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ACORN Rent-A-Mob Thugs to Harass Lenders in 14 Cities Tuesday

From the blogosphere By Matthew Vadum

ACORN, which played a starring role in creating the subprime mortgage crisis, plans to add insult to injury by harassing lenders across the nation with protests tomorrow in an effort to coerce them into supporting President Obama’s Making Home Affordable foreclosure-avoidance program. Austin King, director of ACORN Financial Justice, sent out a press release today advising of the demonstrations that are planned as part of its “Homewrecker 4″ campaign. The four financial companies targeted are Goldman Sachs, HomEq Servicing, American Home Mortgage, and OneWest. ACORN plans to hit Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New York City, Wilmington (Del.), Columbus (Ohio), Houston, Little Rock, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Illinois (Joliet and Chicago). But let’s not forget that ACORN helped to cause the mortgage bubble by strongarming banks into making loans they shouldn’t have. And cheering them on was ACORN’s lawyer, Barack Obama, who contributed to the increasingly hostile environment for banks when he represented plaintiffs in the 1995 class action lawsuit Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank. The suit demanded that Citibank grant mortgages to an equal percentage of minority and non-minority mortgage applicants. The bank settled the case three years later and reportedly agreed to beef up its lending to unqualified applicants. ACORN refuses to acknowledge the role that it and the CRA played in the current crisis on Wall Street, and President Obama continues to support stronger enforcement of the disastrous law. The final paragraph of the press release is unintentionally hilarious: Because millions of Americans are losing their homes, neighborhoods and the economy are in ruins, and while the “Home Wrecker 4″ are taking tax dollars and giving away huge bonuses, they refuse to do even the bare minimum for American homeowners by signing up for the Obama foreclosure plan. Millions of Americans are losing their homes and neighborhoods and the economy are in ruins because of groups like ACORN that interfere with markets and force banks to do stupid things. And ACORN too has taken in millions of dollars in taxpayer funding and is utterly unaccountable. The group even covered up a million dollar embezzlement for eight years. As I’ve said before, ACORN lies, lies, and then lies so more. No lie is too big or outrageous for the criminal group now charged in Nevada with voter registration fraud.

Something Cool and not so Cool in Joliet in July.

Saturday July 18, 2009

Collins St. Prison Parking Lot

1125 Collins Street, Joliet IL 60432              1-877-4-JOLIET

Joliet Police Department Child Safety ID’s – with photos and finger printing
Free give-aways by 97.1 The Drive
Free Mug Shots &/or costumed pictures in front of the Old Joliet Prison!
Great booths by Forest Preserve District of Will County, Historic Preservation Council of Joliet, Duke’s Landscaping and More!
Thanks to our friends in Joliet for the heads up. A thank you also to the Collins Street Task Force for direction and guidance for the project.

Will Affect Joliet and Will county:

The vigils

As Tuesday’s vote on the Illinois state budget draws near, community organizations are voicing growing fears about how the outcome could devastate public programs. A so-called “doomsday budget” is on the table, and threatens to slash spending on such services as foster care and disability programs in order to balance the estimated 11 billion dollar deficit.
The vigils will take place at the State Capitol building in Springfield and the State of Illinois building in Chicago. Come out and tell the message strong that a temporary fix is no solution!

 Just Local Talent- Bad Moon Rising Just Local Talent playing Bad Moon Rising at the Taste of Joliet on June 28,2009. Had a Great Time.

Show me the jobs Show me the money

unemployment rate continues to rise in Joliet, Will County and surrounding areas. The May jobless rate in Joliet and Will county is up to 19.7 percent, up from 7.6 percent a year ago, there is a possibility of 50% of Illinois residents being out of work by December 2009.

Joliet officials seem un-aware of the shrinking number of jobs by their undaunted pursuit of higher taxes on the Joliet and Will county residents.

last Year Will Counties property taxes for 2008 totaled $1,507,780,528.85 an increase of 6.2% when compared to last year, plus much of Will county tax itself is mostly derived of tourism business and that to has fallen, Taxes Will Probably Increase, but when and how much who knows…

Drew Petersons hitman

34 year-old Jeffrey Pachter is a warehouse worker who got to know Drew Peterson in the mid-90s when they both worked for a cable wiring company, that according to Pachter’s wife.

Peterson at the time was moonlighting from his job as a Bolingbrook Police Sergeant.

Pachter, who was 18, had been charged with criminal sexual abuse for his relationship with a girl who court records indicate was 13-to-16 years old.

Peterson reportedly helped Pachter get court records that later resulted in Pachter pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

When prosecutors arrested Peterson and charged him with the 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, they alleged he tried to hire a hit man in late 2003, while divorcing Savio.

Pachter’s wife, whom Jeffrey is now divorcing, said he never mentioned it at the time.

But late last year when Pachter tried to reconcile with his family, he told her all about it.

According to Mrs. Pachter, Jeff said Peterson called one night and offered him $25-thousand to kill Savio but he said no and no money was ever paid.

He only told one person at the time. That friend, she says, kept the secret until Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy disappeared.

Obama to control our census ¦ Herald News

The latest Obama power grab concerns the U.S. census. Never before has a president interfered with the Department of Commerce conducting a fair, accurate census. Now Barack Obama wants to control the census from inside the White House using his cronies to use percentages and sampling rather than an actual count. Wake up, people. He is upsetting the Constitution and is looking more and more like a dictator. Virginia Coffeen  Lockport

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