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Local officials against swine flu ?

Joliet-area officials struggle to warn area residents about the health scare without stirring widespread panic due to political correctness.

Joliet Illinois schools in Will County school districts  spent Monday not notifying parents about the potential risks in the area that has Mexican illegals with strong links to the country where the virus originated, Jumping the border is the cause for Illinois infections, the virus has infected at least 48 people in five U.S. states, none of them fatally as of yet.

A major concern  has resonated but lack of officials concern has cause me to worry, why not advised parents to monitor their children’s health, With 45 percent of the Joliet Illinois school’s having 25,000 students either Mexican illegals or Mexican born Americans, teachers  should be asking parents if their families have traveled to Mexico recently.

local officials have down played the severity trying not to cause fear,  Despite the fact that several reports have indicated that U.S. swine flu patients had recently traveled to Mexico,

local officials and school leaders have chosen to ignore that, we’re doing nothing to stop them from coming across the border.

Let them hold a Cinco de Mayo parade in Joliet and all around Illinois communities, we have no right to good health as it seems to me and it would be par for the course .  It seems again they have  put party politics ahead of the welfare of the very people they are paid so generously to represent, If we have a swine flu pandemic in America, the Politicians are entitled to a great deal of the blame.. Cheap labor and Germ warfare great way to get rid of us unemployed American voters that Elected these pieces of crap.

lately 23 states are now experiencing cases of Chagas a South American disease causing heart failure, intestinal problems and ultimately death but that’s OK right?…. lets do nothing, lets be politically correct and sensitive to people that have no caring for our well being.

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Instead of establishing a centralized repository of information, each lawmaker decided where and how to post the information And as predicted, it has been all over the map. Some lawmakers, like Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Emerson (R-MO), posted a link to the requests right on their front page. Others, like Rep. Sarbanes (D-MD) and Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), created a puzzle of sorts for their constituents – the link to the requests is listed under “Issues” or “Constituent Requests” or some other euphemistically named category like "Grant Announcements."
Once you have actually found the list of requests, there is no guarantee that it can be easily understood. Some have posted a simple, easy to read summary list; others provide a confusing mountain of links, verbiage and pdf documents. Some, like Reps. Kingston (R-GA) and Driehaus (D-OH) posted everything that had been requested of them, without indicating what they actually forwarded to the Committee –denying their constituents insight into their decision-making.
This isn’t the first attempt at transparency that has been bogged down. Most notable is the stimulus spending tracking site,, the fact that many executive branch budget documents are scattered across the federal agencies, buried on web sites that require an advanced degree in electronic archeology to dig out.

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Springfield, IL- State Senator A.J. Wilhelmi (D-Joliet) helped pass  legislation bringing jobs back to Illinois and allowing the State to pay its Medicaid bills on time.

Currently, there are approximately 600,000 people in Illinois who are without employment. The $8 billion package will bring jobs throughout the state immediately. Despite the State experiencing an economic downturn, the Senate was able to vote on the package at no cost to Illinois taxpayers. Along with creating jobs, the package will secure Illinois’ allotment of $6.7 billion in federal stimulus dollars.

“We promised that we will bring jobs back to the state and invest in infrastructure,” Senator Wilhelmi said. “This is a good first step.”

Construction is expected to start in May and Senator Wilhelmi’s district is scheduled for repairs totaling almost $38 million.

Projects in the 43rd Senate District include: U.S. 6/ U.S. 52/ McDonough St; Center Street/ FAU 316; Hoff Road; Manhattan-Monee/ FAP 531; New Avenue/ FAU 361; Interstate 55; U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway); Jefferson Street; U.S. 52/ Old Manhattan.

“These roads need immediate attention,” Senator Wilhelmi said. “This is only the beginning of our plan to bring more jobs, repairs and money to our state and the people of Illinois have much more to look forward to as we continue to work on a comprehensive plan.”

Also, the package includes $1.7 billion to pay outstanding Medicaid bills to providers, doctors and hospitals across the state. This allocation will make the State current with its payments and allow it to change to a 30-day payment cycle.

“We must pay our bills on time,” Senator Wilhelmi said. “We have the opportunity to get up to date with our bills and I am glad that we are working in a bipartisan manner in the Senate to make sure that happens.”

The legislation passed 59-0 and now moves to the House for further consideration.


Lewis to host real estate and economy discussion

Published April 9, 2009

ROMEOVILLE— Lewis University will be hosting a panel discussion on the effectiveness of the economic stimulus package and government bailouts as part of the Lowell Stahl Center for Real Estate Studies Speaker Series from noon- 1p.m. April 21 in the Student Union Commons on the Lewis University main campus in Romeoville.

A panel discussion of real estate and banking experts is set to describe benefits of these programs and their effectiveness in helping individuals and the real estate industry.

The series is sponsored by the Lowell Stahl Center for Real Estate Studies, located on the Lewis University Oak Brook campus. The first panel discussion of the series was held in February. It focused on “Sustainable Building and Site Design: Saving the Planet and Saving your Wallet.”

More information about the speaker series or the Lowell Stahl Center for Real Estate Studies is available by contacting Scott Krafthefer at or 630-573-1740.

"WILL COUNTY" politicians need to listen

Email from readers:

“My property tax has doubled and next year it could triple. At that pace it won’t be long before I am taxed out of my home. People cannot afford such outrageous increases.”

“Terry Barhamm.”

Here is an Idea…..

In more than 100 communities across the United States, local municipalities are hiring homeowners 60 and older to work for the town. Their wages, some of which are tax free, are directly applied to the homeowner’s property tax bill.

These programs help people on fixed incomes keep their homes in the face of rising taxes. New York’s Westchester county, home to the third largest property taxes in the nation, is trying to get the program approved. It is already being used in South Carolina, Colorado and Massachusetts.

“Kelly Foster”

  In the name of god

What we need are politicians who understand their responsibility both to reflect the popular will and to educate and lead the public — who, in essence, recognize that in a representative democracy, the people elect them to use their judgment and steer by their own convictions.

Good politicians see their job as building consensus for pragmatic and effective policies through deliberation and accommodation; they are not simple weather vanes, shifting this way or that way according to the views contained in the latest polls or the advice of their favorite political consultant.

“Erick Jewess”

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