Crest Hill Illinois TIF districting

 256px-Crest_Hill_City_Hall The work session  did not shed much additional light on the proposed TIF district.  The Mayor introduced the idea of TIF districts by saying that he has seen them used by surrounding communities and that there are consultants who are willing to meet with the city without charge to discuss the matter.  No indication was given of what areas were being considered for inclusion in a TIF district.  A work session is planned for March when consultants will come and discuss TIF districts in greater detail.  The superintendents of both elementary school districts were invited to the meeting and have asked to continue to be involved in all discussions.  This is an important step since TIF districts can have significant impacts upon the schools.  One citizen stood up to voice his opposition to TIF districts that are used improperly because of the tax impacts that they can have on the rest of the city.  This was a very healthy start to the discussions of a TIF district even if no specifics were offered.  I hope that the Council keeps the schools as well as the citizens involved and do not just listen to the consultants who have a financial interest in creating TIF districts.  As more information becomes available, I will share it as well as giving my analysis of any proposals, if the TIF comes under the guidance of Ray Simplinski that is currently running for mayor then the TIF districts will be utilized in a manor that will benefit all of the Crest Hill residents if tricky Nick is Re-Elected then all could lose.  Brian McDaniel 

Ray Solomon used to be called TV Ray due to his need to be on TV….makes you wonder what his ideas are.

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One response to “Crest Hill Illinois TIF districting”

  1. Joann says :

    Yea section 8 housing for cresthill and lower property values.

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