"WILL COUNTY" politicians need to listen

Email from readers:

“My property tax has doubled and next year it could triple. At that pace it won’t be long before I am taxed out of my home. People cannot afford such outrageous increases.”

“Terry Barhamm.”

Here is an Idea…..

In more than 100 communities across the United States, local municipalities are hiring homeowners 60 and older to work for the town. Their wages, some of which are tax free, are directly applied to the homeowner’s property tax bill.

These programs help people on fixed incomes keep their homes in the face of rising taxes. New York’s Westchester county, home to the third largest property taxes in the nation, is trying to get the program approved. It is already being used in South Carolina, Colorado and Massachusetts.

“Kelly Foster”

  In the name of god

What we need are politicians who understand their responsibility both to reflect the popular will and to educate and lead the public — who, in essence, recognize that in a representative democracy, the people elect them to use their judgment and steer by their own convictions.

Good politicians see their job as building consensus for pragmatic and effective policies through deliberation and accommodation; they are not simple weather vanes, shifting this way or that way according to the views contained in the latest polls or the advice of their favorite political consultant.

“Erick Jewess”

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Dance Mix – AC-DC , Bon Jovi , Guns – N – Roses , Def Leppard , Metallica , Nirvana , Van Halen” by ACDC


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3 responses to “"WILL COUNTY" politicians need to listen”

  1. Don says :

    How about Paul Ruff getting his ass beat by a write in candidate??

  2. Anonymous says :


  3. Phillip Cleary says :

    The 60 and older home owner thing won’t work here for the same reason that we can’t give the convicts in Statesville productive work. The unions see it as displacing a dues paying member!

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