Make change not to have change in your pocket.

Image1 “Do as I say, not as I do.” I am struck by the utter hypocrisy of Joliet and Will county’s political conundrum,  It’s high time we ended the radical experiment that’s been an obvious failure of the current elected officials . The Corrupt  have already disenfranchised the many voters yet the consensus of the politician is, voters are sheep and will gladly walk where we are told and do as we are lied to believe,  I guess it is window dressing that politicians want us as the voter to see, look around our county it is falling apart (Will county, Illinois)

So are we to vote for more of the same? lets see what is it that makes us think there may be some mismanagement…..and little control.

  • JOLIET — The annual Easter Parade  canceled, a consequence of city overspending .
  • Police Department– The IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.) is likely to require higher contributions to make up for mismanagement  losses.
  • Roads– can not be fixed and infrastructure failing.
  • Cop cams now monitor city- Having the police using cameras immediately causes  concern of the people about Big Brother, Chief Fred Hayes said. “We’re not going to be putting them in someones window. We want to send a message they’re there to cue the residents that they are being watched over’, The next camera will be installed on the Jefferson Street Bridge because of a Port Security Grant from the Department of Homeland Security. Then why is it that some video has surfaced that is of an adult nature and circulated among local officers of  local area women and couples in their homes and cars and etc, maybe these people thought they had privacy and nobody was watching?
  • Crest hill– City staff indicated the need for water and sewer revenues will be reviewed every year. ( voters have an opportunity to question mayoral and aldermanic candidates prior to the election, they should ask for the candidates’ views on this 5 percent annual increase, but will they?)
  • Talk around town–  To Bring back city sticker for revenue.

Its your vote use it to make change not to have change in your pocket after you vote.  The time has come to demand better from our politicians.  We do not need a politicians who trades city contracts for campaign contributions any more than we need a Governor who sells a Senate seat for campaign contributions.  Why would we want the shame of pay-to-play politics on a local level?  The current politicians have shown repeatedly that they desire to run the city in this manner though.  The voters need to send a clear message come April by voting to replace the current politicians and any other official that supports his way of running this city and county.


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