. Yes, we were left with a huge surplus, but the countries infrastructure was neglected. Money was given to huge businesses to expand operations to offer low prices with inferior products from China to people that have invaded our borders illegally. Yes, people were working more but there was a false sense of financial security developing in our countries financial system. People were getting loans that had no way of paying them back if things got tight which continued into the Bush administration.

Credit card companies were loving the American atmosphere that developed. 18 yr old college students racking up debt to by every me, i, we-pod device and plasma TV out there while mom and dad were blowing money on 0% loans on 50K new vehicles. 50 GRAND FOR AN SUV!!!!! Are you people ever wanting to retire or pay your houses off!!!!! OH BUT THERE IS NO INTEREST AND NO MONEY DOWN. Its a depreciating asset folks what are you thinking.??? The USA went to war on bogus intel (and folks please don’t try to tell me different on this point because I am former military I know what I am talking about when it comes to the 2nd Gulf War to make daddy Bush and Halliburton Corp proud). Uh OH….THE BOTTOM DROPS OUT. HERE IT COMES FOLKS ARE YOU READY???? Energy prices and food prices skyrocket, property taxes skyrocket because of crazy home prices and working Joe 6 pack has to shore it all up. Well Joe 6 pack is running out of money because the illegal cockroaches have gotten it in the form of political subsidies on the democratic side through free health care, unlimited food stamp programs and lets not forget about the poor polar bear that’s going to go extinct if we down drill for our own resources and improve our energy issues within our own borders or the poor bat that’s going to die getting caught up in a wind turbine farm.

That’s another pile of bologna but the lobbyist and lawyers keep getting rich off of your dollar. Oh don’t forget the Republicans now with the utility and military defense buddies taking our fare share as well. The House of Reps and the Senate are all to blame here because all this back and forth creates job security. This is how simple this is folks. We need to overhaul the whole system. Does anyone remember how and why this country got started??? It was all over taxes. The tax situation has gone absolutely nuts in this country and no other services or infrastructure has been enhanced. Its time to say no more. The government cannot function without our tax bills. The bonds are up, the notes are due and they cannot borrow anymore.

Who do they go to…Joe 6 pack in the form of a “bailout or loan” because everything will collapse if its not approved. I am asking everyone to question our local leaders because this it where it starts and lets all band together next June when the property taxes are due and do not pay them. If you like my line of fiscal thinking feel free to write me in for county executive, state senate or house of reps. God Bless us all and to all my brothers and sisters in uniform—STAY SAFE AND COME HOME SOON. Thank you.

written 10/4/2008 2:51 PM CDT on suburbanchicagonews.com

  1. Watching u guys wrote:
Live by the sword die by the sword. Perhaps you all forget when the FBI came into the county landuse dept,last election based upon false allegations made by some of Walsh’s Manhattan friends against Joe Mikan. I am also sure that a phone call by Walsh to his buddy Dick Durbin didn’t hurt. After the election the subpoenas went away as fast as the ballot boxes. Larry should have hired someone from Will County as his Chief of Staff instead of an old Springfield political worker that happened to be his drinking buddy. I am sure now Jim “I want the power” Mustis and his lap dogs are licking thier chops. Between the County Board and the Executives Office Will County Government is disfunctional. Voters need better leadership from both sides of the political isle.
written 10/4/2008 9:01 AM CDT on suburbanchicagonews.com


What do you Will County residents think, I think great comments and  good sense.  Comments


Will County Auditor Steve Weber told Scott Slocum that the FBI was in his office regarding the misconduct of a Will County elected official.

Download | Duration: 00:11:35________________________________

 October 1, 2008

 JOLIET — Two FBI agents spent more than an hour in the Will County Office Building on Wednesday morning as part of an investigation into an elected official.
That person seems to be Will County Executive Larry Walsh. Matt Ryan, his chief of staff, also is part of the probe.

Like many have been saying something was not right with what Walsh was doing and now the shit hits the fan, Maybe there should be a deeper look into what is going on with other things around Joliet and follow the money…Remember Joliet Democrats are falling fast…From an internal political viewpoint, this move really puts another knife in Larry Walsh’s back and shows the voters who Walsh really is. Walsh apparently is a hard pill to swallow for some in Joliet and I am one of them.
“I have never received one nickel of compensation from anyone, including Mr. Smith, since I have been a county employee,” Ryan said. Can we be sure of that, Back door politics is the name of the game in Joliet Illinois. More on story

See  : In other words     Larry Walsh DUI charges     Continued

I wonder was Obama Holding Larry up because of Larry being drunk again… ‘Obama your my buddy.(*hiccup*)”



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15 responses to “Walsh bad boy soon to be Joliet resident”

  1. I hate JCA says :

    The DUI, now this. Hilarious!

  2. spare me says :

    Re the Larry Walsh thing, here is what I think happened. Steve Webber asks the FBI to come talk with him. While the FBI is in Webber’s office listening to whatever nonsense Webber has to say, the reporter is outside. The FBI leaves agent leaves feeling rather agitated that Webber has used him as a political pawn. The reporter outside is then given enough info by Webber to where she can write a story, unaware that she has been single handedly duped and used by Webber. This is a nonstory, nonissue, cooked up by Wbber to deflect attention from the fact that he has what practically amounts to a ghost payroller in his office named Jack Riley.

  3. Jolietjake2008 says :


    Bad boy bad boy…sorry I was thinking of the show cops, back to the subject, is Walsh guilty? HELL YES.

  4. Ron says :


  5. luvpups says :

    Gee, is that Tom Giarrante with Walsh, is he involved too!

    The crooks go from Cook Cty to Will Cty & all the way to Springfield!!

  6. FerrisBueller says :

    This thing is begining to unravel, and it is becoming obvious that it was a dirty political trick by Kennison and Weber, with the help of a duped reporter and a now-angry FBI agent. I would look for this to backfire on Kennison and Webber. Kennison was quoted in one paper as saying he knew nothing about it, and in another paper he says he initiated it. Tough thing when you tell a lot of lies, it gets difficult to keep your stories straight. Kennison and Weber are going to get hammered for this–take it to the bank.

  7. HN Reporter says :

    This man has more rogue connections and friends than anyone I have ever come across and yet he is still here .

    Walsh has hired the laywer who is from CAIR, With lawyers and political watchers descending to help, yet larry receives tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars and goes on about his buisness like we don’t matter…How’s that for a “Culture of Corruption”Will County is corrupt at Cook County levels. Larry was quoted as saying he has the right people in his pocket so nothing to worry about.

  8. willcountywatcher says :


    What makes you think that there is nothing more then a mistake of intentions on the behalf of the FBI..

  9. Phillip Cleary says :

    FerrisBueller=political watcher!
    Haven’t you made the connection yet! I did after the second post.
    He’s here as a revisionist from the party. Read his posts very carefully and you will pick it up!

  10. jolietjake2008 says :

    Oh I know that, I was being facetious and a little insidious.

    it is also an agenda on FerrisBueller’s part to protect his pay check from these blog slammers or comment baiters.

  11. Stacy says :

    Jolietjake….I have seen more Larry Walsh signs around Joliet than any other candidate. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of more his signs within the next few weeks. I have not noticed any signs being taken down. This is going to blow up in Dan Kennison and Steve Weber’s face.

  12. Anonymous says :

    If you drive up and down the same street you see the same signs……

  13. Phillip Cleary says :

    Signs don’t vote!
    Disgusted citizens do!

  14. Katie says :

    Larry is a human being just like the rest of us. He makes mistakes he’s not God. He owned up to his maistakes. Je feels really sorry about his DUI and he is probobly getting help. Just lay off the poor man. He’s caught in a mud slide from Kennison. And if you people who are just adding to his stress should grow up and get lives.

  15. Phillip Cleary says :

    The “Mud Slide” as you refer to it isn’t a product of Dan Kennison, it’s a product of Larry’s corruption and filthy political dealings. Larry uses our tax dollars like they belong to him ingratiating himself with lobbyists. If Larry can’t deal with the heat he needs to get out of politics and go back to the farm. As far as his “probably getting help”, anyone else in his position would have had court mandated “help”, being who he is just got him a pass. I hate to think of the possibility of him driving down the road “impaired” while I was driving down the same road with my family!
    As far as growing up? I did that 30+ years ago in the Navy and it’s my right to speak out about politicians that are screwing the people or anything else for that matter. If you don’t like the idea of Free Speech you’re right at home in the Democrat Party they’re not too fond of it either unless it meets their needs! They have been relentless trying to shut down Conservative radio programs and political blogs like this one. Given the White House , the Senate and the Congress I assume that is exactly what will happen!

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