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Will County politics

Will County Republicans named a new party chairman in March. Richard Kavanagh took over for GOP Chairman Jack Partelow who stepped down after serving 12 years. Partelow had, weeks before been arrested, for driving under the influence.

A probe was sparked by questions surrounding the death of Kathleen Savio, the fourth wife of ex-Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson. Savio’s death was initially ruled accidental but further investigation, including exhumation of her body, changed the cause of death to homicide.

Some county board members considered doing away with the Coroner’s office, long held by Democrat Patrick O’Neil. They considered hiring a Medical Examiner instead, which was strongly supported by O’Neil’s Republican opponent Chuck Lyons, former deputy coroner in O’Neil’s office. The proposal was later dropped. O’Neil handily won re-election in November.

In April Will County Executive Larry Walsh was arrested for DUI. His opponent Dan Kennison called for Walsh to step down. Walsh refused. When he had his day in court, he pleaded guilty and paid a fine.

Kennison also had a part in an FBI probe into Walsh’s office in October. Questions surrounded Walsh’s campaign contributions from the Smith family and their relatives in the Washington D.C. law firm Smith, Dawson, and Andrews. Walsh hired the firm as lobbyists in 2006. His Chief of Staff Matt Ryan was also implicated, by claims he had worked for the firm. He denied ever receiving a paycheck from the firm.


Walsh the king of the Empty promises.

Walsh, a state senator for the 43rd District from 1997 to 2005, said the estimated $20 million sewer and water project in the Ridgewood community, a northeast section of Joliet Township, would be a priority that would likely qualify for federal money.

“If we could secure the money, and we do a respectable job, we could turn that community around,” Walsh said.

How many years are the tax payers on the east side of  Joliet expected to wait for improvements that never have come,  Are we tax payers  to believe now in the sincerity of  Walsh and the rest of them when we are told to expect progress.  I have seen the sewer in the streets over the last 40 years and have jumped many sewer puddles on my walk through Ridgewood as a kid and as an adult…I won’t hold my breath that walsh gets this done, I will hold my breath this summer when the sewer is in the street and the people coming down Rt 6 from I-355 gets a whiff while going to the river boat…..Walsh has made no effort thus far why start now??? Or is it election time again and more empty promises needs to be made.

Mayor James Daley lockport Illinois

Homer Glen Mayor James Daley expects a 30 percent savings on construction costs because of the downturn in our economy. Yet Lockport Township High School District Board is keeping the Feb. 24 bond referendum at $141 million, and board members say they are giving  a break. Thanks, but no thanks. Vote no Feb. 24.

Change or is it..

Politics and fat cats. American people need to rethink their political decisions and elect more common and middle-class citizens to office because they’ll have a better insight with the haves or have-nots and bring a truly balanced reflection of all the citizens’ needs and concerns.

So much for a change and a higher ethical standard in Washington.