Lost faith show me the money

Job loss. Do you know what to do. More and more events arise, more and more pressure lands on your mind. It’s painful not knowing what to do. It’s painful when no one does anything until it’s too late. Is it selfish to want a Job? There are no more excuses, People are just just fed-up with excuses. Excuses are similar to the Internet. People hide behind them because they can’t face anything, It’s their own escape.

I don’t know what to feel anymore. It’s one thing after another. Who do I listen to? What action do I take? This is frustrating. I can’t just not  do anything… I can’t starve, my children must have food and shelter.

Guess I’m  selfish. I want to live and have money, have a home and friends but not to Democrats, to democrats I am expected to share my labor with everyone and keep nothing for my self, decision’s are to be made for me in this new one world thinking, what type of career. Spread the wealth, hurt the nation, drive it’s people from their homes, debt is debt an no mater who started this fight, throwing more money at a problem is no answer…

I can’t ever lose this grudge. Whatever happens, I will always hold this dislike of them to lazy to work, living on my tax dollar and the Democrats fortifying the deceit that is Obama and the less than discrepant party know as the Democrats. 

I Lost faith show me the money or show me the hell out of here…all the government can do is to show me  false faith and offer false hopes, we were offered Change, what we really got was change, the type that jingles in out pockets….


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